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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

  2. Happy Birthday Di! Enjoy your weekend!
  3. Calling Cigar Loving Meditators.....

    Acupuncture. After the wife swore by it on the third trip I understood. Now it has become part of my routine body/mind maintenance.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Medio Siglo
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

  6. As a smoker I dont look down on any smoking but if it is the devils lettuce it doesn't matter if it's legal or not if it is banned by your employer
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Punch Punch
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Last night's Fundy lead to today's Coloniales
  9. Cigar Books

    There is a copy of MRN's on ebay right now

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