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  1. Please post their response or at least paraphrase. Hopefully, they give you some options instead of just telling you "not allowed here". Love Hawaii, hate the smoking policies.
  2. I have a couple cabs of the shorts from the prez (2015/2016) that have a slightly greenish hue. They might have been seconds or clearance and they are the best shorts I have ever had. Don't know if it is because of the wrappers?
  3. I don't think the TL:DR culture is the problem. It is the symptom. The problem is that everyone now has a soapbox and it is hard to decipher which long posts, stories... are worth reading. There is not enough time in the world to sift through the genius and the idiot. "Fake News" and "Wannabe Experts" have the ability to easily reach the masses. There is a huge difference between a writer (Ken) and the average Joe (me). It is a lot easier to read one of Ken's longer posts, knowing his story telling ability ahead of time. It is usually worth the read.
  4. I would venture to say that London is pretty safe cool environment. Where I live it can get up to 115 degrees and down below freezing. My cigars would not fare well if left in the car here in the summer (winter probably wouldn't be a problem). I smoke regularly on my drive to work or home. Xikar travel humidor works for me. I leave my windows open in the garage and I am aware that my car still smells of cigar. I didn't buy my car as an investment. It will diminish my resale value, but not by the amount of enjoyment I have received. It is my car, not the next guy's.
  5. I always enjoy reading beautiful heartwarming stories from sentimental lawyers. Such a special day. Congrats. Can't wait to read the story about your first child's birth.
  6. Skittles are amazing before, during or after a cigar. Not my favorite candy, but they transform with tobacco.
  7. It is always dangerous to ignore history. It seems like something happened there in the 50's. I don't think it ended well, but the details escape me. I mean there's no way a puny county like Korea or Vietnam could defend itself against a super power. And No Way would Russia or China get involved.
  8. Is it the 109. They have a slightly tapered head.
  9. Mount Gay 1703-Awesome Rhum JM VSOP-Awesome for the price (like the veuve clicquot of rum-but not as prevalent) El Dorado Rum 15 (better than older rums)-Great rum for the price
  10. Another option would be smoking Churchill's and Double Coronas. They tend to start off a lot milder and if you ditch the last 3rd you have still smoked longer than most of the sizes you mentioned. Get a box of Hoyo DC. Smoke them while you age the rest of your stock. On another note, like the ERDM CS the Quai d'Orsay Coronas have always been too mild for my taste. You might want to try them.
  11. I don't practice SanteriaI ain't got no crystal ballWell, I had a million dollars but I, I'd spend it all.If I could find that Heina, and that Sancho that she's found. SUBLIME SANCHO
  12. Fair enough. but if you read it again, I am just saying I share his view. So to me, they do and therefore I can.
  13. This is not quite research, but I look at popular posts like "What's your latest purchase" to see who started them. It always amazes me that someone can start a thread like that that lives on well past their interest in the forum. Cool to see how the staples started, evolved, and the amazing sticks that have been purchased or smoked over the years. This is very true. And just because one thread came to a certain conclusion 5 years ago doesn't mean that it is gospel. There are always fresh faces entering the mix with new valuable perspectives. However, there are a lot of lazy folks. Sometimes people just think that a forum is there for them or it is new because it is new to them. I have watched hundreds if not thousands of folks come in strong asking about contacts or fakes or some other easy to find answer. I love this forum because it is moderated well and most of the members point newbies in the right direction without being rude. How the newbie takes the nudge is on them.
  14. You hit the nail on the head. I share your view that it is the least Bolivar of the bunch, followed by the belicosos. They are loved by many. A lot of the folks who don't really like other Bolivar offerings tend to like or love the RC & Belicosos. I enjoy a nice Coronas Gigantes (very mild for the first half) from time to time, but the little guys are like firecrackers and keep me coming back for more. Serious flavor from end to end along with a pretty good hit of nicotine. They hold up well to bolder flavored food and drink.
  15. I've never really been much of a people person, I guess that makes me a little anti-socialism. Both Porsches & Corvettes are pretty cool though.

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