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  1. Bolivar tubos no. 1

    It might be, some say yes and some say no. They taste different to me. For my palate, the tubos 2 have more flavor intensity than the PC. I would say intensity range is tubos 3, BCJ, tubos 2, PC, tubos 1, BCG. If they are the same blend, then the tube or cedar in the tube alter the flavor in a beneficial way to my palate. I also prefer the cigar feel without the box press. I don't like the RC at all and not sold on the BBF (hit or miss for me), so I don't smoke them anymore.
  2. Bolivar tubos no. 1

    Yes^^^, I prefer the Tubos 2 to the 1, but still love the 1. 2 is more intense flavor from the beginning and smoke well even smoked at a fast pace. Some Cubans require a slow pace, not the 2. The 1 seems a little more elegant than the 2 and has a slightly perfume (in a good way) element. If you like them, stock up now or you will pay the price down the road. Both great smokes if you like the Bolivar profile.
  3. Alaska is awesome. I spent 1.5 years exploring and living all over the state. I prefer southeast Alaska, but Alaska in its entirety is an amazing place. It is true that men seriously outnumber the women. The locals said "you don't lose your girlfriend, you lose your turn". A lot of breaking up for someone better, then back to you when you are better again. If you are the fresh meat up there, you should do fine with the ladies. It is a little strange coming out of a concert or bar at 2am to bright sunlight. If you stay for the winter the cold dark sucks, but the northern lights make up for it. If you spend the entire winter in anchorage or fairbanks I think you will change your mind about how cold it gets, especially on the windy days. Have a great adventure.
  4. Most reliable: Bolivar tubos #2 - Rock star cigar for me. Not for everyone. Lemon: Bolivar Royal Coronas - Somehow, I cannot find one I like. Aged, fresh, dark wrapper, light wrapper, oily wrapper, dull wrapper...they just disappoint. I have stopped trying. Don't think it is worth my time, there are so many great cigars to smoke. Rock star cigar for many, not for me.
  5. Certainly, they must be Gurkha special Ritz blends. Everyone knows that Gurkha's are the best and most expensive cigars in the world.
  6. Plain Packaging Options.

    I have encountered some of these terrible stickers from regionals and some LCDH exclusives. My solution was to purchase black stickers to cover the images. Obviously, I would prefer a nice safe way to remove stickers altogether, but they tend to use very good adhesive.
  7. la Puntilla update

    You might be right, but the two I have smoked that were very young were absolutely delicious and the size is awesome in hand. Bravo to Prez and Alex.
  8. I come up with great plans, but don't seem to follow through with them. Sometimes, I don't like to beak into a "special" box and other times I have to try something. I would love to follow the same plan as Derrek, only pull from an open box, but curiosity always gets the better of me. Buy more than you smoke, then wake up one day with an aged collection and think "how did that happen?" Your collection will age as fast as life goes by. Which apparently speeds up the older you get.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How are they currently smoking?
  10. UGE NOV 15 Smoking the Damaged one on the right tonight.
  11. One of my favorites, not as many left today
  12. Goodbye, my Buddy Boy

    My heart goes out to you. What a great looking dog. You can tell by the photo that he had a great personality.
  13. Oh man, I actually forgot to take a breath there. Those are beautiful.
  14. la Puntilla update

    Alex has a serious following, demand for his cigars must be overwhelming. Do rollers always roll all of their own customs or do they have their own rollers to help out and they oversee the process and QC? Sorry if this is answered somewhere else. I must have missed it.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^Another vote for that.

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