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  1. Here is the most recent (I believe) poll that asks this question. There are several of these posts over the years, but it is always interesting to see the answers. I have way more than I need and less than I want.
  2. Sounds like a good solution. In reality, I would also be surprised if there were no trades in my humidor by the time the box makes it to California. The pass is off to a great start and some quality smokes going in and departing. Not too often that a 2010 BHK misses the mark.
  3. 4 stops in and it is escalating quickly. I hope I have something worthwhile to contribute in 25 stops.
  4. It should be a good pairing if you like to walk. I don't like to walk. Smoking a cigar doesn't make it any more pleasant.
  5. The real issue seems to be a lack of respect for local dialect and customs and a sense of superiority regarding their culture. It would be just as disrespectful for you to impose your beliefs if you worked in the USA. Instead of just bashing American culture, perhaps this could have been the focus from the beginning. I think more people would relate. Maybe not.
  6. Yup, I am pretty sure some German guy was sitting around complaining about how these Britains were creating a bastardization of his wonderful Frisian language. It probably affected his function-ability.
  7. Would love to see reviews in this thread as you smoke through them. I would imagine free cigars taste mighty fine.
  8. Rules make sense. I will enjoy participating or watching unfold as an observer. Either way, Kudos to you for putting this together.
  9. this list is pretty lopsided towards US participants. I will sit this one out and watch from the sidelines.
  10. I would like to participate. You can put me on your list of members to choose from.
  11. Boxes of 10 aren't they?
  12. Should be sub 150, five years ago they would've been lucky to get more than $110 a box. I am sure you are right that there will be plenty for all here since they will actually try to get 175+ for them.
  13. This has already been mentioned on the forum, but under filled large ring cigars make for real hit or miss boxes. boxes I have encountered include Hoyo San Juan & Bolivar Tesoros, among others I don't recall at the moment. One smoke from the box is great and the next is under filled garbage.

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