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  1. I personally don't care (except El Laguito has rendered me helpless on a couple purchases). I don't buy from the 24:24 to get a specific code. However, if that is your thing, then it is totally understandable to expect the code that is listed. The only time I cared about a difference was when I received a box with a couple extra years age on it. That was a good day. Perhaps the prez will weigh in, but I am sure he goes through a crazy number of boxes and perhaps there are different box codes in the same master case. I am sure it is easy to miss one or two out of hundreds when you are churning and burning through box after box.
  2. Yes, they are Bovedas. Why pay more than you have to?
  3. I didn't think I needed another newsletter. I was clearly wrong. Love the format, content and the way it highlights recent activity.
  4. I recall the panic and fear of mayhem. All computers were going to crash and the world was going to come to an end. Generators were selling like hotcakes and then it happened. It was New Years Eve, I was at a club in Denver and kissed some girls at midnight. Needless to say the world was still there. The coming weeks saw generators at deep discounts. Good times.
  5. Some people go all out and put fans in there cooladors. I don't. If you are going to do 6 boxes I would start with ziploc weathershield containers. You can get them on amazon. They make a great tupperdor. A couple large boveda should do the trick. I have both tupperdors and cooladors and prefer the tupperdors I think. I am not sure, they both serve their purpose. No, you don't need spanish cedar. The boxes should take care of that. If you add spanish cedar that is good, but not necessary. If you have time, let whatever you use air out open for a few days. Some people say out in the direct sunlight will remove chemical smells if they occur. A slight new plastic smell isn't a problem. If it is intense, then you should probably not put your smokes in right away. The cooler pictured above and the ziploc containers don't usually have a strong chemical smell when new. Either purchase several of the ziplocs or purchase a cooler you thing is way too big. They fill up fast.
  6. I prefer a guillotine or punch, but the xikar full size is my favorite v cutter. I like that it can be used to set a cigar down on if I don't have an ashtray handy.
  7. Turn a section of this site into an ecommerce site. at the same time each day offer 4-10 specials as you currently do. Don't require emails, instead have a shopping cart. First come first served. Sold out pops up when gone. bingo bango bammo...I have watched many iterations of these sales and hold a soft spot for each, the next has always been an improvement.
  8. Picked up a couple more boxes of the Tubos #1. Bolivar is dwindling away. Picked up some others as well. Won't be chasing any more. Saving my money for the new Elegantes. Anyone have any word on the RA Superiores? Seems like they are thin on the ground.
  9. Long answer: Depends on how much money and free time you have. If married, does your spouse approve? This site, CCW, and a couple other forums make it a lot quicker than if they didn't exist. It also depends on how much you want to learn and how much initiative you take. Of course, how often you smoke plays into things. I have learned a lot from great experiences, but more from bad ones. Whether mine or other peoples. Short answer: A year to get bearings The rest of your life to experience
  10. Depends on the box. If it is a cab, 898, or larger slide lid box, then I keep it forever. If it is a dress box that is cool, then I will put other like sized cigars in to help fill it up. If I have a few of the same box, I will probably keep the oldest one (because it is probably one of my first purchases), date with a blank cigar band, and consolidate once they are less than half full.
  11. Prez, I would like to say how grateful I am that you shared this information. Even if the list ends up having inaccuracies, it is nice to have the heads-up to stock up on favorites.
  12. Sorry for all the HUPC lovers out there (seems to be the most dis contention on this thread). I am deeply saddened that there will no longer be a Churchill or Corona in the Bolivar lineup. As a super fanboy of the Bolivar Tubos lineup, it is a crushing blow and I will continue to stock up on 2 & 3 as the writing is on the wall. I guess they make more money whoring out the bolivar name out to all the regionals. I just picked up a box of Du Prince's and a 50 Cab of Punch DC. Two more nails in the 50 cab coffin and cause for concern to the Punch fans.
  13. The bolivar #2 has always been and will likely always be my favorite and most consistent go to cigar. It does have a different flavor than the pc. Perhaps the blend is the same as the pc, but the tube and close proximity to the cedar inside the tube affect the flavor. I would agree with NSX that the tubo #2 seems to have more intensity than a pc. It is much more like the intensity of a jr right off the bat where a pc starts a little slower. I almost said smoother instead of intensity, but that would not be correct. I think the #2 is mighty but smooth with a leathery peppery earthy flavor that I cannot resist. I smoke these fast and they tolerate the pace well. to each their own, but I have gone deep on tubos #2 and all of my boxes have been consistently good with the same flavor profile over the years. The only Bolivar that I don't have too much luck with is the Royal Coronas. I love and own every other current production Bolivar, but the #2 is my favorite. Folks that don't like the Bolivar profile probably won't like the #2.
  14. It is not fun for me. I prefer to relax while I smoke and that requires way too much attention and focus. But the first pointer would be great construction and not a skinny cigar. Next is to do it indoors so there is no breeze or wind. hold cigar vertical. Wear Glasses. have ice, beer or pain medicine for your neck.

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