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  1. Cigar band rings

    Thanks, I missed it a couple times. Finally checked the site out. The Partagas ring is really nice.
  2. Cigar band rings

    If you do, I would love to see the finished product, please post pics.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Coronas Extra is my favorite JO. So good.
  4. BCE & SP Molinos are up there as the top two for me. If LGC #2 are done, then that makes the top 3.
  5. Hola Hermanos!

    Yumm...thas sounds about as good as Eskimo Ice Cream from Alaska.
  6. Hola Hermanos!

    Awesome. Did someone say customs?
  7. Walk upstairs get cigar out of humidor. come back downstairs and open door. Light up cigar and smoke. I am hosting my family and feeding them a beautiful 15 pound prime rib. I will smoke a cigar after that fine meal. My kids know I smoke and if I am feeling social I will light up the fire pit and invite people to join me.
  8. This is not a tough choice for me. Much of my family comes from the island of pico in the azores. I am a slow paced type of guy and enjoy wine and fresh seafood. If I had to say goodbye to the ole USA (head exploding), that would be my choice. runners up would be: Canada-they love to travel and are some of the friendliest folks I have met Any country along the Alps-Such beauty
  9. The only way I would freeze aged cigars is if I found one with that nasty green rash, I mean mark found on Zeedubbya's Montecristo.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    You guys in old town?
  11. Pre cut of CC

    If you could affix a punch cutter at head level on the wall you might be able put the cigar foot in your mouth and punch the head that way. Even if it is just a spent round of ammunition with a hole drilled in the bottom and screwed to the wall. I have not tried either of these, but thought it was worth suggesting.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving

    Congrats to the winners. Post up some reviews if you remember.

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