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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    This year Thanksgiving will be at my Cousin's ranch. I will bring a handful of cigars for anyone who wants one. I know at least 3 cigar smokers will be there, so I am thankful for that. Pics to follow (west coast time zone--festivities begin in 5 hours)
  2. Johnny O's

    The ones with shaggy foot are pretty good. World Famous for me. My favorites are the Coronas Extra. Perfect size for me and tasty. I also like the Churchill Culebras Agreed, I always freeze. Sorry, I just looked and none of the ones I mentioned are even available right now.
  3. Good Luck. Best wishes to you and your family.
  4. I am sure many will snap them up, but I don't appreciate the size. So at that price and size for a box of 10 I am a spectator. Would much rather have a box of Lanceros + a box of Siglo I
  5. That is totally unfair... Thanks for 4 months of entertainment and anticipation. You Canadians sure know how to throw a party.
  6. received the box this morning and I am off to the post office now. I will update Chris with the tracking once I have it. Puts in previous post and Takes in this one.
  7. mkz, Out of curiosity, are you still in touch with the man who gifted you the cigars? I bet he would enjoy reading this thread and seeing all of the joy his cigars have brought the smoking community worldwide.
  8. The pass is on its way and I have the following proposed puts/takes: Puts: 1. Diplomaticos No. 1—FJN JUN 05 (No box pic, I obtained in a split with TCContender) 2. PL Robustos de Larranaga—EMA OCT 07 (Box pic w/o cigar from thread and box split with SofaKing) 3. Montecristo 520—LTB SEP 12 4. SP Molinos—ABR OCT 11 5. Bolivar Tesoro RE Germany—ETP OCT 16 Takes: 1. ERDM Lonsdale 2. RASS 2007 3. Montecristo Dantes 4. SP Coronas Gigantes 5. SP Eslavo Serbia Hope this works for all involved.
  9. I hope all of our Sonoma County Brothers and Sisters are OK. I have family in Santa Rosa and my cousin chose not to evacuate and had to put out small fires in his yard (he lives about a mile from that burned out Hilton in the article below). It is crazy to see a fire burn through a city of that size.
  10. Cracked the lid and plucked the first from this PSP box (ARG MAY 14) of Sir Winnies. A recent purchase of a 2016 box highlights the rapid pricing adjustments of the past few years. Time to see what this 3.5 year old classic has to offer. Clipped the head and sampled the draw. It is firm and perfect with a nice sweet tobacco draw at cold. Lit this baby up and the shortbread/butter cookie smacked me--So good. The shortbread was the dominant flavor for the first third. Silky/creamy smooth retrohale with a hint of white pepper. Somewhere toward the beginning of the second third, the flavors shifted toward a sweet creamy coffee and that is where the ash and cigar first parted ways. Simultaneous with the ash dropping the finish really stepped up and remained longer and more pronounced. About an hour into this smoke I tasted wisps of vanilla and spice, almost like a chai tea. The body also seemed to increase. Final 3rd has morphed again into a dark roasted coffee with a hint of baking spices and a sugary sweetness in the back of my palate. Paired with pepsi and water. Definitely makes the top 5 smokes of the year.
  11. An interesting experiment would be the rinse method. I read about it here a year or so ago and this might be a good time to try it. Have you ever rinsed your cigar? I have not, but what you are explaining might be resolved with a little rinse. ?

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