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  1. EML DIC 14 Monte. 3. Uneven burn, wonky ash, but a whole lot of flavor. Incredible smoke.
  2. Thanks man, you too!
  3. MOB JUL 14 Party Lusi, courtesy of Bill. Damned good smoke!
  4. LUB FEB 14 Siglo II
  5. Can't wait to give mine a go soon!
  6. I hear you on that, Bill! It's a stunner!
  7. LAU SEP 15. Very, very good.
  8. ESO JUN 15 Bolivar Coronas Gigantes. This was a good one! Thanks, Bill!
  9. Bill's side of our trade! Man am I looking forward to these. Thanks, brother!
  10. Hey Jeff Welcome to the board!

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