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  1. SO . MANY . REVIEWS . Took me a while to get through them all (56 all up) but it's always great to hear your experiences and learn more. Thanks to everyone that took the time to do a write up and share it with us. All reviews have been moved to the 'Cigar Review' section of the forum. We have three winners! Congratulations to: @Diabolicalpherpher, @cardinalfan85 and @awk6898! Send me a PM with your shipping address details when you get the chance and we will get your samplers on the way to you.
  2. So, another season done and dusted. I was up until 3am this morning watching the final gameweek unfold, trophy ceremony and JT's farewell. Haven't missed a game all season and even made it out to Stamford Bridge for Chelsea's first fixture against West Ham. Fantasy was tough as always and there was a very tight finish at the top of the FOH competition. Just 4 points in the end! Which, to put into perspective, is one goal.... Congratulations to Tomasz George who grabbed the win in the end. Led for most of the season, well deserved. Considering that I finished top of all my friends leagues by about 150 points just goes to show how good this league was. I was 150 points behind here.
  3. Here's one to kick off your weekend. Enjoy!
  4. Apologies for the delay. Finally had a chance to do this draw. Congratulations @iannai169! Send me a PM with your shipping details so that we can get your prize on the way to you.
  5. Ladies and Gents, Just want to thank you for all of your suggestions. I will be entering everyone into random picker this afternoon so that we can announce a winner. Keep an eye out for the reveal. Best, Greg
  6. A lot of Dantes going out to new homes this week. This should get you excited for their arrival.
  7. Three weeks, Ken. I am playing catch up.
  8. RSVP's sent to the email on the invitation are redirecting to the correct location. Any issues, PM me.
  9. The samples are currently at the BioTech Laboratories in Brisbane. Not quite sure where we are positioned in their job list but will hopefully have some answers soon.
  10. Results are in. Congratulations @Kbb! @zeedubbya surely you have to get a win sooner or later... This streak is awfully unlucky. Thanks to everyone that helped find worthwhile information. The Cuba Travel Forum has been populated with a little bit of content and we will continue to add to it. There will be another competition in the next week. PM me your shipping details @Kbb.
  11. On it now @zeedubbya and @Kbb. With the number of entries you both had, it's going to be close. Odds are in your favour!
  12. Unsure whether to jump on the RyJ Capuleto or picked yourself up a box already? Check this out...
  13. In an effort to give you a one stop shop for Cuba travel information, we have created a separate forum specific to all your Cuban travel questions and concerns. However... We are yet to add content to this new section. That's where you come in We have a fantastic database and wealth of information on FOH that can be added to our new forum but we want your help to find the 'best bits'. Post your links (below) of helpful threads, discussions etc. and we should be able to populate the Cuba Travel Forum pretty quick. Each unique link goes in the draw for a FOH Ashtray! Competition closes Friday 31st March 12pm local time.

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