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  1. DRAW TIME! Most likes: @Luca! That fezz and smoking jacket is doing wonders for you! Random winners: @Diabolicalpherpher and @Wailbait! Congratulations winners! PM me your shipping details and we will get prizes on the way to you asap.
  2. You didn't have anything to worry about. Elvis reincarnated!
  3. You can thank copyright. Some dodged a bullet there...
  4. Ashes 2017

    I personally love George Bailey as a cricketer. He's just an excitable guy to have around, especially in the field and you can tell how much he enjoys the game. Even if he doesn't make any runs, I think that's worth more to AUS than the very little that Marsh will contribute. There's way too much bad blood with the AUS supporters and Marsh, it's toxic. How Ed Cowan misses out for NSW and AUS is bemusing. He too is a far better option than Marsh and only one year older... the fact that they are using that as reasoning is hypocrisy. I won't even go into Tim Paine's selection. Either way, I'm an England supporter so hopefully the selection will bite AUS on the bum.
  5. Click the image below a couple of times to control the zoom of the newsletter.
  6. FOH Mould Study

    Round 2 of testing complete. Read the report here:
  7. FOH Mould Study

    The idea behind the mould study was to shed some light into the world of mould and plume. Earlier in the year we asked for examples of both from members and then selected 10 representative cigars for testing. Testing was undertaken by the team at Australia Biotech Laboratories. In the event that a substance other than mould was detected, that substance would be further tested by Biotech laboratories or their partners in order to determine the nature of the substance. The first round of testing returned with all samples proving to be one of four mould types. Catch up here: We set out again with our testing structure in place and selected 12 more samples to be sent away to Australia Biotech Laboratories. Fast forward four months and we are back with more to discuss. Let us begin. Lot 1 - Opus X Fuente Lot 2 - Custom Piramide Lot 3 - Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake 2011 Lot 4 - Samuel Gawith St. James Flake 2017 Lot 5 - Samuel Gawith Sam's Flake 3+ Years Lot 6 - Dunhill Flake 2013 Lot 7 - Ashton Blake Parrot Lot 8 - GL Pease Westminster 2011 Lot 9 - E.A. Carey UK Balken Sobranie Match 16 Lot 10 - E.A. Carey UK Balken Sobranie 16 Lot 11 - E.A. Carey UK Balken Sobranie UK Vintage Lot 12 - Lonsdale 1 Lot 13 - Lonsdale 2 This study was different to our last and possibly a little disappointing to some. I introduced some pipe tobacco into the testing environment as we know that some of the processes to cure pipe tobacco involve sugars. Maybe if we could find the characteristics of plume in pipe tobacco then we could look for the same in cigars. How wrong I was… The results came in last week and I have been pondering how to best disclose the results as there’s not much to tell. One of twelve returned an isolated fungal organism identification. Lot 12 - Lonsdale 1 - Cladosporium Species Cladosporium is a genus of fungi including some of the most common indoor and outdoor moulds. Species produce olive-green to brown or black colonies, and have dark-pigmented conidia that are formed in simple or branching chains. Many species of Cladosporium are commonly found on living and dead plant material. Some species are plant pathogens, others parasitize other fungi. Cladosporium spores are wind-dispersed and they are often extremely abundant in outdoor air. Indoors Cladosporium species may grow on surfaces when moisture is present. The remaining eleven returned with no fungal organisms isolated. Potentially exciting, right? We could pass this onto the next phase and look into the chemical compounds, etc... Nope. Unfortunately they came back as common bacterial plant growths. FYI - rendered harmless by the protective effects of the immune system. What’s the difference between bacteria and mould (fungi)? Fungi are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms, while bacteria are single-celled prokaryotes. The cells of fungi have nuclei that contain the chromosomes and other organelles, such as mitochondria and ribosomes. Bacteria are much smaller than fungi, do not have nuclei or other organelles and cannot reproduce sexually. Like some moulds, bacteria also live in symbiotic and parasitic relationships with plants and animals. Most bacteria have not been characterised, and only about half of the bacterial phyla have species that can be grown in the laboratory. Bacteria is not what we were looking for and we abandoned further testing of the bacteria less it reveal something “exotic” that would have us venturing down a dangerous path that is not what we are trying to achieve. An interesting point to raise here though, the appearance of the matter on the cigars while cataloging under macro was dusty. Dust is a rich source of bacteria so that may explain the results? So to date we have identified a host of moulds and a host of common bacterial plant growth. The “reward” remains and the search continues.
  8. Belated draw time... Apologies for missing this one guys. Was great to go through this thread though, some special looking cigars. Most likes goes to @zeedubbya! And the random draw winner is @Cigarsandmalts! Congratulations guys, please PM me your shipping details and we will get a prize on the way to you.
  9. Time to draw some winners! Of course you guys would try and make it hard for me by having a three way tie for most likes The only way to do it is to give the three with the most likes the win Congratulations to @Joker, @Wailbait and @PigFish! PM me your shipping information and we will get your prizes out to you.
  10. Hi All, Here's one to get you through the weekend. Enjoy!
  11. @shaffer22 that mean's you are the winner with the second most likes (11). I have your address details and will forward on a prize this week. Apologies for the mistake all. Thanks to @Lant63 for his honesty, true gentleman!
  12. Agreed! @Lant63 PM me your details.
  13. Draw time! The two winners with the most likes on their posts are: @havanaclub and @Lant63. Both with 12 likes. And even when Piggy's fan base don't get him a prize with likes, he wins the random draw! Congratulations @PigFish and @mkz! Please all send me a PM with your shipping address details.

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