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  1. Sorry to hear this. He also made, in my opinion, the finest music film documentary ever - Stop Making Sense. RIP
  2. A brief update and thanks for all the advice, much appreciated. Yesterday my cigars all arrived, safe and sound to their new home in rainy London. They are now resting in the humidor to recover. I nipped out to JJFoxes in St James for a celebratory JL 1 in their super upstairs smoking room.
  3. Picked one up a couple of years ago but not smoked one yet. Here is the travel humidor packed this weekend, actually traveling to my new home in London right now. Waiting nervously
  4. I will move home from Central Europe to London next week and have around 50 boxes of cigars to move too. The humidor is being packed by the removal company so hopefully all ok there but the cigars themselves, well I'm open to suggestions. They will go by road in the removal van. At the moment I have a cool box and large sealable plastic box I intend to use. I'm thinking to wrap the cigar boxes in ziplock bags with the air out and then into the big container and cool box where I will have a few large boveda packs. Perhaps some bubble wrap also maybe around the boxes? Any suggestions or experiences gratefully received guys.
  5. I tried one yesterday and really enjoyed so here is my nomination for shortest review ever: magnum 56 LE = magnum 48 LE x 2
  6. Just opened an HQ 10 box today from 2013 to try for the first time with the father in law and the 2 we took where plugged rock solid around the band area, completely un-salvageable. All the remaining 8 in the box feel exactly the same, the first inch to the band is like concrete. This was my first time with the PE and Inhad been saving this box for a special day, also it's the the first time I have ever had a complete box unsmokable. Absolutely gutted!
  7. After soliciting the advice of members on the board I went for the HDM des dieux. The box I recieved was from 2013. I then got a surprise when my contact also informed he had an older box with 15 in and would make that up to 25 with 2 x 5 if I was interested. I said yes and to my delight they all arrived today, the box with 15 is from 2006 and the 2x5 from 2003.
  8. Almost all my cigars come from Czars which takes a lot of the guesswork out for a relative novice like myself who has only been at this game a few years. Once each year through a friend I get to choose one box to buy usually from 2 or 3 options, this year it is between a box of Des Dieux or SLR A. neither of which I have ever tried (love Regios and epi 2 and EE's though). Both are from I believe 2012 or 2013 but I haven't seen the actual codes or indeed the boxes (the last 2 years the boxes offered all have been great quality though). Which would fellow FOH members recommend given this choice?
  9. At the 10 Manchester cigar terrace in London, great spot. The Estonian beer and Dip RE where both good but not sure if worth price the premium over the pint of Tetleys and VR Unicos I had the day before.
  10. Found it in a local bottleshop in Bratislava and gave it a go last night. It does what it says on the bottle, literally! A real hit of unsweetened coffee but with a really smooth rum surrounding it. Did not expect to like this so much, its definitely a proper rum not a coffee flavoured liqueur, I'm impressed.
  11. Having had the pleasure of trying a couple I would love to get hold of a cab, it seems they are nowhere to be seen. Are they discontinued or is production just on hold (if so why)? One of the reasons Habanos and their business models makes me crazy.
  12. As per the suggestion of Ken I emailed them and below is the reply. Dear Ashley, This rum is the result of drinking all night the Dominican Tres Hombres rum from 2013 with my friend and TH label designer Kim, who had the idea to sell the finest rum in 5lt buckets with big beermugs tied to them. I could calm him down to the idea of stoneware bottles but then with no water added, purest rum. This was a good compromise and we had to wait for having the bottles printed until we got the real alc% from the laboratory after unloading the ship in Holland. Also the name Captains Choice came out of this night. Since then we make special edition rums from the ones we adore most and bottle one or 2 barrels in cask strength stone ware bottles, handmade in Germany, corks from Portugal, sealed by the crew with local beeswax. This special 2014 edition is blended to perfection in the solera of Oliver&Oliver in the Dominican Republic without added sugar. Many different barrels gave their influence to this full Caribbean flavor and made the rum irresistebly tasteful despite its high alcohol. Enjoy! Andreas
  13. Good idea, will do so now and post back any reply.
  14. A gift from a colleague for my 50th Birthday. I cannot really find any information on it. Can anyone enlighten me please?

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