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  1. Thanks Rob, good timing for me as I’m flying there tomorrow for a few days. Will give some of these a whirl and report back.
  2. If you are prepared to travel 50 minutes by car outside of Vienna you should check out Excalibur city (http://www.excaliburcity.com/en/) just over the border in the Czech republic. The widest selection and lowest prices I have seen anywhere in Europe.
  3. Not my top film ever (that's The Deerhunter) but bloody hell its good. Bill Murray (his best performance?), cigars, Japan, the loneliness of travel, Scarlet Johansson and songs from Elvis Costello and Jesus & Marychain. For those of you who have not seen it please do, the ending alone makes it worthwhile.
  4. On a recent trip to Spain I checked out 3 or 4 boxes at a couple of shops, all looked as rough as arseholes and all where sealed before I asked to check them. Not a big sample size I know but it convinced me that these were not all across the board winners and blind buying would be out of the question at this price.
  5. The good lady is flying in from London to join me so architecture it is. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. Any south beach hotels I should consider ?
  6. I will be arriving into Miami International airport from Brazil in a few weeks at around 7pm on a Thursday evening, the next day I am driving on to Naples beach for a few days so I will want a hotel for the evening. Can anyone advise if I should stay at a hotel near the airport or is it better to go downtown or to the beach area and stop there for the night? Is it a lot of messing around just for the evening or worthwhile? Thanks
  7. I knew that guy!!!

    Was a year or two younger than a couple of the guys from Def Leppard at school. Nice blokes, sadly one of them no longer with us.
  8. Smoked one tonight. 6th from a box from our host. Caramel note is increasing for sure but the smoking time is not as all are so underfilled. A real pity as it ruins what could be a really great cigar.
  9. Sorry to hear this. He also made, in my opinion, the finest music film documentary ever - Stop Making Sense. RIP
  10. A brief update and thanks for all the advice, much appreciated. Yesterday my cigars all arrived, safe and sound to their new home in rainy London. They are now resting in the humidor to recover. I nipped out to JJFoxes in St James for a celebratory JL 1 in their super upstairs smoking room.
  11. Picked one up a couple of years ago but not smoked one yet. Here is the travel humidor packed this weekend, actually traveling to my new home in London right now. Waiting nervously
  12. I will move home from Central Europe to London next week and have around 50 boxes of cigars to move too. The humidor is being packed by the removal company so hopefully all ok there but the cigars themselves, well I'm open to suggestions. They will go by road in the removal van. At the moment I have a cool box and large sealable plastic box I intend to use. I'm thinking to wrap the cigar boxes in ziplock bags with the air out and then into the big container and cool box where I will have a few large boveda packs. Perhaps some bubble wrap also maybe around the boxes? Any suggestions or experiences gratefully received guys.
  13. I tried one yesterday and really enjoyed so here is my nomination for shortest review ever: magnum 56 LE = magnum 48 LE x 2
  14. Just opened an HQ 10 box today from 2013 to try for the first time with the father in law and the 2 we took where plugged rock solid around the band area, completely un-salvageable. All the remaining 8 in the box feel exactly the same, the first inch to the band is like concrete. This was my first time with the PE and Inhad been saving this box for a special day, also it's the the first time I have ever had a complete box unsmokable. Absolutely gutted!

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