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  1. What do you do for a living?

    I have retired since this thread was started......😗. But still find it interesting!
  2. Nice study. Wish I had it back in 2012. This photo still haunts me for what I didn't buy.
  3. Am I the only moron....

    Sad to hear recently that the 5 second rule has been debunked. Bacteria get on dropped stuff immediately. I am NOT sure if that applies to mold (not plume).
  4. Am I the only moron....

    Thankfully never in the can, but did lose 2 to the river while smoking and fishing. Still remember both vividly--a D4 only half way puffed, and a RASS, mostly done. Call me an idiot, but I did learn something: no matter how quickly you grab it back it can't be relit. Plus the enjoyment of smoking while fishing--and never suffering any major loss like burning my fly line--makes sacrificing a couple Cubans to the fish gods a small price to pay.
  5. Local contacts in Cuba

    Still looking? Send me a pm.
  6. Ha ha. That kind of stress I can deal with. Well, maybe not a Monte Open. Dealing with phone calls has been shown in some studies to be the equivalent of losing a night's sleep.
  7. The brain is a most interesting organ. Like most of us, I am constantly battling what science types call the "tyranny of the pre-frontal cortex," the part of the brain responsible for most executive decisions. Our poor brains are constantly bombarded by stimuli that require stress-inducing attention, and one way to activate other parts of our brains, and relieving stress, besides putting down our phones, is focussed time in nature. The Japanese have gone as far as creating green space for "nature therapy" which researchers have shown enhance our immune systems, health, and well-being. I am also betting taking time for a cigar and relaxing provides similar benefits and relief from brain tyranny. Now if I could only get a grant to test it. Sorry if I veered off topic.
  8. Happy Birthday Canada

    Doesn't seem like a day over 149! Think I will start the celebration with an Epi 2.
  9. Cigars in Victoria, BC

    My Daughter lives in Victoria and when I visit her I always like to stop in at Goodfellas. Love the atmosphere and while I don't buy a box at our stupid Canuck prices usually grab a stick or two I haven't had in a while. Not at all surprised that cruise ship passengers are such primary clients. Also the case in Cigar Conniseurs in Vancouver's Gastown
  10. Crap. I thought this was just a simple how long to wait after the freezing wore off before smoking. I would have weighed in about having enough feeling in your lips to ensure no personal damage and something witty about drool protocol but clearly not adequate
  11. Connie A Aging

    Great call Shlomo. Coincidentally had a great one from EME Nov 13 this morning. That puppy had rested long enough.
  12. Not a purchase but a trade for a box of St. Luis Rey REs. 06 RJ, 03 Cohiba, 01 Partagas tubo, 03 Rafael Gonzalez, 00 RA Belvederes, 06 P2 and 1998 SLR Clubs. Variety and age the factors.
  13. croc or snake?

    Whole new image to snake in the grass. Impressive.
  14. A good discussion on human variation in time use and motivation and accessing and enjoying information and more. Would keep of team of sociologists and demographers and statistical wonks working months to explain it concisely. Probably want a fat grant to boot. It makes me wonder if there is a parallel with what I see increasingly (admittedly with no stats to wonk over) in society: a passionate dislike of being inconvenienced. I am an avid walker. (Yes I walk and smoke cigars, but let's not get distracted by the aesthetic and personal preferences implications.) Many--and I use many liberally--drivers are a prime example. Can't be inconvenienced. May slow down grudgingly but too many are loathe to stop or yield or look both ways or, cigar-gods forbid, let you know if they are turning. Some may write it off as rudeness or idiocy or worse. But can't help but think it boils down to an increasingly human disdain of tolerating even minor inconvenience. Any parallels? Or just off topic?

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