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  1. Great call Shlomo. Coincidentally had a great one from EME Nov 13 this morning. That puppy had rested long enough.
  2. Not a purchase but a trade for a box of St. Luis Rey REs. 06 RJ, 03 Cohiba, 01 Partagas tubo, 03 Rafael Gonzalez, 00 RA Belvederes, 06 P2 and 1998 SLR Clubs. Variety and age the factors.
  3. Whole new image to snake in the grass. Impressive.
  4. A good discussion on human variation in time use and motivation and accessing and enjoying information and more. Would keep of team of sociologists and demographers and statistical wonks working months to explain it concisely. Probably want a fat grant to boot. It makes me wonder if there is a parallel with what I see increasingly (admittedly with no stats to wonk over) in society: a passionate dislike of being inconvenienced. I am an avid walker. (Yes I walk and smoke cigars, but let's not get distracted by the aesthetic and personal preferences implications.) Many--and I use many liberally--drivers are a prime example. Can't be inconvenienced. May slow down grudgingly but too many are loathe to stop or yield or look both ways or, cigar-gods forbid, let you know if they are turning. Some may write it off as rudeness or idiocy or worse. But can't help but think it boils down to an increasingly human disdain of tolerating even minor inconvenience. Any parallels? Or just off topic?
  5. The best ones seem to be tied to some adversity during the week...just saying.
  6. Poor Partagas Culebras. Born pinched and deformed. Forced into a twisted existence. Pilloried by many. Its viscous smoke, its very essence, forced to negotiate multiple turns and challenges on its final journey. Yet against such odds it somehow still delivers on all counts. A paradox? Or just a puro of prodigious proportions that helps shape our love of CCs?
  7. One of the added bonuses of this cigar is the reaction! One of the tastiest cigars I've smoked on my recent sojourns to the Island. Period.
  8. If price is a barrier, then 1966. Couldn't compete for those recent boxes offered by our host.
  9. Nice. Tarpon porn at its finest! Gets me excited about an impending trip. Thanks for posting Ken.
  10. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2017/02/23/instagram-account-nude-aussies/ Not much proof here for the "getting fatter hypothesis" but highly likely a skewed sample of photos and posters.
  11. Okay. I am hearing rumours that Aussies are showing a lot of skin on Instagram. What's up? Is this some kind of protest over rising cigar prices?
  12. Picked up a LUB Nov 14 box of Upmann 2s in November, and while I have only smoked a couple, I have been impressed by the sheen, color, construction and taste.
  13. For me the HUPC has been an utterly clear winner. But at this stage of its impending doom you shouldn't be forming a bond that will be leaving you in ruinous tatters. Go with the Monte 4. Or maybe a.....

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