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  1. If price is a barrier, then 1966. Couldn't compete for those recent boxes offered by our host.
  2. Nice. Tarpon porn at its finest! Gets me excited about an impending trip. Thanks for posting Ken.
  3. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2017/02/23/instagram-account-nude-aussies/ Not much proof here for the "getting fatter hypothesis" but highly likely a skewed sample of photos and posters.
  4. Okay. I am hearing rumours that Aussies are showing a lot of skin on Instagram. What's up? Is this some kind of protest over rising cigar prices?
  5. Picked up a LUB Nov 14 box of Upmann 2s in November, and while I have only smoked a couple, I have been impressed by the sheen, color, construction and taste.
  6. For me the HUPC has been an utterly clear winner. But at this stage of its impending doom you shouldn't be forming a bond that will be leaving you in ruinous tatters. Go with the Monte 4. Or maybe a.....
  7. It's always about the journey. The comfortable handle should always be just tantilizingly out of reach or the journey is sadly over. The answer is thus clearly, fornever.
  8. "The Creator must have an inordinate fondness for Beetles. He made so many of them." --JBS Haldane A tough battle to keep puros safe for us...ever vigilant
  9. Steelhead and tarpon if I'm lucky. Usually from around home though a murder of Northwestern crows. They are damned interesting birds and never ever complain about my smoking.
  10. The reports of my death have been greatly exxagerated. At least, prolonged. If CUCs could talk.
  11. Wait, what, are we talking about the first or second band? I really do try and take off the first band before it starts burning. Can tend to ruin the taste.
  12. Amazing! But tell me what Cubans you smoked in this amazing trip? That's the real counter!
  13. Insane. Heard many Cuban car rental horror stories but nothing on this scale.

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