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  1. compressed air alcohol and Qtip soft cloth Brake parts cleaner is a solvent in a spray can,used to clean/degrease parts in automotive work.
  2. 9 quarts of cigars may not be enough............
  3. FFolkes was a great movie, going to rewatch some old movies of his..........
  4. "Well, going by recent trends, they are not going to produce low volume / low value smokes every 3 years when they can make low volume / high value smokes with a second band on them instead " Amen.
  5. Have been smoking cigars since 1974,got serious in the 80s. Have read everything I could find about cigars ,from seed to ashtray. Rolled my own, worked with online and catalog firms, done tastings for magazines. I know a little about a very large subject.
  6. Since 2006, I do not remember a year without a price increase. funny how I see a thread like this every April or May.............
  7. this place is, emphatically, a GOOD place. go brush your teeth.............
  8. there is a letter missing from the LOME code......... it should read " BLOME "
  9. Vince Flynn "Term Limits" "Who's On First" Wm. F Buckley
  10. enjoyed a '14 this weekend, excellent flavors and aromas, construction was spot on. these are a treat for me,I have one 3-4 times a year since they are dwindling.......... I think 6 years is long enough to wait,try drying one down a couple of days next time..........
  11. when you find one signed "Property of F.Castro", let us know...........
  12. overroasted, will be ok but will lose flavors faster, so shortening shelf life. good bit of chaff clinging to the oils too.......... drink up !!
  13. this is exactly I went deep on '13s and '14s. reports of poor crops and obvious shortages of certain sticks were my warning bell to stock up. Hopefully I have what I need to ride out the slump.
  14. yes,age them.

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