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  1. I have a problem!

    consider the idea that you may keep them until they have passed their prime. betcha smoke one now.............
  2. Here in North Carolina, USA, the State License Bureau apologized publicly for issuing plates with the letters "WTF" in the number/letter sequence. They also offered to replace these plates if the owner thought it was in bad taste. As far as I know, there was no mention of this problem prior to the announcement. Bad luck for me I did not have one..............
  3. color varies between boxes,I would not take that into consideration. The pigtail is excessive. also, look at how perfect the "fake " is. prettiest one in the crowd. I agree this one looks suspicious.
  4. I found the loophole

    Know Some King. Know Somemore King. Know Doubt. nice symmetry there.
  5. Monte 4 ever,'14 PLPC clearance ever,'14 Upmann pc ever '14 seeing a trend here................
  6. Punch Coronations (T)

    Like them and the petit coronations ......
  7. " The petit coronations (Punch) is better recently if you are interested. " +1
  8. EVERYBODY NOTICED.............
  9. missing the PC since the drop from the line..............
  10. In the pipe line is a new Upmann cigar ,the Connoisseur B. 5.9 in. by 54 rg, it is another chubby, American style jaw breaker to look forward to or ignore completely. The price I expect to be similar to the Connoisseur A, hopefully within 10%. Will you buy these based on the size/history of the Connie A ? Or is this a non starter for you?
  11. they appear on another site at $985.00 pre delivery. I expect them to go well past $1000.00 on certain sites,and the secondary markets will push them higher........
  12. Or go on and get two different boxes, for the heck of it.
  13. I would forgo the actual box date for a superior box from current/recent stock. After all, you want the best possible combo of age worthy and satisfying cigars, and the 50 cab is a strong idea to help achieve this end. The extra sticks give you a chance to enjoy other milestones as well........ Or go on and get two different boxes , for the heck of it.
  14. Was offered a TRU Jun '17 box of Sir Winnies today. Can anyone verify the Code? Claim is they were picked up last month in Cuba. "Several" boxes were purchased. if you have ANY recent codes direct from Cuba, please share them.

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