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  1. FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    !! Anti gravity cigars ………...
  2. for fans of tolkien

    The Silmarillion starts a bit slow,but it shares the DNA of LOTR and really ties it together for those folks who want to gain a deeper understanding of the works as a whole. Beren and Luthien, Silmarils (seeing stones),origin of the Wizards, Thrain, dad of Thror. were there other Dragons? Why are there Stewards? Really comprehensive Prequel to an unique body of work. From the 70s I read the Trilogy twice a year until the 90s,and annually since then,and still excellent reading.
  3. for fans of tolkien

    Monumental body of work. If you enjoy it,I recommend you find a copy of The Silmarillion,the chronicle of the First Age (where the Hobbit is the third age) for some insight to the characters and their origins. There seems to be a wealth of writing about Tolkien these days,his son has even found and published some obscure works.
  4. New Quintero Band

    wait for the LE second band coming soon...........
  5. If/when you send this phone back,make sure to get a delivery signature on the package. The bastards will deny you sent it back anyway,but if you have a signature you can rightfully raise your voice and you will have the proof .
  6. so........ $200.00 Australian......that's about 25.00 US ?
  7. I put Tunnelbear VPN on Kens computer. Un- Bearable...
  8. "Friends you have to buy. Enemas are free...."
  9. how was the cigar? was it in a full box or at the bottom? investigate before you walk away from your B&M, it could be an anomaly...….. or, you could need to avoid the place...………..
  10. try some 50 year old Vintage Port with your funky cheese. or older if you can find it. marriage made in heaven............

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