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  1. " going to a B&M and asking for an empty box or 6 " Fixed........ good way to start out your quest. I like cedar cabs,like the slide top boxes you can find at a B&M. smaller footprint and nice aroma. it's ok if the cigars are touching each other.
  2. garbandz

    2 Cohiba Siglo bands

    band was cut to fit a smaller stick.
  3. garbandz

    Hump day chuckle...

    Probably happened while he was inside paying the bill. We always keep his car covered, and we did a clean up when we finished the work we did. If a car spends more than a day or two here the cars are covered.
  4. garbandz

    Hump day chuckle...

    This customer is a PITA,very rare around here. Uppity folks should take a look in the mirror sometimes. He is on about how original his car is, etc, but look and you will see paint not matching, aftermarket parts, repainted engine parts.Surely not all he claims. I cannot imagine having a big Healey and never driving it.
  5. I hang around in a British car restoration shop. A customer arrives to pick up his Healey and notices a spot on it. He licks his finger and rubs the spot, puts his finger in his mouth. He says " What do you think this is? " " Bird sh!t sir." "Where did it come from ? " "Birds' ass,sir." "How did it get there ? " " Gravity,sir ." Thought I was going to explode trying not to laugh.
  6. I try to never smoke the same stick two in a row. pretty broad list of regulars, usually not a problem to change it up.
  7. they are smoking a treat right now. my stash of 2001 Corojos are amazing, attenuated and smooth with a bit of the old strength. amazing for 17 years old...…….
  8. Jack Palance as Kublai Khan ?
  9. garbandz

    Killer P2

    comeback cigar for sure. best in years. Colorado wrappers and all.
  10. garbandz

    What Do You Look For In a Restaurant

    the restroom...........
  11. garbandz

    Pretend Research

    Apparently, demand for repetitive drivel is driving the market for repetitive drivel. Hear Hear...…...well said. "Cigars are made through a combination of moisture and temperature. " Freezing? boiling? lots of rollers are out of a job,I guess...…...
  12. just got a box of Bolivar RC with the PUS code......OCT '17
  13. LGC MdO #2 Hoyo des Dieux I will pay a premium for these. Since they have been AWOL since '14,I see no choice .

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