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  1. Prohibition did not work. Prohibitive taxes breed crime. Criminals make the money. Therefore, there are criminals at BOTH ends of tobacco taxes.............
  2. What do you make of these beauties???

    well done sir..........
  3. Cohiba LE 2016 Legit?

    Don't these usually have the seal on a cardboard outer box? Laziness,indeed.
  4. What do you make of these beauties???

    does this app have any Mods? any recourse to notify them about this?
  5. my last two boxes of Monte 4 have been excellent, I just do not smoke them as often. If only everything I have could be as good...........
  6. Mille Fleur ( RyJ or Partagas )
  7. it is quite a leap to think that fakers would design a seal with no relation to anything Habanos makes, but it is interesting to see this seal for the first time. I will file this nugget away gratefully,thanks.
  8. and there you have it ,straight from the horses.........mouth. considering things,these marcas would be safer from a sales standpoint. imagine how fast a La Escepcion robusto or gorda would sell, in regular production.
  9. " but I'm curious why one had a closed foot and the other did not " boredom?
  10. Port Tawny Port
  11. that's not pepper, that is pain..........
  12. don't expect pepper in everything. there are dozens of flavors found in tobacco,and I don't get pepper a lot. Really don't enjoy pepper at all, it was a sign of immature tobacco back in the old days.
  13. do please try 4 or 5 more and tell us of the experience........... I would never judge a cigar line by one stick............. if you like it that much, it is worth the $$$........ Just stop paying unimportant bills..............

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