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  1. even in a lake,a lot depends on the other boats for safety. An idiot in a ski boat can ruin your day. The Pacific Ocean? scary.
  2. Poor cutting on the band bad band placement tag on the cap. were you handed this by a vendor?
  3. Your idea is a good one. For example, the humi on the table is well made and eye pleasing, makes me want one. However, does it contain four dog-common boxes? All that work for ordinary sticks. That scenario is another example of a missed opportunity ..............
  4. Absolutely my feeling ,and I see those boxes here more often than anywhere else. Most of my best boxes came from Rob.
  5. uncouth to drink from the bottle................
  6. have never been disappointed.............. always wanted someone to really pick out the best of what's available.............Worth the cost to me..... ( which is not bad, either ) when you have bought enough boxes elsewhere you will see a few you would never have picked in person..............
  7. Listen, that guy Ajay says it's plume, and that's good enough for me..........
  8. smoking time: two weeks. weight gain a definite problem losing track of time, likely. roach clip, necessary................
  9. In the 90s two brands were available here, Fighting Cock and Double Happiness. Same company, pretty good cigars. probably sold out by J R......they cleaned up the market very well. There are copies now that have nothing to do with the originals.
  10. a gentleman would never ask, so I cannot say...........
  11. I used to smoke more Lonsdale size, but they are scarce now. went thru a Nica bomb period, that is over now. I have moved to smaller diameter (42) Cuban sticks ,occasionally a Churchill or robusto,or torpedo. also I have minutos for quick smokes. In 4 decades I have tried a lot of cigar companies,countries of origin, novelties and failed notions.
  12. no longer a novelty for me, I untie and remove......... for those of you who are adventurous,I remember seeing several neat items made from box ribbons,including a smoking jacket.
  13. Cannot wait for you and Ken to give us a video review,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. " I want to see a box, or single, pick it, clip it and light it." Amen.all the work is done,time to enjoy.............

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