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  1. Nice read, hopefully something a few more of us can do with the cigars we've got from the Box Pass
  2. I've got a box here just waiting for a name & address! Get over to the Cigar Underground Network UK
  3. My knee's and elbow's used to feel dry as a nuns... creaking and all sorts. I started taking Fish Oil, up to 5g a day and the improvement was massive so I touted it to everyone that would listen. A couple years ago I developed Gout, moved to a plant based diet, never replaced the fish oil tablets once I'd used the pot up and never had another ache or pain again.
  4. I could do without getting sidetracked and getting a box of HDM DC's
  5. Rolling Stones @ Hyde Park. I've had hundreds of great nights at great gigs but that one was one of those days were everything fell into place beautifuly, superb.
  6. Today, right now, £20 in the pocket, in London, I'm going to go with a BBF!
  7. I basically had to cut one in half to get it to smoke once;
  8. JoeyGunz

    ‘Bleeding’ vegan burger

    Great time to be Vegan, more and more options out there by the day.
  9. JoeyGunz

    Whats up for the weekend?

    Mrs off on a hen do so I'm down the boozer tonight to watch Brazil - Belgium Tomorrow, Races with the lads, Coral Eclipse @ Sandown, watching football coming home at 3pm and continue to party late into the night. Sunday, fundraising for Anthony Nolan.
  10. JoeyGunz

    world's oldest restaurant

    Went a couple years ago with the mrs, stumbled across it, knocked on the door and asked about a dinner reservation only to get laughed at. In the end he sorted us out, we went back for a late dinner after some drinks at the ME rooftop bar. Can stil taste the suckling pig.
  11. JoeyGunz

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Just landed (physically, not mentally) from an Ibiza Stag do. Amnesia Saturday, Privilege Sunday, England confirming their position as firm favourites in the World Cup on Monday. One picture that sum’s up the time; Certainly an experience and one off the bucket list. Will definitely return, maybe with my better half next time...
  12. JoeyGunz

    aged cigars - thoughts?

    I smoked a Antonio Blanco, Habana, Cuba from 1915 in 2015. 100 Years old. Was a delicate smoke still had some body to it. Enjoyable but a different experience to smoking anything from my usual selection. Had to search for the nuances of flavour in the smoke. Quite a meditating experience but not one I'd seek out everyday.
  13. Smoked one of those 898's last night, gifted from @ChanceSchmerr, superb smoke. When you back in civilisation @ayepatz
  14. JoeyGunz


    I have a general idea of which boxes I'll be smoking from for the year. A looser idea of which singles I'll be smoking over the year. When the oppurtunity arises for a cigar I aim for the winning trifecta, the right vitola for the time I have, a smoke that's appealing to my palate or pairing at the time and a cigar that is "on" / hopefully "on".
  15. Doubt it, might take the advantage of a lull in earache from the mrs to sit in the garden with a cigar.

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