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  1. aged cigars - thoughts?

    I smoked a Antonio Blanco, Habana, Cuba from 1915 in 2015. 100 Years old. Was a delicate smoke still had some body to it. Enjoyable but a different experience to smoking anything from my usual selection. Had to search for the nuances of flavour in the smoke. Quite a meditating experience but not one I'd seek out everyday.
  2. Smoked one of those 898's last night, gifted from @ChanceSchmerr, superb smoke. When you back in civilisation @ayepatz
  3. Rotation

    I have a general idea of which boxes I'll be smoking from for the year. A looser idea of which singles I'll be smoking over the year. When the oppurtunity arises for a cigar I aim for the winning trifecta, the right vitola for the time I have, a smoke that's appealing to my palate or pairing at the time and a cigar that is "on" / hopefully "on".
  4. Doubt it, might take the advantage of a lull in earache from the mrs to sit in the garden with a cigar.
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yeah I wouldn't say you were far off the mark with them notes, unfortunately the flavours weren't quite concentrated enough in this stick to really pin down due to the loose draw. Think I have half a box odd left so hoping for a better represenation of where they are next time I re-visit.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    This bastard was under-filled, I punched it, loose draw, smoke time around an hour, gutting. But.... some great flavours that were getting lost in the dilution were stand-out beautiful, Sweet citrus and toasted nuts, at one point it went full on peanut butter then straight into white chocolate. Almost in a hurry to go pull the box out and try another (this was out the desktop)
  7. Well done @ayepatz pal, sure me and the lads will give you a wave from the back of the bus
  8. I smoked one I was gifted a couple years back, tasted like an oily rag (not cockney rhyming slang).
  9. Spiced Rum Reccomendations

    I bloody love this stuff;
  10. vegemite

    I picked up a bottle to try instead of marmite the other day. It taste's like they've boiled the flavour out of marmite leaving you with a block of blandness. In a push I would take it on my toast but I'll take the Marmite any day if available. I also use Marmite in my Gravy, reccomend it.
  11. eating weird stuff

    I ate a bbq tarantula in Phnom Penh,Cambodia overlooking the lakes from our guesthouse floating patio, it was fine, good texture, great flavour, all until the body bursts and fill's your mouth with a creme like substance. You live and you learn, or at least you hope you do.
  12. Now not to out do your impressive sticks or photography skill’s @ayepatz I’ll be bringing a couple of bent Le Hoyo Du Maire from ‘07 as I know you like them skinny.... oh and I also bought a couple Punch DC’s although the box code escapes me. They’re either 10 or 20 years old.
  13. Try Red Dog Sandwiches in Hoxton Square.
  14. So where are we smoking on the 17th @ayepatz?
  15. 1991 HDM EPI 2 from JJ FOX smoked in May 2014

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