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  1. I have had one around a year ago. Lub feb 14 box. But it was only one underfilled cigar in a box and wasnt good at all. The rest of them are more than fantastic
  2. I have to go with either 50cab of Lusitanias or magnum 46
  3. Yes, few more will come Im sure
  4. Dont think so. The BCJ is gonna be the closest I suppose...
  5. Awesome man, cheers!
  6. Beautiful setup there man. Enjoy it. Thanks for sharing! Congrats.
  7. Still under the bad experience of the Magnum 46 day before yesterday. I know they are hit and miss. Couldn't let it go. Had to have another one but this time from a year younger cab (14) brilliant. This has shown everything I like about this cigar. Feeling better now. Still one of my all time favorite
  8. Inconsistency is there. Yes, it is an issue. We can generalize and say it is an issue with every single hand made cigar. However some are better some are worse in that case. Some has a dud out of a box, some has one out of 5 boxes or you can have a crappy box or... you get the point. Also note that you can be yourself the issue at some level. I mean your palate is not always the same. It depends on what did you eat, what did you drink, you had flu or other sinus infections even your mood...etc etc... we love in the cigar world when all the stars are aligned. It happens. Unfortunately not every single time we light up a cigar. But we keep looking for those moments. That's the beauty of it.
  9. It's Serbian for sure
  10. After a disappointing Magnum 46 yesterday I decided to go with a SLR regio. Have to grab a box or two. Wow.
  11. Correct. Stamp on both.

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