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  1. For science ( and only for science ) i smoked a SP Non Plus on Friday and it took me 1 hour, 22 minutes and 19 seconds from the first puff till lay down. The JL Sel. No. 2 yesterday took me 1 hour, 12 minutes and 50 seconds, but about 1 cm more left. So i'm with Fugu on this, about the same time as a Robusto.
  2. Stock in 2016 was about Two-thirds of what it used to be in 2013 / 14. Prices went up about One-third. They open the boxes if you wish so.
  3. All from shops, but well hidden.
  4. Well, there are worse things than to be famous for pies ;-)
  5. Welcome to FOH from the continent, when i read where you coming from, the famous Wigan Casino sprang to my mind. As a Northern Soul fan i really would have loved to experience the atmosphere there, but sadly that was before my time. Stay clear of mites and tobacco beetles ;-)
  6. . . . and three further boxes which i couldn't leave back A box of Bolivar Tubos No. 1. Hope they are near as good as everything else Bolivar TEB 07 i have had. And two boxes of Sir Winston ( cardboard missing, so presumably between 1994 and 2004 ). After opening the boxes and smelling the aroma there was no way back ;-)
  7. € 2,75 / 68,75 - the cmtabacos page has not been updated yet.
  8. I hope you are right. To my experience not a single jar i own ( including a Noellas Glass Jar ) was able to keep the rh constant without further sealing. I kept them in the cellar, which is the coolest and most humid place in the house and within one and a half year they dropped from 67 % rh to 61 to 63 % rh. I double-vacuum sealed them all last year after bringing them slowly back to 65 % rh.
  9. Always worth a shopping trip, especially if traveling inside EU ;-) Also got me some boxes of my dailies Petit Cetros from '11 and '12 Delicias from '14 Epicures LUB '14 Demi Tasse from '13 and '16 and some RG Panetelas Extra from '12, '14 and '15
  10. Cool piece indeed . . . are you going to shrink wrap the whole jar or put it into your humidor ?
  11. Couldn't resist bringing one of those cute Hoyo Epi 2 Retro Tins back from a short vacation in Spain and thought it's worth showing.
  12. So we are four now :-)
  13. But those are still quite expensive, aren't they ? Except you found some really old boxes, pre 2008 or older which are nearly impossible to find ( at least online ). EDIT : Just saw where youre from ;-)
  14. A really good JL Seleccion No.1 from 2014 the last ones i smoked several years ago weren't half as good as this one, so i stayed with the Petit Coronas and No.2 . . . time to diversify ;-)
  15. End of work for today, wife has gone out, coming down with a PLPC MEL NOV 07

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