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  1. Newfound love for Cast Iron

    Found a couple startup companies that recently got their start on kickstarter. After seeing several positive reviews I decided to order them. Going to hold on to my vintage Wagners but my new Lodge that I sanded the inside smooth are going to be given away to friends. First Up, I ordered both the 8 and 10 from field Company Third one I ordered was a little less known but just as new and getting good reviews.
  2. Every once in awhile you stumble across someones vacation video that is really good and has great music paired with it. First song is Amazing Eyes by Good Old War, second is Whole Life Tour by Duvchi
  3. Newfound love for Cast Iron

    Couple months ago I had to replace my non-stick pans as they were pretty worn. Picked up a set of All Clad non stick pans. I thought to myself though. Why the hell am I replacing these things at probably the worst possible time and started looking at my whole cookware setup. looked at ceramic, copper, stainless steel etc and then I stumbled across Cast Iron. Now, I'm not really a complete blank piece of paper when it comes to cast iron. My grandparents used them along with the old Corning ware but Cast Iron never really fit my idea of healthy cooking or so I thought. My thought was it was only used to cook fatty comfort foods using lard etc. My mother used to rave about cast iron by if it was so good why does no one use it. I started looking into cast Iron and found I was wrong on so many levels about it. 1. Cooking with Lard: I found out it really is not necessary as I found out that I do not need to cook with lard in cast iron. I have yet to use any. I use Flax Seed Oil for the initial 6 seasoning layers after that I use Olive oil. I learned lard or saturated fat may give a pan a bit of a rancid smell. 2. Cast Iron does not evenly heat: This was a surprise to me and it appeared from looking at cast iron reviews a lot of other people were clueless also. Cast iron is actually the worst at evenly heating. However, the ability of cast iron to retain, hold and radiate that heat beyond the contact layer of food is what gives it the desired cooking quality. Great read here. 3. Difficult to care for: Not really, when I am done cooking I take a hot pan and run it under HOT water with a plastic scraper, wipe it out, return to the burner and once the water is gone and the pan is warmed up again I wipe a thin layer of olive oil on it and turn off the heat to let it cool. The routine took me maybe a week and I don’t even think about it anymore. Never let cast iron soak or use soap, use salt if you need an abrasive to scour it. 4. Cast Iron is not non-stick: No way is this true. I quickly found out that cast iron is the original non-stick. My new set of lodge skillets I bought were pretty good but I took it a step further by taking a 60grit air sanding disk to the cooking surface and re-seasoned them all. I also scored a Wagner 12’inch in an Antique store that is phenomenally slick once I cleaned and re-seasoned it. Better yet I don’t have to worry about what utensils I use. Is there a technique involved? Yes. You need to know your temp affect on keeping non-stick. I picked up a set and found that Lodge seems to make about every cast iron pan in the US and they do not polish the cooking surface like the old manufacturers Wagner, Griswold etc used to. There are companies like The Field Co, or other Australian companies that offer them polished at about $200 for a 12’ skillet. But really, for how it opened up my cooking and the versatility of cast iron (you can finish food in an oven, bake pies, pizza etc. ) that price is still worth it if you don't have the hardware or time to smooth the cooking surface. After reading about how to overcome problems people had with cast iron and found that by avoiding those things (using High heat, cooking acidic foods etc). I just wish I had figured out cast iron 20 years ago and bought a set then. Since I added 4 various size skillets I find I am using them dominantly from my other cookware and my food is turning out better. I only use non stick pans for maybe pancakes and use pots etc for boiling water or cooking acidic sauces in them. Anyone else have a love for the iron?
  4. jurassic world - fallen kingdom

    The Jurassic Park series lost me a long time ago. First one was the best after that it's been pretty unimpressive for me. I see the preview of this one and see they are going to end it with Dinosaurs jumping into the sea and swimming to land...somewhere else. It just reminds me of the ending of the first book when raptors were pictured as swimming to the mainland. Only took how many films to go back to that.
  5. Blade Runner 2049 (spoiler free initial reactions)

    I watched Blade Runner 2049 last night. I have not watched the original in over a year but for sure I felt like it was the same world as the first one. Good show.
  6. Rampage

    Not another video game inspired movie.
  7. Nicotine sickness

    SUGAR!!! Seriously. My local cigar club gets together about once a month. Company rep was here one day and brought 5 stogies each to sample. Learned from the rep that by the third one to keep from getting sick, to drink something sweet or even eat a packet of sugar to counter the nicotine effect. Especially on full flavor cigars. Works like a champ.
  8. PBS Great Performances - Havana Time Machine
  9. Stuck in a car for 6 days driving to and from Mississippi jamming to Stick Figure and Rebelution nearly two months ago. Been listening to them and the like for going on two months. Much better mood every day.
  10. rums to try once

    I was about to volunteer to take a beating until I saw the Diplomatico then it got serious. I hosted a rum tasting with 9 bottles of rum. We had a public vote and It rolled out like this. 1. Plantation Barbados 20th Annaversary 2. Diplomatico Gran Reserva 3. Zaya 4. Kirk & Sweeny 23 5. Ron Zacapa 23 6. Pussers 15yr old 7. ElDorado 15 8. Goslings Family Reserve XO I have since made a two day road trip to denver to buy a case of Plantation to bring in and try to get some guys to demand the local BM store 's distributor to bring it in.
  11. world's strongest beer

    So true. Armageddon had just come out when I was going through a brewing program in college. We did the math to make an eisbach beer that strong and if I remember right a 15 gallon batch to produce one six pack. I've tried several nice eisbachs in Germany and the US over the last 25 years. Personally I don't care for more than a 15% abv eisbach and even then it has to be introduced at just the right time to be palatable.
  12. Watch under 500?

    +1 for Tissot OR Seiko

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