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  1. Patience... in due time. I think they are working certain priorities and still gathering evidence and developing a plan not only to nail her but several others. I think the hammer is going to fall on a couple republicans too. Namely Romney and McCain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Oh my gawd. Five friends go into the woods=all are killed=B Movie=The end. Sorry to see once popular actors go to the dregs of the b Movies (Nicholas Cage, Danny Glover Etc.)
  3. Here in South Dakota there are a lot of bikers, male and female. I mean a lot as in I know I'm home because I will see more motorcyclist in driving across town to my parents house in Sioux Falls than I have seen all year living out of state elsewhere. With that I have seen a lot of friends/family injured and even killed on motor cycles than I care to. I was bit at the age of 17 on one and almost got ran over after dumping my bike. I'm still picking out pieces of asphalt or glass out of my arm 30 years later from areas that don't quite heal right or as they surface. It was enough to keep me away from riding again. A distant relative lost his arms on one, Cousin lost her aunt and uncle coming back from Sturgis rally due by hitting a bump that punctured a tire. Roomate of mine after I got out of the military dumped a bike on fresh highway wearing shorts and sandals after bumble bee hit him and got behind his glasses. Two of my closest friends and I grew up riding and only one of us continues to ride today. One of them is a police officer and he hung it up after one of his last motorcycle accident cleanups he had to run off a dog that was chewing on the motorcyclists knee he had found on the sidewalk. I myself stayed in snowmobiling but same thing there, seeing people getting seriously hurt, nearly killed in a couple cases. I found one thing common with motorcycle accidents. I never got hurt myself because I followed these basics. 1. Never over ride your ability-embrace your machine and find out what you are capable of in a safe environment with proper safety gear and stay within that limit. 2. Respect the machine- don't fear it but don't disrespect it by horse playing, being stupid or simply not thinking it is not capable of biting you. Getting comfortably numb around a machine is like getting too comfortable around working with high voltage. You get too comfortable and that is when your dangerous on one. 3. Maintenance, Maintenance Maintenance. Develop an inspection of the machine, riding gear etc, before, during and after a ride. Deficiencies need to be fixed immediately. Tire needs replacement but you want to go for a ride with friends tonight? Get it replaced when next weeks check comes in right? Is it worth your life, someone else life? Park it and fix it before you ride again. 4. Ride with people you trust and respect one another. I think everyone at a young age only sees themselves riding and how cool they would look on one. Sure they hear they are dangerous but they don't truly see or know people who have been maimed or killed on one. I would say in all fairness and to settle your nerves as well is to find people you may know that have been bit and know people who died and have them tell the story in detail while doing the classes. I've known some that took the classes, rode once and never wanted to ride again, but they need to make that call. After all, many of us don't even want to do something until we are told that we cant and then we push ourselves even harder.
  4. Broncos will still be fighting to maintain. We all knew it going into Super Bowl 50 that we bought that one sacrificing the next few years.
  5. Sean Conner in Zardoz...need I say more.
  6. This post just reminds me of a bit I watched recently. Thought it was appropriate.
  7. Well now you have to share. You cant say you have cool pics and not show them!
  8. I was in the Philippines a the first half of April snorkeling some reefs and talking with a guy from San Diego had just come from the Great Barrier Reef and said it was just a horror show over there. Said the reef was practically all but completely dead due to bleaching and that it is pretty much dead already. Since I got back I have been watching the articles daily with photos or biologists writing stuff on tablets and how they are concerned and saying a larger percentage is dying. My curiosity is what does any locals or anyone who has been there recently think and if you would care to share an opinion on recovery, share any photos or insight? While in Coron, we cruized a reef around Skeleton wreck and that reef was heavily damaged and some bleaching from what the locals said was a typhoon a couple years back. They are saying it will take many years before that reef recovers. Hate to imagine how long it will take the GBR to recover.
  9. So I just got back from the Philippines last week. Put together a video clip. (Forgive me, first time running a GoPro and editing). While snorkeling on a reef dove down and ran into a little Barracuda. Now, first time in the ocean for me but always been intrigued since a boy with marine life studying the books and such. However, a friend from Florida watched the video and noted at 11:16 I approached a Trigger Fish. I know I said, cool right? He said yes but advised I look up trigger fish attack and look at the bites they can inflict and watch the video's how aggressive they can be. I was a bit shocked by the videos I saw but are Trigger fish really that commonly aggressive?
  10. First off “Well written” is often subjective. I see you write well but others thing a paragraph is tough math. I know people are rushed in posting. I’m often the same way in thinking that, “I’m not writing a report.” Then you look and see someone post a huge block of text and you can’t help but wonder what it’s like to drink your own urine and not know any better. Also your girlfriends little sister “Doesn’t read books for pleasure.” I could not help but to think “I beg to differ. Someone bought 450 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray.” She’s just young though. When she has her first boss that looks at her cross eyed for texting during a meeting or while having a conversation with them etc. They’ll get the point. I’ve managers dish out ass chewing’s like a fresh prison hot dish by the spoonful to millennials. What do you mean “If” social media is making us dumber? It obviously is disconnecting people from the real everyday world. Thing I remember is those who defy the herd mentality. I have a young friend in his 20’s very down to earth, super hard worker and can sit down and strike up a conversation with any person of any age, gender, race etc and have a great one on one with them. Then I also have a coworker that I went over to his house with his family. W are having cocktails and playing cards and the kids are building blanket forts around us. Come to find out the kids don’t play with computers, phones, TV etc at home very often. They don’t like fast food, love veggies and naked shrimp etc. Clean their plates and play outside most of the time. The parents raised them like that and the kids love it. So I still have hope.
  11. So if you have no doubt why would you wait. Wait until they actually successfully create a tactical nuclear delivery device or just smuggle one into a city and detonate it? Then we just sit there scratching our heads in the radioactive fallout asking how we could have prevented this. NK is not the cold war where there were a lot of maybes. Right now we have the opportunity and we might not have a better one. Missile defense screen is on it's way and will take a month or two to setup but that defense screen will not make China happy to have in their back yard.
  12. I the looks of this
  13. My thoughts: First off it is not a choice of if we go to war with North Korea. We already are, we (The UN) have been at an agreed cease fire for decades now. Fat Kim has been developing nukes now for 10 years and with each failure comes new knowledge all while we have been protesting on deaf ears. That little prick has no intention of backing down once he has them and he will hold S. Korea in one hand with while yielding a nuke in the other like a hostage taker he is. In order to do so he will need to successfully launch and detonate one on either Japan or the U.S. Mainland. NK within the last couple years hit a SK island with an ARTY Barrage or did everyone forget that? Also if he isn't crazy enough to toss a Nuke at the U.S. the Iranians are. This guys been on the job a whole 5 years and with any luck will not live to see another 5. China wants the trade and resources with NK but really does not want it starting chit with the U.S. (The biggest buyer of Chinese goods and debtor to China). China simply cannot afford a war with the U.S. and wants both sides to cool it. China could however, tolerate a surgical strike, severing the NK leadership so long as the 150k troops it recently moved up near it's border went in an stabilized the country while it installs it's own communist government. Russia veto'd the UN proposal to scold NK possibly because of old relations as they were with the NK during the war and simply hates the UN and NATO voting for it. Though Russia really has not showed their hand, they recently flew a flight of bombers near the Alaskan coast. Though they have does this before the timing is impeccable. I don't think the issue in NK is so much an issue for them as Syria and Ukraine though. Their actions in NK I feel are dependent on actions in their other two combat theaters. Opening up a conflict with the U.N. while those are going on strategically would be unwise as it would immediately be fighting wars on multiple fronts along her borders. There are these and many more ideas that I'm sure have already gone through the "Warrior Munk" former Marine Corps General James "Mad Dog" Mattis and now currently Secretary of War..I mean State. The guy is hands down the most capable General the U.S. has had for a very long time and a brilliant tactician. One thing is for certain, the moves the U.S. are going to make in the coming moths are not going to be for the world to know or predict as the play book has been in the past. Right now they are keeping them guessing feeding him every opportunity to back out but at the same time Mattis is preparing "To kill everyone in the room." He will not make the error MacArthur did in Korea.

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