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  1. Day option 2, Light drive north through Spearfish canyon and checkout Roughlock Falls and The Devils Bathtub and community caves. Cross the border into Wyoming to Sundance and run up to Devils tower for a hike around the tower. On the way back, stop in Deadwood for the gunfighters and beer before heading near the town of Rochford for a dive bar known as Moonshine Gulch Saloon for a few more beers. On the return to Rapid City hit my Favorite spot the Tinderbox in Rapid CIty for some stogeez.
  2. I live in a tourist town. Rapid City, South Dakota. Day 1. Drop your stuff and lets hit the badlands for a couple hours and then Head to Keystone for some old time Photos, Lunch, Drive Through Custer State Park wildlife loop and Needles Highway on the way to Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore and end the day in Hill City at Prairie Berry Winery on their deck smoking a cigar.
  3. Consistency

    I still smoke NC's and try different ones all the time. While many smoke good there are a lot of dog rockets and oil cans out there in the NC world. It's just obvious that not every Habanos will be great. But I have certainly found more Habanos that wow me in comparison to NC's. I think when a CC comes together in construction, flavor, smoke amount, draw and presentation it's just tough to beat. I'll grab a good tasting NC but then something always throws it for a loop, doesn't stay lit, uneven burn, trying to get a good amount of smoke out of it is like trying to suck start a chevy v8, flavor turns really harsh or muddy etc. I don't know what it is but it seems I have adapted a preference of the tighter draw, the flaws of a hand made product at every step in the old way with this resulting end product. Whatever it is, I like it.
  4. I was eyeballing those and Punch Punch. Any ideas about Hoyo?
  5. To suggest. Probably could have been said better. I'm looking at my stock and realize I need to order a few. I like the RYJ Wide Church Hills, Hoyo Epicure 2 & Especial, P D4, San Cristobal La Fuerza. However, these guys are a little short. I find myself having to light 2-3 cigars for my sitting. I have also found I am really getting into the thinner guage (40-50) double coronas and also finding the mild-medium more enjoyable lately. Also looking at nice long Churchill as a longer burn. Anyone got any suggestions for something in stock?
  6. Next Dr.Who to be a Women

    I'm looking forward to seeing some lezi girl on girl between her and the Dr's wife River.
  7. Sorry for your loss. I too have lost friends to this and almost lost myself at a low spot in my life. I grew up with a couple of good friends who were twins. My brother hunted with them regularly. Randy and Ryan worked together in the small town we grew up with. While Ryan married his high school sweetheart and had his stuff together, Randy was single for a few years before getting married and a start on his family. Randy eventually got married and had two children. Randy, still the fun loving guy I always knew had married a woman who was fairly a controlling woman and seemed to be opposite of what Randy was, but they seemed happy together. One day I get a phone call from my brother rambling "Randy's gone, ....". He never rambles. I verbally slapped him over the phone and he told me what happened. My brother, Randy and Ryan had just gone deer hunting but hadn't seen anything. They were all joking and having fun and dropped Randy off at his house. My brother then went and dropped off Ryan a few miles away and realized Randy had left a pair of gloves in his truck. He went back to Randy's house and found Randy dead on the ground and blood all over. My brother was talking to me in the truck as he was waiting for law enforcement and ambulances to come. We later found out that Randy had a fight with his wife, she served him divorce papers and she was going to try and prevent him from seeing their children several weeks before. Ryan was aware of it and thought Randy had come to terms with the trauma and had laid plans to move forward with his life. Investigators found that Randy must have planned his suicide days before and soon as he had been dropped off he walked to an abandoned car in his shelter belt of trees by his house. There he placed a suicide note, turned his .243 deer rifle on himself and pulled the trigger. It didn't kill him at first. He got out of the car and tried to make it back to his house before he went down and bled out. At the funeral I remember hearing so many times the typical comments people made, "Selfish..", "Left the kids alone without a father", "Wish we knew he was having problems", "I don't understand why he did it." etc. This was the 4th person I have known that has killed themselves over the years. I also faced my father a few years ago as he was about to descend into his bout with Alzheimer as his 3 sisters and brother had done before him as he talking about hoping he would die before it happened. He was terrified and is currently full blown with the mind of a toddler. Things I have seen in common with suicide have coincided with major life traumatic experiences. Loss of a loved one, Job or income, Divorce and Old age are what I have observed are the highest at risk. I myself have gone through a job loss, not sure what I am going to do. Sudden Divorce and not knowing where I was going to live that night or do. I found out very quickly who my friends and family really were as many scatter like roaches to light just as I had seen happen to others. Many of these I have made comments in the past.."Suicide is stupid, selfish etc". I remember it pissed me off. At that moment I really felt I understood why many people kill themselves. It wriggled it's way into my mind and I always thought I would never even consider the possibility. However, at that point in my life I had never felt more alone. If it had not been for one or two friends or family members that stepped forward when I asked for help (and I had swallowed my pride and asked for help from other friends) I don't know what would have happened. I've been strong and independent most of my life so it would have been tough and I would have lived out of my car if I had to. I bounced back like I always do. I took stock in my life of the people who matter to me and are positive in my life. I look forward at the brighter things in life and cut out friends and family who abandoned me when I needed them most. I may be an azzhole to them, but I don't have the filter in situations like this to be nice and told them exactly why they failed me and I'm leaving them behind. I found a woman that brings balance to my life and could not be happier as we plan our future together and work on our own family.
  8. Patience... in due time. I think they are working certain priorities and still gathering evidence and developing a plan not only to nail her but several others. I think the hammer is going to fall on a couple republicans too. Namely Romney and McCain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Trailer for Wesley Snipes movie: The Recall

    Oh my gawd. Five friends go into the woods=all are killed=B Movie=The end. Sorry to see once popular actors go to the dregs of the b Movies (Nicholas Cage, Danny Glover Etc.)
  10. Not sure how to take this

    Here in South Dakota there are a lot of bikers, male and female. I mean a lot as in I know I'm home because I will see more motorcyclist in driving across town to my parents house in Sioux Falls than I have seen all year living out of state elsewhere. With that I have seen a lot of friends/family injured and even killed on motor cycles than I care to. I was bit at the age of 17 on one and almost got ran over after dumping my bike. I'm still picking out pieces of asphalt or glass out of my arm 30 years later from areas that don't quite heal right or as they surface. It was enough to keep me away from riding again. A distant relative lost his arms on one, Cousin lost her aunt and uncle coming back from Sturgis rally due by hitting a bump that punctured a tire. Roomate of mine after I got out of the military dumped a bike on fresh highway wearing shorts and sandals after bumble bee hit him and got behind his glasses. Two of my closest friends and I grew up riding and only one of us continues to ride today. One of them is a police officer and he hung it up after one of his last motorcycle accident cleanups he had to run off a dog that was chewing on the motorcyclists knee he had found on the sidewalk. I myself stayed in snowmobiling but same thing there, seeing people getting seriously hurt, nearly killed in a couple cases. I found one thing common with motorcycle accidents. I never got hurt myself because I followed these basics. 1. Never over ride your ability-embrace your machine and find out what you are capable of in a safe environment with proper safety gear and stay within that limit. 2. Respect the machine- don't fear it but don't disrespect it by horse playing, being stupid or simply not thinking it is not capable of biting you. Getting comfortably numb around a machine is like getting too comfortable around working with high voltage. You get too comfortable and that is when your dangerous on one. 3. Maintenance, Maintenance Maintenance. Develop an inspection of the machine, riding gear etc, before, during and after a ride. Deficiencies need to be fixed immediately. Tire needs replacement but you want to go for a ride with friends tonight? Get it replaced when next weeks check comes in right? Is it worth your life, someone else life? Park it and fix it before you ride again. 4. Ride with people you trust and respect one another. I think everyone at a young age only sees themselves riding and how cool they would look on one. Sure they hear they are dangerous but they don't truly see or know people who have been maimed or killed on one. I would say in all fairness and to settle your nerves as well is to find people you may know that have been bit and know people who died and have them tell the story in detail while doing the classes. I've known some that took the classes, rode once and never wanted to ride again, but they need to make that call. After all, many of us don't even want to do something until we are told that we cant and then we push ourselves even harder.
  11. Broncos will still be fighting to maintain. We all knew it going into Super Bowl 50 that we bought that one sacrificing the next few years.
  12. Sean Conner in Zardoz...need I say more.
  13. This post just reminds me of a bit I watched recently. Thought it was appropriate.
  14. Huger Tiger Shark

  15. Trigger Fish

    Well now you have to share. You cant say you have cool pics and not show them!

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