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  1. Nicotine sickness

    SUGAR!!! Seriously. My local cigar club gets together about once a month. Company rep was here one day and brought 5 stogies each to sample. Learned from the rep that by the third one to keep from getting sick, to drink something sweet or even eat a packet of sugar to counter the nicotine effect. Especially on full flavor cigars. Works like a champ.
  2. PBS Great Performances - Havana Time Machine
  3. Stuck in a car for 6 days driving to and from Mississippi jamming to Stick Figure and Rebelution nearly two months ago. Been listening to them and the like for going on two months. Much better mood every day.
  4. rums to try once

    I was about to volunteer to take a beating until I saw the Diplomatico then it got serious. I hosted a rum tasting with 9 bottles of rum. We had a public vote and It rolled out like this. 1. Plantation Barbados 20th Annaversary 2. Diplomatico Gran Reserva 3. Zaya 4. Kirk & Sweeny 23 5. Ron Zacapa 23 6. Pussers 15yr old 7. ElDorado 15 8. Goslings Family Reserve XO I have since made a two day road trip to denver to buy a case of Plantation to bring in and try to get some guys to demand the local BM store 's distributor to bring it in.
  5. world's strongest beer

    So true. Armageddon had just come out when I was going through a brewing program in college. We did the math to make an eisbach beer that strong and if I remember right a 15 gallon batch to produce one six pack. I've tried several nice eisbachs in Germany and the US over the last 25 years. Personally I don't care for more than a 15% abv eisbach and even then it has to be introduced at just the right time to be palatable.
  6. Kept finding myself without a cutter. Trying a keychain v-cutter.
  7. Watch under 500?

    +1 for Tissot OR Seiko
  8. I deal with vindictive people all the time with insurance claims. I'm also a vet and can understand some of the frustrations as an employer when dealing with his medical stuff. Trust me when I say dealing with the VA is giving yourself a second chance to die for your country. The govt is trying to streamline the process and letting guys go to local hospitals for treatment but approved specialist referrals are few to come by. I have to go to Lincoln Nebraska for some and Salt Lake City Utah for others. It sucks to have to do a road excursion to those places for some of these quacks you can never reach or often records get lost so you have to go again. (had that happen twice, I was not f'ing happy). I've had an instance where I went to a woman's home and her elderly Alzheimer stricken mother was in the house. I looked at the damage inside and out, moved on to her pole barn and then the mini house she has on the property to get away from her mother. She came on pretty hard but I'm engaged and there was just something off about her. She seemed to keep trying to call and email to chit chat but I wasn't having it. When I fired out the payment for her damage to her she just seemed like she had a license to steal trying to state additional damage, higher grade products etc. I called my boss and told him about my encounter with her and sure enough, we sent another adjuster out to her that was married and she tried to tell him that I made inappropriate advances trying to get him to fatten the payment. This is not uncommon in my trade when people just look at us as a license to steal if they can get some sort of leverage on us. I've had people say after I wouldn't add items onto their claims 2 years after the fact (hail damaged doors) blatantly tell me they are saving us money by not fixing the damage the first time and I should just tack on this latest damage to his old claim so he doesn't have to pay another deductible. "Wait, so initially you told me this happened 3 years ago but now your saying it just happened?" "yes" "So essentially you intended to defraud an insurance company into paying you for damage that did not happen when you say it did?". Hangs up and calls my boss complaining that I was stalking him and drove by his house after our conversation. "What color car was it." "Black Taurus" "What did (me) look like?" "Short, Dark hair, skinny." "Couldn't be him, his car has been at the body shop the last 3 days getting hail damage fixed, he's 6'6 , 300 lbs. Blonde hair." Just saying. People these days don't want to pay for anything and they are willing to do some of the most shady things to get their way. I'd take it with a grain of salt and defend your employees until someone gives solid proof otherwise. There are also people who if they learn about his situation would use that as leverage against you to get their way. Pretty f'ing despicable what people will do.
  9. Day option 2, Light drive north through Spearfish canyon and checkout Roughlock Falls and The Devils Bathtub and community caves. Cross the border into Wyoming to Sundance and run up to Devils tower for a hike around the tower. On the way back, stop in Deadwood for the gunfighters and beer before heading near the town of Rochford for a dive bar known as Moonshine Gulch Saloon for a few more beers. On the return to Rapid City hit my Favorite spot the Tinderbox in Rapid CIty for some stogeez.
  10. I live in a tourist town. Rapid City, South Dakota. Day 1. Drop your stuff and lets hit the badlands for a couple hours and then Head to Keystone for some old time Photos, Lunch, Drive Through Custer State Park wildlife loop and Needles Highway on the way to Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore and end the day in Hill City at Prairie Berry Winery on their deck smoking a cigar.
  11. Consistency

    I still smoke NC's and try different ones all the time. While many smoke good there are a lot of dog rockets and oil cans out there in the NC world. It's just obvious that not every Habanos will be great. But I have certainly found more Habanos that wow me in comparison to NC's. I think when a CC comes together in construction, flavor, smoke amount, draw and presentation it's just tough to beat. I'll grab a good tasting NC but then something always throws it for a loop, doesn't stay lit, uneven burn, trying to get a good amount of smoke out of it is like trying to suck start a chevy v8, flavor turns really harsh or muddy etc. I don't know what it is but it seems I have adapted a preference of the tighter draw, the flaws of a hand made product at every step in the old way with this resulting end product. Whatever it is, I like it.
  12. I was eyeballing those and Punch Punch. Any ideas about Hoyo?
  13. To suggest. Probably could have been said better. I'm looking at my stock and realize I need to order a few. I like the RYJ Wide Church Hills, Hoyo Epicure 2 & Especial, P D4, San Cristobal La Fuerza. However, these guys are a little short. I find myself having to light 2-3 cigars for my sitting. I have also found I am really getting into the thinner guage (40-50) double coronas and also finding the mild-medium more enjoyable lately. Also looking at nice long Churchill as a longer burn. Anyone got any suggestions for something in stock?
  14. Next Dr.Who to be a Women

    I'm looking forward to seeing some lezi girl on girl between her and the Dr's wife River.

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