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  1. Start with Vegueros Entretiempos follow with H.upmann Half Corona finish with Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4 or Short Churchill
  2. Happy Birthday Di

    May God bless you today with a wonderfully Happy birthday and years of tomorrows filled with prosperity and joy of happy emails. Happy Birthday Diana
  3. so what r the correct weights for different cuban vitolas? where do we find the "published weight" chart?
  4. I thought Plaza America chopping mall was the first one
  5. Dark Horses worked for me
  6. for limited people.. RyJ Capuletos and Trinidad Topes for regular people... Trinidad Vigia and Partagas Maduro
  7. Online Cigar history

    Very Nice finds !
  8. 10 boxes PL Panatelas put away for 10y
  9. congrats! happy for you! I go see the doctor next year to get motivated
  10. I couldn't figure out this cigar so to get inspired I took it back to the matherland. We got on the double decker bus around Havana.. Finally lit it up at my favourite place. Conclusion: Tasted like somthing I had in the past at the beginning of CC times and it wasn't interesting enough to make me get the whole box.
  11. Sink it with torpedo shaped piramides extra.. they only good fo that ( tubos)
  12. 110 kg... No gym yet just less sugar but lent season just started no alcohol for 46 days now
  13. Welcome back Fat Fatties! I found this new scale in kg. I like it more in kg Less depressing. 113 kg this morning
  14. Vegueros perfect cubans for a newbie.
  15. Favorite current marca

    Marca Top 5 Bolivar Partagas Ramon Allones San Cristobal Saint Luis Rey

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