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  1. Love NOLA. We moved to Pensacola area so we could be close enough to NO but still be ble to function lol. So much life in that city. Hsve a good ome brotha.
  2. 232 lbs or 105.5kg. Still got some more to go.
  3. 110 kg. Down another 4.5kg from last month. God I miss beer and bbq
  4. 114.5 kg here. Always big loss at first gotta keep on going. Oh how I miss you rum.
  5. Nope just anesthesia scum. This is from my first aid kit though lol.
  6. Burned my lip on this bad boy. H Upman PC I couldnt put down.
  7. Hey Newkarian,

    Hope all is well. Just wondering what your asking for the boxes of cohiba Espys and Crs if still available? Are you willing to break the box up into 5ers? I live in Massachusetts, and have been enjoying this forum now for I think 5 years now. A lot of good deals but can never get my hands on these two violas for some reason. 



  8. I agree with the above statements on the Pacificos. Have lost some intensity of flavors. Ymmv but I preferred them a year ago.
  9. I have had good luck with several boxes of RA superiores my brother grabbed for me on the way through.
  10. A few occasional cigars shouldnt hurt with an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Every healthcare professional is now mandated to tell patients to quit tobacco products. It is part of insurance reimbursement at least in thr united states.
  11. Im smoking this and a Mag 56. Happy 4th everyone.
  12. SCDH La Fuerza. Pure dessert in cigar form to me.

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