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  1. KaVaLan is sort of one of those. Aged at a higher ambient temperature (not deliberately, it's just what ambient happened to be) it produces a whisky that tastes more mature. Can't say I'd advocate boiling whisky in the barrel, but it was a happy, accidental discovery. We're in the habit of aging things at low temps, perhaps that's mostly a habit learned from wine? There's little that definitively says whisky should be aged the same though, other than tradition. Even cigars, we keep those under 70F for the sake of beetle prevention, but maybe they'd mature better warmer (assuming hydration was set right). Anyway, I've now exhausted my minimal info on the topic!
  2. Ha ha . . . sorry for your torture! PSD4 stock from El Pres is one of my default cigars for sharing when I don't know what they like. Always an enjoyable experience!
  3. Geez, more shortages? Just how much whisky can the world drink? Is this more a case of buyers stocking their cellars?
  4. I think someone has just identified the next big counterfeiting opportunity! 😜
  5. PapaDisco

    ...just put it back

    If it were truly a 'drunken prank' then most likely the knuckleheads tried to smoke the thing too.
  6. one cigar - 2012 Punch DC, if I get only one it's gotta be a big one! one bottle of spirits - Van Winkles 12 yr Lot B, not the most expensive Pappy's but my fav of the lot. one bottle of wine - The Pearl, any year, from Journeyman vineyards. A field blend red from a hundred year old plot that's not changed since the original planting. 🍷 one book - "Complete Solutions to the Einstein Field Equations" 'cause I gotta find me a way off this rock . . . 🤔 one DVD movie - The Martian. Good tips on 'science-ing the sh*t out of this thing' 🤓 one DVD TV series - Something without too much nudity . . . could get frustrating . . . i'm still thinking... Ketchup. A mission critical condiment. 🍅 Or perhaps a lighter for the cigar? 🔥 You know how NASA is about open flames in space . . .
  7. PapaDisco

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Same here. I made waaaaaaay more than minimum wage when I was waiting tables (mid to upscale restaurants, can't vouch for budget places). There was no question I could pay the rent and virtually no uncertainty in the income.
  8. PapaDisco

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    When I was waiting tables back in the 70's/80's it was 10-15% and a 20% tip was blowing it out of the park. Restaurants pushed for the 15-20% for gawd knows what reason: perhaps to continue subsidizing their employees. When I was waiting tables, even at 10-15% I was making a seriously good living and splurging at Christmas for the whole family. I like people to make a decent wage, but the weird attitude of restaurants shaming patrons into paying their staff is absurd. In Asian tipping is non-existent or minuscule. I'd prefer the restaurant to set total price and leave it up to me to add 0-5%. 20% is an Absurd service tax to be adding to every meal out. Also tipping on the after-tax amount, and the hyper-priced wine. Taxis in Asia don't get tipped at all. Neither the bellhops. It's a much more relaxing experience for the guest. Most of the time I get a decent, congenial server; but not someone who adds 20% to the value of the experience. I pay the extra 15-20% as convention, but it is a seriously weird convention and restaurants really need to pay their people properly and not guilt their patrons into doing it for them.
  9. Sadly I will be deep in the Mekong when you're in SF. If you can hit SF on the way back I can be there and show you around. Otherwise, if you're driving up on the 20th of October I'd recommend an stop/overnight in Monterey Bay. Stay on Cannery Row if you can. There's many more places worth visiting as well on the Route 1 path, but it will turn your 8 hour drive into 8 days.
  10. PapaDisco

    How Do Cigar Shops Import Torch Lighters?

    It's the cellular phone frequency that's the problem. Some of the allocated bandwidth is right next to aviation frequencies. It seemed like a good idea at the time I guess Doesn't matter what your sending over that frequency; analog, digital, data or voice. If the phone's transmitter is a little out of spec in the wrong direction it overlaps an aviation frequency. If you're far enough away it won't matter (cell phones are weak signals).
  11. I mostly age my own as well, and the psychology of it is truly fun . . . you basically spend years thinking "how good it's gonna be" A bit silly I know, but one has to take enjoyment where one finds it! I've also bought aged stock and have had really good results with stuff in the 5 year zone. Much older than that and it becomes a real uncertainty on the flavors. I've also occasionally found a 7 year old box on the shelves somewhere, and tubos are better bets for this (in terms of flavor preservation in uncertain conditions). Buying aged through El Pres on the PCC program is a good bet, since you'll have a knowledgeable set of eyes looking at the sticks. And I've enjoyed the Anejados program (at least for the Montes and the Partagas, haven't tried R&J), despite what the cynics say!
  12. PapaDisco

    How Do Cigar Shops Import Torch Lighters?

    Remind me never, ever to fly with you guys! Statistics are certainly on your side; the vast majority of the time your torch lighter will not accidental go off in your checked baggage, but sooner or later someone's will. It's a certainty given enough flights. And yes El Presidente, cell phones can mess with avionics. I've personally seen a slightly off frequency motorola cause full scale deflection in a Collins VOR/LOC receiver (the VOR is the navigation radio that pilots follow to the runway in bad weather). In that experience the phone was located in the cockpit, and it was the registration signal (the scratchy buzz you can sometimes hear if you leave your cell next to an FM radio) that was causing the deflection. The behavior of the deflection was enough to tell me that it was a false signal; the needle would jump full scale to the right, and I was in visual conditions anyway. So all those knuckleheads in NYC who refuse to turn off their cells during the takeoff roll in IMC are risking everyone's life on the plane. There's lots of things that have to happen for it to crash a plane: you have to be sitting by the receiving antenna, or in the cockpit, your phone has to be off frequency by just the right amount, and you need a smooth deflection that will fool a pilot. So that's a lot of ifs, but eventually the stars will align. Or as Agent J would put it:
  13. I want the occasional smoker to have a good experience, so I tend to give out 2-5 year old robustos or corona gordas (PSD4 or Punch Punch or Hoyo Epi 1 or Siglo IV). I'd really like to offer PC's to the newbies but 'size' is such an issue 🙄that I've given up on that.
  14. PapaDisco

    How Do Cigar Shops Import Torch Lighters?

    You have to separate the FOH torch, otherwise it's a working torch and not allowed in carry on. In pieces it's just a soft flame lighter and that's legal in the U.S. and most other places (not China!). I've had mine inspected by TSA hundreds of times, and only once was it confiscated. So your risk is getting inspected by some kid who didn't get the memo. Once in a blue moon I get my cigar cutter taken too, but a hundred other times you're just fine.
  15. No, no . . . entirely odd man . . . that's well proven here!

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