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  1. I have been self employed for 18 yrs now and I'm 44! I own a few tax/accounting practices and a financial adviser firm as well. i purchase other businesses, grow them and sell them. Being a business advisor to many start ups is a great thing for me as I get to watch the grow of new entrepreneurs. I work 10-15 per week @ 8 months and 60 + hour per week 3.5 months out of the year. I have 2 young kids and would not change my lifestyle for anything I get to attend every game/practice my children have I play golf 3-4 per week and love life. Cigars DO play an important role as a golfer, we smoke on the course and get to share with others that don't or have not smoked a CC! In any business/life and relationships, they all have their ups and downs but if you are diligent you can overcome the negative and turn it into positives.
  2. NE blount Brady julio jones
  3. This of course not in a months time span but over the last couple of years.
  4. Love it. I'll try it this week. Ha!
  5. I keep my humi @ 63 Rh and temp at 67f. All CC smoke great.
  6. Wow, I have accumulated 70 plugged cigars. These are the one that I can't get a draw from at all! Drives me nuts. What do the rest of my FOH family do with theirs and from a box, how many do you find? I average about 1-2 per box that are not able to smoke. Just curious.
  7. Thanks Ray, happy New Years!
  8. PSP: ARG 14 espy PSP UME 14 winny
  9. I recommend using activated charcoal which is pure charcoal specially prepared for absorbing impurities.
  10. Charcoal is they key. Purchase it from a fish store! (Pet store).
  11. Thanks for your efforts.
  12. Are there any more going up today???
  13. Thank god NO! everything is keeper at 67f. I hope that would keep them away.

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