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  1. Given how much of our taste is sensations in our olfactory system, yes. It's an unpleasant example, but if you've ever changed a sick baby diaper, you can say you have "tasted" poop. It's not pleasant but other dads can back me up here on what I mean. My wife makes candles, bourbon and leather are two of the scents. You can almost taste the aroma. Tobacco is another one, it reminds me of warm pipe tobacco, and when lit I can just about taste that pipe smoke. Taste and smell together make up what I think of as flavor and just an aroma can produce what I think of as a "taste."
  2. Boil gold medals are worth $667?!
  3. Is there a discount code? EDIT: Figured it out, but doesn't work for the USA models. Ah well.
  4. Pretty classic size, wears well. Larger than a typical 5, which is a good thing imho. They generally wear just a touch on the small side.
  5. Kinda excited about this one. J Springs, made in Japan by Seiko, utilizing the 7S26 movement found in most Seiko 5's. 38mm case, 20mm lugs, which fixes the big complaint I have about the 5's (nearly all have 18mm lug width.) This will be my daily office watch for a while. Best part is the price, was only $40 delivered!
  6. There's hate for the Choix? I love them.
  7. You realize Michael Keaton, George Clooney, and Val Kilmer were also Batman, right? Battfleck might not have been the best, but merely by not having nipples on his costume, he was catapulted to top 3 Batman status.
  8. This. He could have played Plato, maybe.
  9. A full box is deep for me. Two boxes is really deep.
  10. What's the difference between Peychaud's and Angostura bitters?
  11. So the main difference between the Sazerac and an Old Fashioned is the absinthe, right? Cause I love an Old Fashioned (rye, of course) but never tried Sazerac because it seemed like the absinthe might add an extra dimension of sweetness I wasn't sure I wanted.
  12. Thanks, I saw that. I was simply stating what my original intent was, and apologizing to Dallas for the extraneous comment I made in asking my question.
  13. In retrospect, I probably should not have mentioned what brought me to my question. I did not intend for this to become a discussion about Dallas, and should note that he has always given me great sticks, and I will continue to order from him because I enjoy the product I get from him quite a bit. I simply was curious about what happens in general to stuff that does not pass quality control.
  14. Agreed, it just got me wondering about the cigars that actually failed quality control.

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