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  1. You... mean to further the ridiculousness of the action, which in turn enhances the analogy. That's what you mean, right? Right?!
  2. "KSA" cigars?

    Not me. I hold my pants out with both hands, jump, and pull both legs on at the same time. Booyah.
  3. Help with exhaust system

    When you're talking makeup air, do you have to have an equivalent fan? In other words does the exhaust fan and the makeup air fan need to be the same?
  4. The Aging List

    By "cooler" maybe he means a wine cooler filled with with drawers, vs perhaps a large plastic tote?
  5. [emoji23] Dude. This made my whole day. I'll be laughing about this for a while, and completely unable to really explain it to anyone.
  6. Aging potential for cheap and cheerfuls

    Boli CJs, and a variety of Upmann can be found for less than Vegueros, and seem to age nicely imho. JLPs get too mild after a while but 3-5 years seem to do them well.
  7. Watch under 500?

    Unfortunately that's sky reflected off my black dial.
  8. Watch under 500?

    Seiko makes some great, very affordable watches. The Seiko 5 line has lots of great choices in the sub-$100 range. Most are 36-37mm making them a classic size for dress watches. The SARB033 and SARB035 are a touch bigger at 38mm, and have a little better fit and finish and movement, and are an amazing value for the $250-350 you can find them for (first one is mine, other two are pics from google): If you want to go Swiss, Mido, Frederique Constant, and Edox all make silver dial beauties you can find for under your price point.
  9. Public speaking advice

    Just imagine that you're up there naked. Wait no, imagine they're all naked. Actually, that would prove too distracting also. I have no good advice.
  10. ASH - how can you tell when..

    I've singed/burned holes in more fleece jackets than I care to admit to because of dropped ash so I tend to be more proactive about the ash. When I see the ash get to 1/2" or 3/4", I tap the cigar to drop the ash, then give a purge to both push out any staleness and stoke the cherry, then puff about 30 seconds after. I do notice a difference in taste that I don't think is imagined. I can usually tell when the ash is fragile. There tends to be a small separation line, like a fault line, that you can see. The question is whether you can tap quickly enough or whether it's too late by the time you see it
  11. eggs - in the fridge or not?

    Farm eggs = no Store eggs = yes There's some kind of protective barrier that gets removed when eggshells are washed. Once that happens, they need to be refrigerated.
  12. How about a non working wine cooler?

    It's basically a pretty cooler, which many folks have used for years. I have working wine coolers but don't plug them in. I got all kinds of crazy rh swings when the peltier unit was running so I just unplugged them. We have a heat pump and newer construction with good insulation, so the house stays pretty consistent all year round. 65* in winter, 74* in summer, with no major fluctuations during the day. I decided the consistency was better than running the units, since I freeze everything as it comes in.
  13. Have sort of an odd favor to ask... Would anybody going be willing to get an empty box signed for me?

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