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  1. Right on!! Thank you. I'm a big fan of Mojitos and with the latest thread on "Mojitos: What is you recipe?" I'm adding yours to the must try list.
  2. I'm currently smoking through a Hand Picked 16 Box from Prez here and I definitely am on the lookout for a 50 Cab to put away for the long term. I too prefer the classic rounded vitola shape, as oppossed to box pressed. As some other members have stated, there is no difference in blend, sorting, grading, overall Quality Control. Buy dress boxes with 2 years of age on them if you can, to smoke in the short to medium term. I'm sure others can chime in on how more recent boxes are coming along. Jump on a PSP 50 cab for a 5 to 10 year nap. Just my subjective two cents.
  3. What are you drinking there Brother? Looks like a fair number of mint leaves floating in there perhaps. A Mojito? You have me intrigued and I would love to hear the recipe. Aloha.
  4. It's been quite a while since I had the one, but I believe it was a combination of burnt dirty earth or funk if you want to call it that, a hint of cherry like unpleasant artificial type sweetness, cream, some pepper, and just an overwhelming ever-present flavor of harsh tabacco. I really wanted to like this cigar and give it my thumbs up, but no can do. The wrapper leaf of these is just so jet black, that I highly suspect artificial Maduro wrapper manipulation / coloration. To boot, I had the cigar resting for about two months or so.
  5. I concur with LotusGuy. Much adoration and admiration for Hamlet, but his first collaboration effort with Rocky Patel, yielded a Two Puffs at most before it was Ditched blend for me personally. Honestly, even the two puffs took some effort.
  6. OH my Goodness!! What year and model - Color me enamored, mesmerized and a slight bit envious!! Excellent Taste.
  7. I concur in that Partagas Lusitania is an absolute Rolls Royce of a Cigar. Even fairly young, but well rested and acclimatized Hand Picked examples from Rob, have been smoking the house down. A core of cream, light roasted coffee, leather and slight wood in the background - with a shortbread sweetness that weaves in and out. Starts out mild and builds over the nuanced 1.5 to 2 hour journey it takes you on. I haven't been able to keep my hands off these so as to let them age, so figured my best bet is to pick up an aged box when they come up. I was lucky enough to win a few of the Partagas Lusitania Cosecha GR when Rob finally got his stock in. If the regular Lusitania is a Rolls Royce, then this would be akin to your Lamborghini or Ferrari. Just so much richer, with the Flavors coming at you boldly and so strong. Smoked through the three (3) I had and given the asking price that a box of these now commands, I don't see any more in my future lol. My goal is to snag a 50 cab of PSP Lusitanias to put away for five to eight years and then dig in based on how they are coming along. Along these same lines, the Diplomatico Bushido and El Laguito Cohiba Siglos from 2012 are just amazing. I recently called home Box of Monte No. 2 - GUT OCT 13 - PSP / HQ. Smoked one right off the bat and concluded these are so strong and rich, that they have legs to go quite a few years more. Sampled one yesterday and compared to the toned down mild Monte No. 2's of most recent production, this example was so rich and just took me on a wonderful 1.5 hr journey. Cream, dark unsweetened coco and coffee, with a backbone of earth and leather. The iced Starbucks Hazelnut coffee I paired it with, just lulled out this wonderful and oh so well defined vanilla note. I'm glad that I waited a few years to call this box home and the only challenge now is going to be keeping my mitts off these. I know that the first rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club, but what the heck. Por Llaranaga Picadores are coming around at even just over the one year mark, to an amazing current production smoke status. I can't speak for everyone, but when these do come up next I will certainly in grab a few and be in hoard mode lol. I haven't had the opportunity to try any of the deleted Diplomaticos vitolas but the Dip No. 2's have been excellent as well. The core Flavors are there, albeit muted and combined with the slight burn problems, I think another year or two of rest will bring all the Flavors to the forefront. If I ever come across any Diplo No. 1's or No. 4's, barring boxes from 1999 to 2001, I will definitely snag what I see. Quality over Quantity, as cliche as it sounds, is a Mantra I seem to adopt more and more the older I get lol. My goal is to save up so I can drop the $$$ on a couple of boxes of Cohiba Lanceros and Esplendidos to put away as well. I haven't yet sampled either one of these, but reading reviews from other forum members on here and the literal seconds they sell out in, I'm convinced to join the ranks of buyers in this group. Current production Cohiba Coronas Especiales will be smoked in the near term. I had a couple of boxes of El Laguito AMO coded CCE which I chose to part with and now I look back thinking that perhaps I should have called one box home for myself. Cohiba, as you will find is a very unique and polarizing brand. Well enough ranting from my side and this is just my two cents. There are a lot more seasoned, experienced and true pedigree connoisseurs on here who can guide you even further.
  8. What brand, line and vitola is this? Haven't come across that band until now. Also, how was it overall and what Flavors did you get out of it?
  9. +1 - Count me in for FOH T-Shirt/Polo and Merchandise in General.
  10. Everyone's prayers, good wishes and positive energy coming your way for sure. My anxiety would be through the roof as well but all will be well. Better pick out your cigar and scotch selection for when you can imbibe after. Prayers, Best Wishes and to a Speedy Recovery Mate.
  11. I've been smoking through a box of EOT Jun 16 "Mostly Seconds" and they have been fantastic through and through. Burnt Sugar, Dark Roasted Coffee, Bread / Brioche even perhaps and an underlying glimmer of caramel that will shine through in spades with time. The last couple have suffered minor burn issues but I surmise their global transit and fluctuating temp plus humidity conditions has finally caught up. Personally when these come up on 24:24, I will be jumping on procuring two boxes without a second to waste.
  12. Johnny Walker Green Label is a pretty decent dram. The original older bottling was some excellent pure malt Godness indeed. Even though the newer bottling isn't as viscous, lush and complex, I thinks quite decent for a blend. Not saying that this list deserves merit; just sharing my two Cents.
  13. You Gents are absolutely correct - Flor De Cana is a Nicaraguan rum. Meant to say that but somehow had DR on my mind lol. Might have to do with perusing the packing for DR trip thread lol. Good to know that I'm not the only one on the Flor De Cana band wagon. I haven't had the opportunity to try or buy the 18 or 25 year old versions but they are definitely on my look out for list.
  14. Sweet - Happy to help out Brother :).
  15. I prefer my rum a bit on the dry rather than sweet side of the spectrum. That being said, Flor De Cana 7 has been a go to for me. It's a Dominican rum that can be had for about $28/bottle. I've tried the Flor De Cana 12 as well, which has a lot more complexity and subtle nuances so it's more of a sipper. Ron Zacapo XO - the older bottling was some seriously good stuff. I picked up a bottle of the new offering and I suspect it's not just the bottle that has changed. It's tastes less viscous, flat and with a much shorter finish. A bottle will set you back about $80. I've also tried the Kirk and Sweeney - 18 or 23 can't remember which exactly. This is a Guatemalan rum and you can definitely taste the difference - you notice the forwardness and base of molasses (from pure sugar cane), a medley of assorted spices and a very distinctive tobacco note on the finish. I think price wise this is in the $40/bottle price range Zaya 12 and Ron Zacapa 23 - it's just a matter of moderate sweet or definitely sweet. Price wise I believe you're looking in the $40/bottle range. I can't get any of these here where I'm at but I'm definitely on the hunt for Eldorado, Diplomatico and Plantation XO. Hope this helps.

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