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  1. Everyone's prayers, good wishes and positive energy coming your way for sure. My anxiety would be through the roof as well but all will be well. Better pick out your cigar and scotch selection for when you can imbibe after. Prayers, Best Wishes and to a Speedy Recovery Mate.
  2. I've been smoking through a box of EOT Jun 16 "Mostly Seconds" and they have been fantastic through and through. Burnt Sugar, Dark Roasted Coffee, Bread / Brioche even perhaps and an underlying glimmer of caramel that will shine through in spades with time. The last couple have suffered minor burn issues but I surmise their global transit and fluctuating temp plus humidity conditions has finally caught up. Personally when these come up on 24:24, I will be jumping on procuring two boxes without a second to waste.
  3. Johnny Walker Green Label is a pretty decent dram. The original older bottling was some excellent pure malt Godness indeed. Even though the newer bottling isn't as viscous, lush and complex, I thinks quite decent for a blend. Not saying that this list deserves merit; just sharing my two Cents.
  4. You Gents are absolutely correct - Flor De Cana is a Nicaraguan rum. Meant to say that but somehow had DR on my mind lol. Might have to do with perusing the packing for DR trip thread lol. Good to know that I'm not the only one on the Flor De Cana band wagon. I haven't had the opportunity to try or buy the 18 or 25 year old versions but they are definitely on my look out for list.
  5. Sweet - Happy to help out Brother :).
  6. I prefer my rum a bit on the dry rather than sweet side of the spectrum. That being said, Flor De Cana 7 has been a go to for me. It's a Dominican rum that can be had for about $28/bottle. I've tried the Flor De Cana 12 as well, which has a lot more complexity and subtle nuances so it's more of a sipper. Ron Zacapo XO - the older bottling was some seriously good stuff. I picked up a bottle of the new offering and I suspect it's not just the bottle that has changed. It's tastes less viscous, flat and with a much shorter finish. A bottle will set you back about $80. I've also tried the Kirk and Sweeney - 18 or 23 can't remember which exactly. This is a Guatemalan rum and you can definitely taste the difference - you notice the forwardness and base of molasses (from pure sugar cane), a medley of assorted spices and a very distinctive tobacco note on the finish. I think price wise this is in the $40/bottle price range Zaya 12 and Ron Zacapa 23 - it's just a matter of moderate sweet or definitely sweet. Price wise I believe you're looking in the $40/bottle range. I can't get any of these here where I'm at but I'm definitely on the hunt for Eldorado, Diplomatico and Plantation XO. Hope this helps.
  7. Lol - Great post mate and that too just as I sit here debating what time to go to the gym.
  8. A Fifteen (15) year old Cohiba; I say smoke it now alongside a few drams of equally at par scotches. You don't want to wait so long that it goes past its prime and you miss out on experiencing all that it was. At five years one must try one; at ten years if they are firing on all cylinders then label the box dessert and smoke away . Just my two cents based on having waited too long to experience the magic that can be which has but long passed. Wishing you Long ashes with the best of health and Times. Cheers Mate.
  9. Loved X-Files as a teen, when it was on during its prime days. Definitely looking forward to the new revisited series. One of the channels on cable has been running a two day X-Files marathon since yesterday and caught a few of the old episodes. Good times .
  10. R.I.P. Mark - I did not know him personally but it's obvious that we who did not have the privilege to make his acquaintance are the ones who missed out. Strength, prayers and condolences to his wife, children and his entire family. It's been quite a two weeks in terms of losing people on this side so I'm gonna toast everyone's life, smoke a cigar or two and hope that I too will be remembered so fondly with grace, class and elegance when my time comes. Long Ashes Mark.
  11. I say go for the custom rolls first - I've never been to Cuba but my game plan would be to smoke various vitolas from the highly sought after rollers such as Yolanda, Alfonso.....etc. Once you know what you like and what you think has legs for aging, I would say stock up on that. Although the word is that regionals are thin on the ground and so is aged stock as is usually available at some hotels/ stores / shops etc, try what you can find and then Score a box or two of what you like best. In terms of Cohiba and regular production stuff just buy from Rob. Put some $$$ aside as your Cohiba fund and keep perusing the 24:24 deals for when ElLaguito boxes or just pure stellar runs of Cohiba boxes come along. I personally am quite a big fan of the Siglo II with about one plus year of age on them; plus Siglo II boxes don't break the bank. I have it in mind to try some Siglo IV's, Esplendidos and Lanceros but I'm gonna have to set aside a few bonus checks to make that happen. Beyond that mate I wish you fun and safe travels. I'm sure more experienced members who have traveled to Cuba several times can guide you even more so. Best Wishes.
  12. Welcome mate. Excellent and a very humble way to introduce yourself here. Good on ya
  13. Excellent review. The Cohiba Robusto is a great cigar which shines with about 5 years of age. I'm a fan of the smaller ring gauges myself and I adore the Siglo II with about a year of rest; they just get better from there and my boxes never last lost enough to know how far much longer they can stride.
  14. Just an idea or sorts: Perhaps order some blank cigar bands and use a number scheme to track which is which. With 40 cigars, I'm sure remembering which is which, might be a bit of a concern. Just log each number to what cigar it is, in a journal somewhere for your reference later. Put all cigars either in a Ziploc bag or a blaring hard not to discern Non Cuban cigar box.
  15. Just picked up a bottle of the Harmony for $60.00 US today. I can pick up a few more Bottles but was looking to hear opinions / reviews / comments before picking up more.

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