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  1. Happy Star Wars Day! Smoke something celestial!
  2. Found an 02 Epicure #2 lurking in my singles drawer. This has been on point since the first draw. Cheers friends!
  3. Let's go Pens!
  4. Discontinued as far as I know. The last box codes I've seen were 14's. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  5. I agree with about half of those. I've not had much luck with older La Terroir's as I don't think that they hold up. Now, Supplication, Tomme, and Lolita get extremely better with time. Lolita surprised me the most. I drank a 3 or 4 year old bottle a few months back and was blown away. A bit pricey, but worth sitting on. It pushed the limits of tartness. Pentagram...I'm up in the air about. Not a favorite of mine. I don't have any experience with the remainder. And, of course, they left out a tin of BTW, Almanac need to come back out with Farmers Reserve. What a great series!
  6. The biggest letdown for me, and even after revisiting several months ago, was the Bolivar Colosales (50 cab). From the beginning, they were one dimensional and bore no similarity, for me, to the Bolivar marca. I may have got a bad batch of sticks. I thought at least I would get 1 good one out of Anyway, this is just my opinion. I have had friends enjoy them though.
  7. And I love mine! I wish I had bought more.
  8. Very well said, Frank! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  9. ^^^ Nothing more can really be said than what is posted above. Completely hit the nail on the head as we share the exact same thoughts. Ironically, I just got done having this exact conversation about 10 minutes ago. Oh the days of the old Bolivar flavor! It's what made me a lover of the marca. It's hard to find that raw characteristics in cuban cigars today that was on display from them years ago. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  10. I like it! Certainly unique.
  11. It looks like you had a fantastic time!!! Thank you for sharing! I'm looking forward to seeing more. PS - I'm heading there soon!
  12. I would say that this appeals amongst the newest Cuban cigar smokers. I haven't had an under filled one yet or one that was lackluster. I feel it's one of the better Cuban cigars that have been put out in recent years. To me, it has the quintessential upmann flavor.
  13. Couldn't be said any better! The money that is spent by the consumer on this "thing of ours" calls for better QC from the start. I can't thank Rob and his team enough for what they do. Not many, if any, vendors will do what they do for their customers. Thank you!
  14. To me, they are a high quality cigar. I think Rob refers to them as between the Conn1 and SW. Upmann sources top-grade tobacco for this cigar. I've been needing to buy a box, but have been smoking from a random 5'er of original releases from '13. The next time the pop up, I'm snagging a box. On another note, I can't wait to try the B.
  15. Glad to see them with a current box code. Cheers and glad you enjoyed it!

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