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  1. The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration for Bob Dylan at MSG in 1992 showcases the genius of Dylan's song book. Take issue with his singing or not, I don't know too many covers of the songs on Blood On The Tracks that beat the original and I don't think any one could beat Dylan's tour de force, Hurricane.
  2. Fair enough. I think some of the covers on Skull and Roses are the best ever . The version of Johnny B Good is my all time favorite recording of that standard. Your taste may differ. Haggards Mama Tried aint too shabby either.
  3. The Grateful Dead's cover of The Everly Brothers' Not Fade away and Moving Down The Road Feeling Bad Is right up there for me.
  4. I think most of the great covers of Chuck Berry's songs were better than his. Roll Over Beethoven by the Beatles and Carol by the Stones come to mind.
  5. Fish commits suicide

    I agree as well. We try to gut them and get them iced asap. Family lore has my old man getting a 23 pounder in the early eighties but that was on heavy tackle with wire line. When I was a kid, like 8 years old, my dad had a boat and he took me and two of my sisters fishing for the first time. We got into an epic blitz off of Monomoy Point in some fog. A fish pulled the fishing rod out of my hands, then the same for my 10 year old sister. We never saw those rods again.
  6. Fish commits suicide

    Family mythology, aka fish stories, has my old man catching a 23 lb blue fish in the late 70s.
  7. Fish commits suicide

    Any one can catch blue fish. Found the world over, sometimes they are in such a frenzy that a clean hook will entice them to bite, no lure or bait. Just a shiny hook. Big ones jump and fight hard enough to make you wonder is the fish is going to pull your arms off. Not bad on the table, either. As long as they are fresh. Too oily to be any good after a few hours. The cheeks are fantastic sashimi. Around here on Cape Cod the big tuna can drive the blues in to shallow water close to shore. When it happens catching them on light tackle can be a blast and a half.
  8. Cohiba aging question

    Agreed. And, for what it's worth, if one looks at the 24/24 when Siglo IIIs come up you'l see that El Prez likes the IIIs with more than 5 years. I can't remember exactly what he says the sweet spot is, 6? 7? The point is that Cohibas benefit from time down and smoking them at 60% or so makes all the difference. My .02$
  9. MLB Season 2017

    Gamechangers Ep 3: A Legend In The Booth with Hank Azaria from Hank Azaria NSFW, one of the saddest stories in base ball
  10. For Cuban cigar info this is the place. Check out for information about current and past production Cuban cigars. For reviews, that's another matter. To find out what's good keep up to date on the reviews posted here. I'd advise trying cigars and making up your own mind. There's loads of variation in cigars and lots of plain old bull shit out there. I don't know of any media I'd trust that has up to date info about which Cuban cigars are smoking well and are worth buying. Except here.
  11. What should I buy next?

    A list like yours is OK and you can search for those cigars but I define my collection by vitola, not specific cigars. If you are looking to build a humidor, are following 24/24, and are buying boxes, you might take Rob's recommendations and get, for instance, a great box of Upman #2 and pass on the OK MC#2. It isn't always the specific cigar that I need, it often comes down to size and how much time I have for the cigar. Sunday afternoon football? A DC for sure. Tonight on the deck after dinner? A PC most likely. Most people can not tell what cigar they are smoking if the brand is unknown. Every year on this site there is a contest, you buy the cigars with out bands, smoke, review, and try to guess what they are. It's enlightening, few guess the marca of the vitolas right. Once I learned that my buying changed and I've always gone for good boxes. A great MC#4 beats a mediocre BPC every day in my book.
  12. My to buy list. Cigars to buy: CORO one Box Esplendido one box Siglo III one box PLPC Cab Monte #2 Monte #1 QDC MC Tubos Pmu 9/14 or so FOH 10/$127
  13. An update on this box. I broke my own 30 day acclimatization rule and took a handful of these Edmundos and dry boxed them for 4 days. I wanted to have a few for my regular Friday afternoon get together. Outstanding, to say the least. Monte Cristo tanginess in spades. Construction is near perfect, not too soft, not too tight. Straight burn and only one relight. I'd buy another from the PCC vintage program based on this box in a heart beat.
  14. Aristocrat Humidor

    I like my Aristocrat.

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