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  1. Glasgow is now on top of my bucket list, thanks for sharing.
  2. Inventory

    I use the Collection feature on Cuban Cigar Website and I back it up on Apple Numbers.
  3. A coolerdor provides a simple storage solution if one wants to have enough cigars on hand in order to avoid the temptation to smoke cigars before they have recovered from their journey. A good quality cooler with a tight fitting lid that will hold something like, say, 15 boxes of cigars with some kind of humidity regulation is a minimum expense compare to the cigars. Google coolerdor and answers will appear. Loads of people use coolerdors keep enviable collections.
  4. Advise from the throne is worth taking.
  5. At least it's a little better sized than the Robusto Supremeos. Who want to predict when the first Habanos vitola shaped like a tuna fish can is released?
  6. They are very good. I'm not that big an Upman fan so there are other Julieta #2s (Churchills) that I like better. When and where they are made is important as well. I had some '06 BCG cabinet that I think beat the shit out of '03 Winnies every day and twice on Sunday. But, that's just me and my palette.
  7. I'm looking to try the Monte A.
  8. Glen Campbell

    I'm barely old enough to remember him in his hey day. Around the time he went public with the alzheimer's diagnosis I heard an interview with Jimmy Webb who wrote many of his hits. What a tremendous talent. He was also well known as a session player and was part of what became known as the Wrecking Crew. The guy was everywhere in his day and his work, imho, is first class. RIP
  9. I look at about 5 sites but have become a loyal customer of two. I don't have the time or the money to deal with a lot of the shenanigans common in the online Habanos world.
  10. Siglo IV from our host
  11. Looking forward to the box whenever it gets here!
  12. These boxes of cigars were ordered by your wife. She asked us to ship them to you asap with this note. "Here is a present, darling, of your favorite cigars, for no particular reason except I want you to have and enjoy them. I hope ten boxes are enough. If not I'll get you more."
  13. Box codes and dates

    I looked at it under a black light and I'm pretty sure it's '14.
  14. I'm updating my cigar inventory and have a box that has a faint, barely readable stamp on the back.. No, they are not counterfeit, I got them here. Is there any way to tell if a box code MUO FEB would be 13 or 14? Or could it be both? Anyone?
  15. And you can't smoke them, either.

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