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  1. Humidor Helios Atelier

    Anything with atelier in the name is overpriced.
  2. The "04 PLPCs I had were bitter, peppery and strong for years. I had two cabs. I was smoking ERDM PCs while I rested the PLs. Sampling a young one on impulse I remember smoking it in the morning as I drove to a job. I had a king size cigar buzz when I got there. And I don't mean a good one. Those cigars were bombs. It took years for them to even out to my taste. "My taste" being the operative words. I never got much of the caramel thing but I think they are great cigars when they get to the 4 year mark and they can be sublime with more time.
  3. It helps with the aging thing if one doesn't smoke too many cigars. It's a rare week that I smoke more than three. I don't smoke many young cigars and I know a lot more about what I like than I did 15 years ago. I age a lot of cigars and start to sample them at 5 years. I had a lot of stuff 6 years ago, Els and REs that I sold and I bought Cohibas, Bolivars, PLPCs, RASS, and PP with the procedes. Now, when a box or three are on I tend to smoke through them and I'm not tempted to fuss with cigars that aren't ready.
  4. Cigars and Divorce

    Sorry about your trouble and I hope you can work something equitable out. For a little comic relief I give you the one and only Eddie Murphy.
  5. Exact cigar in a larger and smaller vitola? I'd like to see the RASS in a corona Gorda. Other than that I'm pretty content.
  6. The Corona Gorda is my favorite viola. I choose cigars based on the amount of time I have to smoke and recently I’ve begun to prefer to smaller cigars, say a PP and a PLPC, to a DC. But, truth be told, I love them all.
  7. I have one of these. It's a good product at a reasonable price. I have terrible luck with lighters. I lose them or they die. The Xikar is holding up well and I like a single jet.
  8. PP RASS PLPC MC#2 QDC SigloIV Just because these cigars are "on" right now.
  9. $585 Leyenda at 6 1/2 inches / 55 ring gauge, $530 Maltés, at 6# x 53 $485 Dumas, 5 1/8 by 49.
  10. Soap for sure and cheap flowery smelling perfume.
  11. It's often the little things that bring me the most happiness. Something that's used almost every day that makes you smile? £130 isn't much for that.
  12. Can't go wrong with these.
  13. the anejados program

    I make my own.
  14. May be it's complicated.

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