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  1. joeypots

    Maybe it’s my tastebuds

    Seems Cohiba is that way as well. People just don't get them or they love them. I don't remember hearing that kind of strong opinion about Montecristo, for example.
  2. joeypots

    Maybe it’s my tastebuds

    Joe Blow.....So that's how it is. Chocolate and vanilla. How about this? Know a woman who doesn't care for cake. That's right, cake. Not some flavor or type of cake, she doesn't like cake. There's a first time for everything.
  3. Cohibas Talisman. Just kidding. Because of the variability of Cuban cigar production it’s hard to say that one cigar from one year is just like the same cigar from another year. Pick a size you like, say robustos, and get a few from each marca, that’s brand in cigar forum speak. You’ll start to get a handle on what you like. have fun.
  4. joeypots

    Lets Talk Cohiba

    I had quite a few Els and REs. Except for a very few I sold them and bought Cohiba Classics and Siglos. I like them better than most if not all of the special releases.Can't afford to smoke too many of them but they are currently my favorite marca closely followed by Montecristo.
  5. A good day. MCDE, BUM FEB 18 HUSW, ATE OCT 17
  6. Easy fellas. I'm writing tongue in cheek. In all seriousness here is the best marriage advice I can give. GIVE IN.
  7. So some guys do get run over by a controlling wife. It's awful to watch. When I meet people about to get married I always give the soon to be husband the same advice. "Always," I say, " do everything your wife asks you to do. Never, ever, do it right away." If the soon to be wife's mother is close by I take a step back.
  8. If you are an experienced cigar smoker I'll share lots of good stuff but if you're a novice I tend to not give away stuff that won't be appreciated. Non smokers get cigars that people have given me and cigars that aren't floating my boat.
  9. The routine is established after 26 years of bliss. 1: She makes me a big pan of lasagna before she leaves or she can't go. There is protein of various types on hand as well to balance the carbohydrate debauchery.. 2: I select a bunch of my best cigars. 3: I take at least 24 hours by myself. Preferably 48 hours. Cigars, food, what ever I want to watch, read, or listen to. And when I wake up I don't have to speak until I want to. 4: A few friends stop over on day 2 or three. Food and cigars. 5: Last day see #3. I'm always glad when she returns. 4 days is just about a perfect break fro each others's company.
  10. joeypots

    Vacuum sealing

    Well said, IMHO. If anyone does, ahem, hear that they should circulate air or air out their cigars to help "age" them just be quiet and move along. It's nonsense. This aging thing is not rocket science. Keep your cigars in a somewhat airtight container. Coolers work fine or you can buy a big cabinet humidor if you want to spend more. Sometimes lots more. Make sure the container is in a place that stays cool in the warm weather. Around my neighborhood it gets warm and humid in the summer. My cigars are in an air-conditioned part of the house. I use 60% beads, lots of them, to maintain humidity. I use Dry and Dry white silica beads to remove humidity during the humid months. A few RH points aren't going to ruin cigars one way or the other. I transfer cigars to smoke to a desk top. There are about 25 cigars in there at any given time and I maintain it with Boveda bags attached to the inside lid of the desktop in a nifty 2 bag holder that Boveda sells. I just switched to 58% bags from 62%. I'll most likely put the 62%s back in November when it cools off. I inspect cigars I want to age when I get them and may be once a year I look at them to check for mold. Don't let cigars to get hot then cold then hot then cold over and over. The cigars will get all wrinckled. I understand the vacuum seal, plastic wrap, and wax paper ideas but I'm not opening my storage humidor and fussing with my sticks so I don't worry about oxygen too much. And I'm not looking to keep many cigars more than a decade. I have kept quite a few cigars in tubes box for years, though, and can attest to the benefit of aging in air tight containers. I just don't think the benefit is so pronounced that I want to seal a lot of cigars. Keeping them in their original unmolested box stored in a bigger box with their buddys seems to work fine. I like to get into a box at about five years. Some more, some less, but five seems to be the place where Cuban cigars get to that magic place for me. I like them just as they get to the place where I can retrohale for the whole cigar. There is an old video of Ajay on his site opening an old box of PunchPunch wrapped in wax paper. He raves about the aroma. I haven't seen much else about the wax paper thing, I wonder what those old timers knew.
  11. I usually bring a few tubed cigars. I've saved a few dozen tubes over the years and just re use them. I do have a Xikar 10 count travel box but find the tubes easier to deal with. I am bringing less stuff each trip I take. For skiing I make a list of what I've used when I get home so I know what to bring next time. For a week skiing I've got a checked bag down to about 30 lbs from 50lbs. Plus skis and boots. Lighter is better for me.
  12. /\ /\ /\ This right here will improve your experience with Cuban cigar immeasureably.
  13. Buy more than you smoke. You can also buy aged boxes, but it can be risky. You have to know that the aged cigars were worth aging and have been stored properly. You are well on your way to the depths on the dark side when you sample a box and decide to leave it alone for a while. So you get some aged cigars. They’re so good you get some quaffers because you don’t want to smoke the aged ones too fast.

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