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  1. Everything I need. Got it all from the river in Brazil.
  2. I'm not too fond of electrical work but car batteries make me week in the knees. I was present when a car was jump started incorrectly, as in negative to positive and vice versa. Don't try this at home.
  3. All the info about ageing is fine but you must store the cigars properly in order to get the benefit of time. My first box of MC#2 was shipped so moist that I couldn't keep the cigars lit. Harsh, acrid, and moist smoke. Much age benefit I initially attributed to time was actually RH acclimation. For anyone new to the hobby I suggest buying a decent desktop humidor and an accurate hygrometer.If your goals smooth smoke you may find that moisture is the enemy.....not time.
  4. Used to smoke a lot of the ERDM PCs.
  5. If you smoke cigars, you smoke. I smoke two or three a week and before I gave blood as part of my life insurance application I abstained for three weeks. I was classified as a smoker. That was more than fifteen years ago and I bet the test is more accurate now.
  6. Nice looking cab of RASS. ETP July 16
  7. I can't add much to this thread that hasn't been posted already. Aged 5 years and smoked at the correct RH they are the bomb, my favorite marca. I've not smoked many of the new iterations of Cohiba but I did stock up on my favorites, Siglo III, IV, VI, and Robusto prior to the latest price increase.
  8. I'm used to being out of step in general. I started my love affair with Cuban cigars in the early nineties and couldn't get enough of the MC#2 and the Hoyo DC. Now I'm thinking the guys ion the old days had it right. The corona is the king of cigars. Despite the fact that I have often been told, by my wife mostly, to shut my big mouth, I do not like fat cigars. 50 RG is the fattest I'll stock on a regular basis and thats because I think Cuba does a great job with the RASS, CORO, and PSD4. I'm reaching more and more for a Lonsdale, Corona, Petit Corona, Corona gorda and Grande, and Dalia. Years ago I wrote about a great Siglo VI I had but mentioned then that it was too fat. Most of the new issues don't do much for me and I'd prefer to sip on an Especial than puff on some 56RG X 4" plug.
  9. You got to remember that a little guy selling contraband on line is competing with large vendors and collectors. So when one sees prices that have appreciated it could very well be that you are looking at cigars with a known provenance being sold buy people who have a good reputation in the business. If you are looking at prices from big auctions like those in London, don't for get that there are auction premiums to be paid, probably at around 20%. So, if you have five or ten boxes of COROs and you hold them for five years you might get some profit, but you won't make what the big guys make.
  10. Ten years? Just about everything. 20? Thats a long time and, as others have said, the change around '06 has yet to be tested long term. 30? I haven't got the funds and I'm too old to think about it. For my tastes, 5 years of box age well kept is a good starting point and I find I smoke most cigars with between 5 and 10 years on them. There are always exceptions. I blew through a box of PSD#4 last year that were 2013s. I sampled a box or 2013 MC#2 and was disappointed. I have a great looking cab of punch Punch, 13 I think. Smoking well now but have that thick smoke thing going on that warrants further ageing. I have found good cigars at three years can become great cigars at six years. This has been my expreience with Cohiba. Your experience may vary.
  11. I was putting cigars away to age in '07. I recollect that the '06 MC#2, BCE, Siglo IV, and PLPCs were in my stash. I don't have much trouble keeping my mitts off of cigars for 5 years. My inventory was lost in the crash of CCWS so I'm a bit fuzzy about what was my go to cigars. I can assure you that the cigars I listed above were stellar with the Siglo IV being a stand out.
  12. The CLE '01 25 box of Lancero were the bomb, at least the one I had was. One of the cigar exceptions to the rule about not buying those cigar boom years, 99-'01. I can't help but thing that stock from those years has been picked over big time. But hey, others her may know something I don't.
  13. If I am going to smoke two or more cigars in one day I always smoke the best one first, Always. My Palete is keenest when fresh. Palete fatigue is an issue for me. Your Since the 10+ year old cigar is apt to be more nuanced it's a foregone conclusion that I would smoke it first. If Cuban cigars were dear to me I'd smoke something less valuable to me second. Give it some time before you smoke the younger cigar. That's just what I'd do. And have fun with the cigars, that's the important thing.
  14. I share a cigar most Friday afternoons with a buddy. He always takes off the band right away. Often he nicks the wrapper. drives me nuts......Why not let the cigar warm up and loosen the band so it comes off cleanly. Don't get me going on how people light cigars or don't touch them up when needed.
  15. I traded for one of the Noella Jars. I think it's a '15. The cigars look like they will age well, oily wrapper and good potent nose. I bought them to lay down and may just leave them be for a good long time. The info I got about them, and I think Rob chimed in on the Noella Jar some time ago, was that they will need time. A glass jar has got to be as air tight as a varnish SLB so I think they are packaged nicely for long ageing, if thats what one wants. And, BTW, I do think that some very tannic, bitter, and strong young cigars come around and turn brilliant with time. Some times they are just young and wet and potent and need time to mellow. RA Celestiales Finos come to mind as well as a few Bolivars. That's not to say that I haven't had cigars that didn't come around, but that's another thread.

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