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  1. I'll say the 2005 Mag 46 I had never came around. I'll be a heretic here, I think Upman is a Marca that's not for me. So hang on to your hat, the Conni A from 2013 just aren't doing it for me. OK, I said it, have at me.
  2. OK, what ever the organizer thinks is best is fine. I'm just along for the ride.
  3. Looks good to me. The side trade rule, #15, is a new twist on a box trade to me. With a large group it seems to complicate the pass and add weight to the box. May be it isn't a big enough issue to consider, but I'd ask people to pay the 7$ shipping and keep their private trades private.
  4. This has been posted before but it's an all time classic.
  5. I'd love to be a part of this. Count me in if I'm not too late.
  6. How about a few from Rondney Dangerfield? I'm ugly, I'm Ugly. I'm so ugly. You want to know how ugly I am? When I went to the proctologist he stuck his finger in my mouth. My wife is stupid. So stupid. You want to know how stupid she is? The other day she was making me french toast for breakfast and she got her tongue stuck in the toaster.
  7. Hear about the blondes that froze to death at the drive in theater? They went to see " Closed For The Winter".
  8. A little girl goes down to breakfast to find her mother cooking away. "Good morning dear" "Mommy, I know how you get a baby." The child says. "What did you say, dear?" "I know how you get a baby." "OK, what too you know honey." "I say you and daddy getting a baby last night." The mother is horrified that her child has been traumatized and demands, "What did you see last night?" ""Well," the child begins, " Last night I went to the bathroom and when I went by your bedroom I could see you and daddy getting a baby." "Exactly what did you see?" The daughter replies, " You and daddy were kissing and rubbing each other and after a while you put your face right in daddy's lap." "Oh my god." the mother breathes a sigh of relief, "Now listen to me, this is very important. That is not how mommy gets a baby. That's how mommy gets jewelry."
  9. I like Cohibas best. I'll take an aged Siglo VI over just about any big fat LE or RE any day. I keep other sticks on hand so I don't blow through them too fast and can let the cigars get enough time to shine. Once a box is on it's hard to keep my mitts off it. Looking at my wallet I see that a regular diet of 15$ sticks is too much for me. I keep my supply of under 10$ cigars on hand and save Cohibas for those moments when I want something very special.
  10. Don't tell me this. I'm sitting on a box and I'm determined to give them the aforementioned 5 years. The '08s are sublime, I haven't smoked anything younger than a '10.
  11. I can't imagine living with chronic pain. The news I read and see says Tiger has had multiple back surgeries and none has alliviated his pain. It's an all too familiar story, at least around here. Chronic pain and oxycodone. What ever else is going on with him, booze, women, bad performance on the golf course, he may well simply be another casualty of the awful opiate crisis. I hope he's not too far gone to beat it, he looked pretty bad in the sobriety test video.
  12. Dunhills always come up with questions like this, but I don't think there is any need to get fancy. Punch Super Selections and Cohibas have aged well. A Super Selection #2 or a CORO from, say, 1997 will demonstrate clearly how good an aged Cuban Cigar can be.
  13. I have found 5 years to be the minimum but thats for 2010 and older stock. Any thing less is infanticide. Young Siglos, as John notes, don't have the finesse that aged ones do and frankly, there are better young cigars that don't come with the high price. Vitolas might be hard to match exactly, but that said, right now a 2015 Punch Punch will suit me better than the same vintage Siglo IV. Young Edmundos beat young VIs, but the Siglo VI with time is a thing of beauty. Even if it is too thick. My ,02$
  14. 2015 or younger? Infanticide!
  15. I concur with your assessment of the '08 CORO. I'm at the end of the box and I'm grieving the loss. '10 Siglo VI from a jar. I got a fiver from a friend. I should have git them all. What a cigar. Effen Cohibas, too damn good and too damn expensive. '08 MC#3 and '11 Bolivar Britanica not too shabby. Can't remember anything that was a dog but I'm smoking my own stash and only 2 or 3 a week.

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