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  1. On a side note, Bill Russell's eleven titles, two NCAA championships, and an olympic gold medal make him the most dominant professional athlete in US sports history. It can be fun talking about the best team or athlete at any given time, but Russell holds a special place in my heart given the way he played, how he was treated by the city of Boston, and the dignity with which he has carried himself since he left the game.
  2. I have limited smoking privileges. My better half does not share my passion but being a reasonable type she has been disturbed by friends who forbid husbands smoking in the house. "It's your house too." she says. So, I have a chair by a window that I fill with a small fan blowing out. Sundays and other times when she's out I light up. Sometimes a friend or two comes over to watch a big sporting event and she's fine with us stinking up the place. Once she told me she likes the aroma of good cigars but now she denies having ever having said it!
  3. A cab of 2011 Partagas Lusitanias, Acrid tent pegs.
  4. I smoked an H Upman Connaisseur A, Lub 3 /14 last Night. I grabbed a few fivers of these to check them out, probably at times when I wasn't' feeling flush enough to get a box. It hardly qualified as aged but was a fine cigar. I had to stop blowing smoke out my nose at about the halfway mark which is a sign for me that the cigar is still not quite ready for mass consumption. I've had five or six and last night's was the best by far, so they are either getting better or acclimating at last. I tend to age boxes until they suit and then burn through them at a good pace. I find Upman's to have a straight forward tobacco taste that at it's best is rich and satisfying. I confess I don't have a sophisticated palette and am not much good at distinguishing garlic caramel and pine nut notes. If I had a box of the Upman's I'd let them sit for the five years I always seem to need to need on my cigars. Good cigars are good, but really good cigars plus enough time can be memorable experiences. BTW, I smoked '10 Siglo VI last Sunday that was in every way superior to the Conni A. Another fat cigar that I think is too fat, but it was tasty.
  5. I'm a fan of Tubos but I like to give them time and I think most need to be checked for mold when I get them .Some cigars come only in tubes, I think. Monte Cristo Tubos are a long corona and the Bolivar Tubos #1,a just discontinued corona, are only available in tubos. I have a few Tubos and have saved quite a few that I got in trade or as gifts. I broke out some Monte Petit Tubos I was given in '06 two years ago at a gathering and people raved about them. Very rich flavor in silky smoke. I think time in a tube seals in the power of a cigar while letting the harsh edges smooth out gracefully. When ever I get one I put it away for as long as I can, Some Edmundos were great. I'm a year or two before I sample some Cohibas I put in to tubes for my own edification. I'll report on them when I burn them.
  6. I'd grab a box of Esplendidos. The balance would go towards a box of MC#1.
  7. A good rule of thumb is rest the cigars at 60%RH until the band is a tad loose. The cigar dried out enough so that you can get the band off with out damaging the wrapper. Other than that I think the best young cigars out of those you listed are the Hoyos, the EPI#1 especially, the Mag 46, and the HU RR.
  8. I love it, do they make them for men? That's a joke. I love hats and like this smoking hat very much.
  9. Buy more storage. As for the PP. I have some lovely 13s. Fairly dark with very shiney wrappers. They are wonderful now but I know these cigars will dramatically improve in the next 2 or 3 years. After I smoke one my whole mouth tastes of the cigar from the thick smoke. I wish I hadn't tested the box because the cigars are very good now but soon to be A+. I'm having at them slowly and I'm not sharing.
  10. H Upman Monarchs from the bad old days. I think they were late '01s. Not one was smokeable. Some RASCC come in a close second a few years later..
  11. I'm pretty sure that cigars that are popular with experienced cigar smokers that are being discontinued will have good chance of strong appreciation. The BCG comes to mind as well as the SLR DC. I agree that Cohibas and to a lesser degree MC that are aged will attract attention.But, I wonder if the guy with 40 or 50 boxes of cigars who hangs on to a box of COROs for 8 years can get the kind of $$ for his aged stock on the secondary market that reputable vendors can. May be the answer is to rent a locker at a B&M and have them sell the mature cigars, but then the rental and commission has to cut into the profit in a big way. Plus, the merchants got to hold on to most of the very best stuff for them selves. My experience has been that people will buy aged cigars on various websites but getting prices like I see at the European B&M get is difficult. Plus, you got to keep your mitts off of those beauties that you have loved and cherished for years.
  12. There were very good Lanceros from '01. I got a box on the recommendation of a friend, CLE, I think. I enjoyed every one. That box kind of made up for a few others that were terrible.'01 H Upman Monarchs come to mind. I wouldn't by anything that was in cardboard for 16 years, but that's just me. Besides, there is a lot of great stuff around. If one is willing to put up $400 or more for 25 cigars a very good box should be available.
  13. I've become a fan of the low and slow, rest, then blast it recipe. Kind of opposite of what you've posted above. Salt and pepper, let it sit until it's at room temperature, roast at 200 degrees Farenheight until your internal thermometer reads 120 degrees. Rest. Just before serving roast the beef at 450 degrees for ten minutes or until the crust is sufficiently browned. Serve right away.
  14. I had an idea that he liked to fish. There is an old documentary about him that talks a bit about his substance abuse problems. At the end he's shown driving in his Aston Martin to a fishing spot close to his home.

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