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  1. There are so many that could name. Most of them.

    I smoked a PL Lonsdale '06 Regional. One of the few regional releases I own. The cigar was hard a s a rock but drew surprisingly well. I find these cigars to be out standing and this one didn't disappoint. It was strong enough to have a pretty good nicotine kick at the end. I smoked it slowly while watching the Patriots game. I tape the game and start watching at about 90 minutes so it lasted for most of the game. All in all a great new years eve for me. It's cold here by the ocean. Everything is mostly frozen up after three days of deep freeze. I went to bed early. Fireworks at dusk in Provincetown Ma, dinner out with a few friends, and the holidays are over. Happy new year to all.
  3. Well done. I like the MC#1 a lot. I'd have one instead of much of the fat 2 band stuff that's being offered these days. Well kept with a little age and the MC tangy taste does it right for me.
  4. Smoke one and see how it is.
  5. My understanding is that Churchill never relit a cigar. If his smoke went out he grabbed a new one. This accounts somewhat for his prodigious consumption.
  6. FB cigar groups selling vintage cohibas

    Dozens of boxes or cigars?
  7. What would you buy?

    You can get a great box of 25 cigars for $300 US. In fact you can get most of what I'd buy for less. Right now, bang for the buck? Ask Rob. He'll do you right. At any given time it's not so much which cigars to buy, it comes down to whats good right now. Get a box of Punch Punch and dry them out. Good cigars. PSD #4 if they are good, How about living large? Siglo II. Hoyo Epi #1, great cigars young and a go to for the person new to Cuban Cigars. And on and on. My .02$
  8. Good decent torch lighter?

    I've had good luck with this Xikar. Since I don't often smoke outside I use a Bic. I'm done with fancy lighters, they never seem to hold up for me, but this Xikar is pretty good for the $30 and as mentioned it has the guarantee.
  9. the fifty best bad movies

    Try this one.
  10. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Speaking of Thunderstruck.....
  11. Hello from Massachusetts

    Quite a few of us from Massachusetts here. Welcome. I'm on the Cape, where are you?
  12. So how are the cigars? Did you smoke one to see how they were coming along? Haven't seen too many Siglo Vs here and I haven't had one for a while. I'd love to hear how yours smoked.

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