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  1. SPEARFISHING - Greatest Hits, show us yours.

    Nice - Is that a Cobia mate or a yellow tail kingfish? Quite a few guys in Vic have been getting into the kingfish and Southern Bluefin Tuna down Portland way at the moment.
  3. Tokyo Cigar Bar

    Le Connaisseur in Ginza is also very good. Enjoy. Love Tokyo!
  4. when you were young...

    I wanted to be a scuba diver then play AFL for Richmond Tigers. But reality kicked in. So, at twelve I was in love with Samantha from Bewitched. Being a good drawer, I thought becoming an advertising guy like Darren Stephens would be good. Unfortunately, I've encountered many Larry Tates in my career as an advertising writer. Some great memories too and good friends made.
  5. Gintrification

    Enjoying 78 degrees from Adelaide at the moment. Just needs a splash of tonic. Subtle and refined. Also West Winds Sabre for citrus and Four Pillars. Will probably purchase Four Pillars negroni gin because I love negronis and have all the ingredients at home.
  6. Monte 4 and Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
  7. Sweet vs dry wine for cigars

    Seeing as you just came back from Spain, Pedro Ximenez sherry. Champagne for the Fonseca perhaps.
  8. Bucket List Holiday Destination

    Diving the Galapagos Islands.
  9. A few questions on Cohiba

    On average I've enjoyed the Cohiba experience above all other marcas - then Partagas followed by Bolivar and Upmann equal third. I can't wait for Behike to become available again. I like the hay profile at the start of a Cohiba, especially on a sunny day.
  10. You can usually find the grass and hay flavour profile in Cohiba Lanceros. When good they also have stone fruit/apricot then honey. Similar characteristics can be found in good CORO with a little age on them.
  11. scandi-noir tv series

    Looks like they might make a second season Ken.
  12. scandi-noir tv series

    Was it subtitled Ken or in English? If so, was it still easy to follow?
  13. Your Toy of the week...

    Always wanted one of these since I was a kid. And in the Mighty Richmond Tigers colours too!

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