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  1. I would launch a 'Sixty Six' Bolivar. 60 ring gauge and 6 inches long. But what I would like to see is an El Rey Del Mundo Especial 1, 2 and 3.
  2. 50th Birthday Cigar

    Best cigar I smoked this year was the Bushido, followed by a SLR DC from 2004. I wonder what a siglo 6 2003 would be like?
  3. aged cigars - thoughts?

    I decided this year to smoke all my older singles instead of waiting for an event or celebration. Smoked two Cohiba DC 2003. One was a little one dimensional and the other was good but not the great cigar I was expecting unfortunately - probably due to storage perhaps with fluctuations in temp and humidity a factor. I remember smoking one when they came out and it was magnificent, similar to the siglo 6 from that year but even more complex. Smoked two SLR DC 2004. One was pretty boring but the other was up there with the best cigar I've smoked. The only cigar I'm keeping longer now is a Cohiba 1966 because I got it for my 50th birthday off the missus.
  4. Reliable: Connie A Don't really have a lemon. But for some reason a while back I kept getting bitter HU PC but it may have been poor storage or smoking them without dry boxing or the beer. Jury is out because I've had some really great HU PC.
  5. Origin - what cigar? (State of Origin 2018)

    Looks like they'll get a nice weather window for the clash. Very cold this morning but has cleared to a sunny clear day. Will be cold tonight but no rain so hopefully not too slippery. The MCG is usually in immaculate condition.
  6. Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin - 2018 release

    I received my bottle of Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin today, delivered to work one day before the launch - from Dans. Happy days!
  7. Agree here. But I reckon they are trying to work their way further into the American market who would be used to NC's and the choice of maduro wrappers. PS. I like a Padron too but a bit one dimensional.
  8. Delice de bourgogne and a good botrytis riesling. Double funk! Love it.
  9. Your cigar of the weekend?

    SLR DC 2004. Was fantastic. None left now.
  10. Lemons

    Fair call. I was in a new Land Cruiser earlier in the year and was blown away by the way it drove compared to what they used to be.
  11. Your Standout Regional

    The Bushido was probably the best cigar I smoked this year so far.
  12. Lemons

    Range Rover have a bad reputation for spending more time in the shop than on the road. Almost as bad as an Alpha Romeo. Trade it for a top of the range Toyota Land Cruiser with all the wizz bang stuff on it - Drives like a sports car and can tow just about anything. Only thing is the petrol or diesel they burn through.
  13. Mindfulness techniques have helped me deal a lot with stress from work. The Headspace app is excellent from all reports. My missus has used it before bed and she feels very relaxed the whole next day. I have mostly used the technique of concentrating on the rise and fall of the abdomen when breathing. It's hard to try and breathe normally without controlling the breathing, just letting the body take over. This can help you breathe 'like a baby' from your diaphram and not your chest. The trick is to let thoughts flow through but not take hold. I'm about 50 years away from mastering it but it has helped, especially in the morning before work. It's also good for my other passion, breath hold freediving spearfishing. All the best with it.
  14. If we were talking TV character crushes then Buffy would be my number one.

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