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  1. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Hell's Bells Jailbreak Too many to pick a third - Back in Black, For those about to rock, Dirty Deeds...
  2. Ashes 2017

    Geez, I hope we bowl well because we're going to have to with that line up.
  3. World Spearfishing Cuba 1967

    Back when things weren't so PC.
  4. I have enjoyed the Upmann PC this year but not sure if they are 2017. I purchased them as a half box this year.
  5. Starting a Wine Collection

    What Ken said about storage. I have turned a lot of good wine to vinegar by not cellaring it properly.
  6. Spearfishing Tonga

    Yep, the red fish are big coral trout. They are great eating. There is also a coronation trout in the third photo. I had to buy a new warm water suit because of my beer gut. It's a Riffe one piece suit and I use a lycra hood.
  7. Spearfishing Tonga

    Just returned from a 7 day free diving spearfishing trip to Tonga with some old dive buddies. Great trip all round. Some nice fish landed. I got my PB job fish at a whopping 11kg and also landed my first wahoo after several frustrating unsuccessful attempts. Highlights were diving around a live volcano and hearing the whales singing all around us. It's very surreal being surrounded by blue and levelling off at about 11 to 18 metres and hearing the whales as you scan the ocean for whatever might be attracted to the flashers. Here's a few photos of the catches. We ate very well with sashimi every night. All the fish were well received by us and the local community. Nothing much better than freshly caught fish and a few beers after a big day on the water.
  8. spearfishing Tonga

    edit, see next topic
  9. H Upmann Connie A Cohiba siglo 2
  10. Cohiba siglo 2 H Upmann PC Monte 4
  11. Oh how I miss thee
  12. AFL finals thread

    The Crows look pretty good too. But will need to beat the Swans to make it to the GF. But the swans still need to beat Geelong which is definitely no certainty. Richmond will need to beat Eagles or GWS. It's very even I reckon. I just hope my Tigers win the preliminary easier than a Swans v Crows clash. Hopefully the winner of that one comes out of it all beaten up. Then the Tigers have a chance.
  13. AFL finals thread

    Tigers might be playing against your Eagles in the prelim westg. The atmosphere last Friday night was crazy.
  14. The Australian Rules Football finals started last night with Adelaide winning easily and looking like premiership favourites at this stage. I'm off to see my Richmond Tigers tonight at the mighty MCG as they take on Geelong in front of 95,000 plus fans. Already had 4 glasses of red at lunch at work. Luckily I work walking distance from the ground. Hence, not much work getting done this arvo. Please post your thoughts on this thread for all things AFL finals. Be interesting to hear other's thoughts about one of the closest seasons ever.
  15. cigar - H Upmann PC music - Richmond AFL club theme song - Oh we're from Tigerland reading/TV/cinema - Taboo, but just finished it's season beverage - Smokey porter and Japanese whiskey hobby - been hitting the gym in preparation for a spearfishing trip to Tonga

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