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  1. Oh how I miss thee
  2. AFL finals thread

    The Crows look pretty good too. But will need to beat the Swans to make it to the GF. But the swans still need to beat Geelong which is definitely no certainty. Richmond will need to beat Eagles or GWS. It's very even I reckon. I just hope my Tigers win the preliminary easier than a Swans v Crows clash. Hopefully the winner of that one comes out of it all beaten up. Then the Tigers have a chance.
  3. AFL finals thread

    Tigers might be playing against your Eagles in the prelim westg. The atmosphere last Friday night was crazy.
  4. The Australian Rules Football finals started last night with Adelaide winning easily and looking like premiership favourites at this stage. I'm off to see my Richmond Tigers tonight at the mighty MCG as they take on Geelong in front of 95,000 plus fans. Already had 4 glasses of red at lunch at work. Luckily I work walking distance from the ground. Hence, not much work getting done this arvo. Please post your thoughts on this thread for all things AFL finals. Be interesting to hear other's thoughts about one of the closest seasons ever.
  5. cigar - H Upmann PC music - Richmond AFL club theme song - Oh we're from Tigerland reading/TV/cinema - Taboo, but just finished it's season beverage - Smokey porter and Japanese whiskey hobby - been hitting the gym in preparation for a spearfishing trip to Tonga
  6. I wanted a pair of these and a Redline BMX too. Ended up making my own BMX by adding parts to a dragster. A pair of Tange forks and a gooseneck with moto cross handle bars and nobbly tires and hey presto - BMX.
  7. Also agree that Port Douglas would be great. From there you can head to the barrier reef and also the Daintree rainforest. I've done quite a bit of diving there so here's a tip from someone who gets a little seasick. Buy Kwells seasick tablets. The large catamarans can move about quite a bit especially if you are on the upper deck. All the best with it. Can't really help you with wine and restaurants. I'm from Melbourne but I'm sure El Press or Ken or local guys can make some good suggestions. But I'm sure you won't be short of dining options at Port Douglas. But if you are to do this then I would book some accomodation now. It is a very popular destination.
  8. I went to Japan last August/September for my 50th birthday. I went with my missus. So, a bit different from your trip. Things I liked were the Izakayas - casual, small eating and drinking places where you can try all kinds of food on sticks mostly. My favourite was near Ginza train station I think. Look for the small washing line with dried fish hanging off it. I loved the beef with sea urchin sashimi there. There is always good places to eat around train stations in Japan. I also liked the famous 'memory lane' otherwise known as 'piss alley'. There is a lot of Izakayas there and a cool bar. We also enjoyed having a late brunch of ramen. We found you can avoid the crowds at ramen restaurants by getting there around 11am. For cigars I went to Connaissuer in Ginza which has been mentioned. We also stayed two nights at the end in The Palace Hotel opposite the palace. The bar downstairs was great for getting a cocktail or a whisky and you can smoke a cigar at the bar. Expensive but loved the freedom of smoking inside. You'll find some places allow it and others don't. Just look for ashtrays. Maybe a trip for the kids is to go to Harajuku. There is a lot of Manga style shops with some weird and wonderful fashions, t-shirts, games etc. We went to Kyoto for some culture and went on a bicycle tour of the temples. We caught the bullet train there and stayed four nights. The missus wanted to do some geisha spotting. So we got the tip to go to the 'Man in the moon' bar and look out the window across the road because geisha (also known as geico and meico) sometimes entertain in the hotel opposite. We saw quite a few. Some real and others ladies of the night dressed as geisha. You can tell the difference. Only went to Osaka for one day during a typhoon so only really saw the tourist area around the station which was adorned with statues of Biliken - The god of the way things ought to be. Hope you have a great time. It's a great place to visit. I found the people to be very nice everywhere we went, except for the occasional Izakaya where they refuse to serve westerners. It's also safe and although crowded, it's very ordered. One tip, the taxi doors open and shut automatically so don't shut or open the door it will mess with the hydraulics. All the best. Cheers
  9. Just reply by saying, 'I'll run it past my wife first and let you know'. Then she will know you are off the market before you meet. Nothing to worry about by catching up.
  10. Really Nice Stout 😋

    Have tried both of these and agree. They are fantastic. Also have a bottle of Founders KBS in the fridge but waiting for some daytime drinking to enjoy it. With a big hit of coffee in it I would be awake all night if I drank it after 4pm.
  11. Really Nice Stout 😋

    I love the Narwhal too. Give the Garage Project Day of the Dead a try - From New Zealand. Also like Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon, Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero, Founders Kentucky Breakfast stout, Bridge Road B2 Bomber Mach 7.0. I'm on a beer app called UNTAPPD. Helps to remember and collate and rate beers. Also works like social media, allowing check-ins to bars and messaging between mates.
  12. A sheriff walks into a saloon, and shouts for everyone's attention. "Has anyone seen Brown Paper Jake?", he asks. "What's he look like?", asks one shoddy looking cowboy. "Well", replies the Sheriff. "He wears a brown paper hat, a brown paper waistcoat, a brown paper shirt, a brown paper jacket, and brown paper boots. He has brown paper pants held up by a brown paper belt with a brown paper holster holding a brown paper gun that shoots brown paper bullets." "So what's he wanted for?", asks the same cowboy. "Rustlin'...", replies the Sheriff.
  13. I played suburban Australian Rules Football in the Eastern Football League which was a reasonable standard, maybe two rungs down from the AFL. Played against Vermont who went undefeated for 4 years with 61 wins. And this was against good opposition as well. I think it's some kind of record. From 1988 to 2001 Vermont only missed the grand final in 1992. The Eagles won the premiership in 1982, 1983 and 1986 before picking up four in a row from 1988 to 1991. During this period Vermont had an unbroken run of 61 wins. From 1993 to 1995 they won three more premierships before losing to Donvale in 1996. They then won again in 1997, 1998 and 2001. After three seasons not making the grand final, Vermont won another three premierships in a row from 2005 to 2007 and then their most recent premiership in 2009.

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