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  1. Great point above. I know several people that have gone to Iceland recently. And another buddy (non-cigar smoker) that was planning a Cuba trip, but switched destinations due to more attractive locale and pricing.
  2. RIP MOM

    Sorry for your loss. Condolences and prayers to you and your family
  3. You may not have committed any crime here, but you’re certainly not the helpless victim you would like to claim to be. You had to hit the Accept button on terms of agreement to use your iphone. Your iphone also asks you if you would like it to provide you with location data like maps and such. You’ve opted into your phone doing what it did. And your phone absolutely had that facility the whole time. I’m not trying to pick on you or anyone else, but just trying to point out that it’s not quite as secret agenda as people would like to think.
  4. This is not quite tho whole story here. Who is at fault? Apple for providing you your step count because the computer in your pocket has that ability and defaults to tracking it? Or is it your own fault because you purchased a device that tracks pretty much everything and you didn’t expect it to? You gave consent when you purchased and used the device. Omission of that knowledge doesn’t let you off the hook.
  5. This is what it boils down to for me. I realize nothing is truly private (even outside digital), but I’m not very interesting from a digital footprint perspective so it doesn’t concern me too much. And to the people who are freaked out and deleted facebook or instagram or whatever, do you use a debit/credit card? A check? Have an address? A registered vehicle? An ID or SSN? We are all already catalogued in many different ways.
  6. I think one of the reasons people prefer bigger cigars has to do with their stature. A larger person may feel silly smoking a montecarlo. So perhaps the porportions are just better. To me this is one reason why larger rg feels awkward. My jaw/mouth is on the smaller side, so it can be physically uncomfortable. I make the exception for PSE2 because they are delicious. I disagree with the forgiveness for a bad roll comment posted earlier. This may be because I don’t have the proper teqnique for large format cigar smoking practiced, but I find it harder to maintain a large rg cigar that has gone awry. Lastly, for the bolder flavors in smaller ring gauge crowd. I view this like a cask strength whiskey. Sometimes that’s what you want, a punch in the face (small rg). Other times you can dilute the cask strength to something a bit less agressive (larger rg cigars with perhaps addition of volado) and that whiskey opens up to a new adventure. So sometimes I enjoy a more diluted smokes. It’s nice that there is variety.
  7. Sancho Panza Molinos

    With so many under-filled cigars, they’re more/less getting the same result.
  8. Congrats John! Well deserved
  9. Interesting piece on a cool spot. I’ve gone back a couple times after work. A very convenient and short walk away and makes for a nice way to unwind before heading home. While I lived in Northern California, I found a handful of good lounges from Santa Rosa down to Fremont. Squire (Santa Rosa), Telfords (Mill Valley), Napa Cigars (Napa), Cigar Bar & Grill (SF) and Ohlone (Fremont) were all places I’d go back for a visit.

    Haha. Minor inconvenience to have both women and cigars in my life. But to each their own.

    Yup! The apple after smoking definitely helps. For retrohale, I just put a little soap up in the nostrils then rinse it. Easy peasy. I switched to Dr. Bronner’s castile soap awhile back and it works wonders at getting rid of the leftover cigar off my hair and body. I’m finding the more natural the remedy, the better the results. These also. That Thera-Breath is also amazingly good. Works very well.
  12. @CigarNerd your username is very appropriate. And it’s true that in these cases the numbers tell the truth that our mind likes to distort. @TheGipper mentioned cutting the caps of the penalty box smokes. That’s a great way to help them get where they need to be quicker than with just one end opened. Lastly, I think it’s worth mentioning that tolerances for tightness are a factor here. I look back on cigars with tight draws that I gave up on too early. My definition of plugged has changed over my time of smoking cigars. I’ve also found that the best way to do battle with a tight draw is with slow puffing. Putting all your strength into the draw only makes it worse.
  13. That’s a lovely lever you got there @Jeremy Festa
  14. Looks like you’ve got some free space in there. Could fit a couple boxes of demi tasse at least maybe some du deputes!
  15. Your post is like reading the transcript of a @PigFish video. but I’m sure there are many of us feeling the same way.

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