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  1. When necessary remove the ribbon from the cab and use it to tidy up your customs.
  2. Best served with a side of Blue Note records.
  3. I was just about to post a link to that thread, but you beat me to it. One of the few threads I've bookmarked and re-read occasionally. Interesting stuff!
  4. Close. It's for the CPA. Sometimes I can't tell if it makes the cigars less enjoyable or the studying less miserable.
  5. Chose an Epicure No.2 for the stopwatch challenge. From a 2013 box that has been getting better and better. Got flavors of cream and earth and a cinnamon like spice. Kinda like a room temperature horchata, but minus the sweetness. It was tasty while monotone. Ending time of 1hr 20min. Quite standard for me and robustos.
  6. Thanks for another great review John!
  7. I've had a few and that was enough. The size does nothing for me. Price is stupid.
  8. Speaking of... just grabbed these, but yeah NCs are rare in my humidor.
  9. Thanks for the review! These are wonderful cigars.
  10. Welcome!
  11. 1/3 Pepper, some sour cream tang, little citrus 2/3 Dark dark honey, and spices. Can't pin point the spice, probably fresh cracked black pepper. Some wonky burn happening. 3/3 More of the above but with an earthy/leathery undertone. Nothing close to QdO marca flavors. The other two I've had from the box were really good and resembled QdO a bit, but were more similar to QdO superiores when on. I picked up two boxes on release as I was pretty excited for them. One with dark wrappers (sad for QdO) and one with lovely lighter wrappers. I've been slowly smoking out of the dark wrapper box as a gauge for when to dig into the lighter wrapper box. Conclusion is that I will most likely wait another year before sampling. I'm in no rush to burn through the box. The sample I just smoked indicated long legs to work out over time.
  12. Looks great although no hopes of trading for du rois.

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