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  1. The frustrating part to me is you have Montecristo with 20 (23 including the new Linea 1935) vitolas that does not have any deletions in the last 20yrs, but other marcas are decimated for essentially laughs. (Laughing all the way to the bank I suppose.) @Shaunster points out what must be the painful truth, why make JLPC every few years when you can crank out petit robustos and montescos every year for 3x, 4x and 5x the price?
  2. Well done. I've always enjoyed reading your reviews.
  3. If they are anything like the Petit Piramides from 2013 then I will be happy! And the release is supposed to be 8,888 boxes so plenty to go around.
  4. You'll find the answer to your question is highly subjective. Consensus here is generally to leave in original boxes. Some like to consolidate partially empty boxes as that will provide more storage room and there is no evidence to suggest that flavors migrate across cigars of different marcas or heritage. And as @stogieluver just mentioned consistant storage conditions is what is desired for long term. Now, who wants to debate the definition of "long-term"?
  5. Well done! Always nice to see a personal favorite well received.
  6. Nailed it. The darker band on the perlas on the left is 2013 box code and the two with lighter color band are from a 2012 box. Having smoked a couple more of them, the perla still leaves me confused. I feel like they are suited for Christmas time, but the petit corona is still my favorite of the bunch by a long shot.
  7. Hmmm. Don't agree with this conclusion. If referring to the Paises Bajos RE, then I recall receiving sealed boxes almost immediately after being available. Some had mold, some did not. If you received your boxes fairly recently, then they would have had plenty of time for storage conditions to let mold flourish. It can grow rather quickly. Additionally, how do you think the cedar box got the high humidity?
  8. Looks grey market to me.
  9. I find this really interesting as H.Upmann is a strong forum favorite and well, JL is not. I do agree that recent JL1s are much bolder than the 12s and 13s I have.
  10. Similar here, but with around 1500 LPs and 45s. Most from my DJ days. Still pick up the occasional record here and there, but I mostly scratch the itch with streaming services as I don't have to drop the coin I used to when hunting the deep cuts. Musically, it's hard to beat dropping the needle and just listing to your favorite grooves on big speakers! Like @suggs mentioned, there is beauty in the ritual.
  11. So true! While you're at it... go buy some RG Petit Coronas & QdO Coronas.

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