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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No.3 from 2003 with special thanks to @Ginseng Thank you kindly for the opportunity to smoke this classic!
  2. Bold to smoke the small club coronas in the morning hours! Nice review!
  3. FOH Mould Study

    While “plume” may hypothetically exist, is there anyone that can clearly define what it is? I’m not even worried about the how, but merely the definition of what it is, is non-existent. Through these two rounds it’s clear to me that what I’ve heard/seen/read from the cigar community both in real life and on the internet is that what people speak of as plume is quite definitely mould. Unfortunately, these wive’s tales will not die quietly.
  4. Beautiful afternoon here with a slight breeze as we kindly welcome fall in my neck of the woods. Was planning on smoking this Famosos for a few weeks now, so what better weekend than this? This comes from a lovely box from our host with great looking wrappers and solid construction. I typically tend to like lighter shade wrappers, but find this shade to be very complementary on Vegas Robaina. Clipped with a standard cut to see a dimple looking back at me. Draw is excellent with just the right amount of resistence for my preference. The pre-light reveals an earthy grassy aroma like walking in the woods with the early morning fog. Here’s where my notes trail off. I ended up enjoying the cigar greatly and didn’t really bother breaking down thirds or evolution or any of that. This cigar has an overwhelming chocolate, cocoa, baker’s cocoa, malty flavor and that’s what I really enjoy about them. It’s much more on the bitter/dark/savory side of chocolate and not the sweeter side. There is also an earthiness like the smell of freshly dampened soil and trees. Kind of a mustiness that is pleasant in that is gives some heft or weightiness to the aroma. Hard to describe, but to me it’s a characteristic that I find in Medium plus cigars. An thickness and weightiness of body in the smoke. I really enjoy the VR Famosos and would suggest people try them if you haven’t. A fantastic cigar from beginning to end.
  5. Nice review and some good pics. Looks like a fun time!
  6. Here we have a Trinidad Vigia up for review I’m not certain if this is OG box code, but I know it’s very close to some of the first boxes. Nearing in on 3 years and I’ve only sampled a couple. I’ve got half a box left after giving away several. Time to check in and see if these are worth restocking. Construction - Loose draw, slightly pinched off the pigtail as my “cutting” method and still a very loose draw. That has been my experience with 54rg cigars is that too often they are too loose draws. Makes for a crapshoot when purchasing and at the vigia price I’d rather not gamble on windtunnels. Pre-light - lovely sweet hay, grasy, sweet, spice. 1st half - spices, shortbread, lemongrass, some floral aspects. I’m liking the flavors and the burn is maintaining steady for the most part. 2nd half - crap burn, have to puff more frequently than I like to prevent improper burn. The flavor is quite tasty and buttery smooth. I’ve found Trinidad to be fairly consistent and unique in the Habanos portfolio and this cigar is no exception. I very much enjoy the Trinidad profile! Conclusion - I do like the flavors of the vigia and find it similar to Robo-T of old, but every one I’ve had has been too loose draw. I’ll be sticking with the Reyes from here out as I get twoce the cigars for the price and nearly the same smoking time per cigar.
  7. Box is on it’s way to @Lotusguy
  8. Thanks everyone for the patience while I sorted out my puts/takes. Proposed puts & takes below. Puts: H.Upmann Mag 54 PET NOV 16 (no box pic, split from 24:24) RyJ Capuletos TOS SEP 16 (no box pic, split from 24:24) VR Clasicos BRU SEP 10 H.Upmann Sir Winston 2006 (no box pic, from a split) LGC Glorias TOS AGO 16 Takes: H.Upmann Connie A H.Upmann Mag 56 SCdLH Oficios RG Lonsdale RA 898 RE If this is good to go, I’ll get the box packed up and shipped tomorrow morning.
  9. I don’t own the MRN book, but I do own a book of the same caliber and magnitude on the topic of vinyl records specifically relating to funk, soul, jazz, afro, latin, etc. Much like the MRN book it is targeted toward a very niche subset of people and is highly regarded. In many ways it’s a fantastic reference piece with much knowledge to be gleaned, in other ways it’s a fantastic picture book about a hobby. I find this book and MRN’s book the same in those regards. Information and pictures well put together and valuable to those that desire it. An important takeaway is that your experience is your own. Whether vinyl records or cigars there is a journey and experience that you gather along the way and decide how to process. There are facts and there are opinions and advocates of both. Listen, learn, test theories, make your path your own, be respectful... The greatest mistake would be to copy the journey of someone at the expense of having your own. Thanks for sharing @JohnS and @nino I found it particularly fun that MRN in his further explanations clearly states that there are facts and there are “in my opinions”. More power to those that can distinguish between the two!
  10. Box is in my possession! Will hit up @ChanceSchmerr about trades and post up later tonight.
  11. This is my main trouble with the larger ring gauges. I have a difficult time keeping a good burn. Although it’s often due to crap construction. It’s much more relaxing for me to sip on smaller cigars than wage battle with the big guys. I see a taper more as an appearance/comfort fix, but not sure it would be mechanically appropriate. For example I’m skeptical that putting a 42rg opening on a 55rg cigar will make it as pleasant as just smoking a 42rg cigar. You still need to pull more air to properly combust the 55rg lart of the cigar. More smoke through narrower opening seems like a recipe for tar build up. If I want a narrower opening on my cigar, then I think the length/rg should be complementary to that and not just an appeasement. There are standouts for me like the Partagas E2 and Hoyo San Juan which both have excellent flavour. Those I make an exception for and like to have a few every now and then, but for the most part I camp out in the under 50 rg realm.
  12. Glad to hear you enjoyed that du depute @earthson I’ve got a few people hooked on that cigar. I’m now a fan of the du depute and it is always nice to have some options in the minuto-ish sized cigars. Like @JohnS I’ve plowed through a third of a box of 16 du deputes and several have been phenomenal and reminiscent or des dieux. Others just average. Never really been wowed by the prince, but I do like the maires every now and then. Price being relatively similar between the three, I’ll cntinue to stock up on the du depute. One other perk is that they don’t take up much space in a humidor, space being a premium not to be taken lightly.
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Recent smokes. The picadores was exceptionally good.
  14. Speaking of interesting, this looks like the first time RG is offered in SLB packaging. Outside of the Cigarritos coming in a SBN packaging all other RG are dress boxes. Sad about the deletions, but pretty cool to see these come around. Hopefully we will see more offerings like this! I would think H.Upmann Half Coronas would also be a great candidate for a 50 cab packaging.
  15. I reached out to that distributor a few weeks back and was informed that the 50 cabs are issued by the German Importer 5th Avenue under license of Habanos. Furthermore, they do have the usual green seal and importer seal, but do not have factory stamps on the bottom of the box.

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