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  1. Still a bit of a surprise. All I see typed is a box of ERDM. We talking demi tasse? Grandes de España? Gran Coronas? Choix Supreme? Tainos? Lunch Clubs? Very generous and mysterious!
  2. Congratulations Jeremy

    Congrats Jer! What a blessing. You'll have to teach him how to skate one day.
  3. Great review of a great cigar! Thanks John
  4. Stopwatch: Corona Gorda

    last punch punch from my 2014 box. Great cigar. Put it down around 1:20 as I kinda rushed the first half and it got a bit harsh toward the end. One more 2014 box before I tap into a 2016 cab. Looking forward to the cab as I've heard good things about the 2016 punch punch, but that's still a few years off.
  5. Don't lose hope on those SP!
  6. New forum design

    IPhone iOS 10.3.3 Safari. (Just tried Chrome on iOS and it's worse than Safari)
  7. Posts sluggish with Iphone

    I'll echo that. Scrolling in a thread has a major delay now. I've had the delay with and without pictures in a thread. But, I've noticed there is no lag while scrolling the forum, just inside a thread.
  8. Inventory

    I too use a spreadsheet which I've grown and shrunk in data over the years. Right now it's where I like it. I put in the cigars that I smoke and track inventory. I like this because the numbers are more consistent that my memory. For example, my eyes may say "ooh, another box of hoyo is currently on sale!", but my spreadsheet may remind me that I'm dreadfully low on Juan Lopez. Overall I've found it's best to not track price in any way, shape or form. That is just asking for trouble!
  9. Video Review - Rafael Gonzalez 88

    Like @NSXCIGAR and @Lotusguy have alluded to, what would you rather have at this price point? Cohiba Lanceros, Sir Winstons or RG88s? CoRos are cheaper and even RA Celestiales Finos are similarly priced. I feel that the price is also a slap in the face to those that truly love the RG marca on its own.
  10. A few more double banded reviews ought to get you plenty of subscribers!
  11. Habanos New Releases

    Odd there is another Hoyo LCDH when they already have two (unless the de Luxe is phasing out due to Elegantes release). Curious about the le hoyo addition. Perhaps they are transforming the line from the legacy rg of 42 and smaller to a more modern 50+rg line. Hopefully not, but follow the money, right? Also curious about source for this list.
  12. Beer Cellar

    Very cool!

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