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  1. Hmmm... this has me a bit startled I hope they haven't messed with the blend. The reviewer seems more enamored with the band than the actual smoke. In addition, I'm not sure the reviewer understands what 'claro' means if stating that the wrapper in their review is claro in appearance.
  2. This sums it up for me. Watching television it's always the older guy that smokes cigars bragging about his Romeo & Juliets "they're cuban"... so yeah plenty of name recognition, little fanfare. Non-smokers even know RyJ, but tell them you're smoking a SLR or Juan Lopez and they will be So demise or decline? Perhaps among enthusiasts and passionate cigar smokers, but why do they have so many vitolas (even redundancies) and yet other marcas are decimated and more/less unknown outside the cigar community?
  3. Agree. This was one of the more interesting releases to me. I nabbed a box, but I am going to have no trouble letting the tobacco take its time to acclimate for some time before sampling. A big smoke like this needs ample time to settle and marry. I am excited however as I think 5ta/Alemania has done a good job with their Bolivar REs
  4. Interesting, I thought these were only coming out of Upmann factory. They look nice
  5. I agree with this. The 15s I had were very inconsistent. Some great, others just not sure what they wanted to be. And too many underfilled for a box of 10. Glad I held on to a box from '12. Almost ready to dip into those.
  6. They will be fine. With the time spent worrying about the shipping, you could be hunting down another box.
  7. Oh man. I miss Klatch. I try to stop there when I visit family now. Great coffee, and the espresso is delicious!
  8. There are tons of options for online coffee ordering. Looking to sample a variety of coffees? MistoBox has a curated subscription option. There are others like it, but Misto has a good thing going. You select preferences and frequency and they send you good coffee. I went through subscriptions like this before and it can be fun. Now I prefer to support a local coffee shop and buy their coffee consistently. I like to support smaller and local businesses when possible.
  9. That's a lot of ¥ for a cutter.
  10. Condolences to his family and friends. Never an easy thing to hear.
  11. Sancho panza non plus is what you want. Had one today, a little creamy with salt and dare I say... driftwood! But that could have been because I was sitting at the edge of the bay while smoking it. They go well with a crispy lighter beer like a pilsner or your favorite gin.
  12. ...but only a dummy would drink Coke. Or was it Pepsi?
  13. I definitely agree on the La Punta. I haven't had one that left a mark on me. All those sizes you mentioned would be great. I wish the Mercaderes was available as a regular offering. I like the hermosos no.1 size and the one sample I had was outstanding.
  14. Love them. I prefer them over the principe because the principe ends too quickly. A fuerza has time to change. It's a great companion to a good book. Pricing seems inline with Epicure Especial which I believe is same vitola. At standard price a little steep, but I'll grab them when on sale.
  15. Welcome! Not sure how many people here are up on their shadowboxing...

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