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  1. My musical tastes are relatively diverse, but for smoking and achieving the relaxed feeling I'm going for... I opt for Jazz/Blues, or classic country. Classic country has a way of bringing me to a place where I could drift off to Neverland without trying.
  2. Whether or not they were the best, my preferences are Connery and Craig. Connery for his suave old school bad boy characteristics, and Craig for his grit. Something ive noticed in Craig's films is that, besides Vesper Lind, the Bond girls don't tend to be as apparent as they were in earlier films. I may be mistaken, but that's been my observation. I grew up with Brosnan, but I always felt he was too polished and "pretty boy".
  3. Mice/Rats... I will run and try desperately not to scream like a little girl with a Hello Kitty backpack.
  4. Keep doing what you're doing, buying a box or two of cigars a week, and you won't have any issue aging them. Eventually you have too many to smoke in short order, and you continue to buy. It'll take a little time, but just make sure to pay your credit card on time every month, and have enough storage.
  5. It's part of the thrill of receiving a new box. The packaging is nearly artistic. Thanks guys!!
  6. It's winter time here in the Midwest.
  7. It's winter time here in the Midwest.
  8. Make a budget 9/10 Ive managed to live by a budget, with only a few minors slips, for the first time ever. Work down debt 8/10 Lessened our debt by 25%+ in one year. Lose weight 0/10 I'm entering the holiday season 4 pounds heavier than I entered the New Year. Be successful at my new gig 9/10 Our top five customers produced 8% less gross income for us this year, and we still put up a positive growth number for the year. My job is outside sales Work on my marriage 7/10 We're happier than we've ever been. I give the credit to my wife... she's a jewel. Work on my spirituality 4/10 It's a never ending battle for me. All in all, it's been a very good year for me, and having just come through the thanksgiving season, I'd like to say that I'm grateful
  9. I don't trust anyone in my family to buy me cigars. They don't know what I like, and they won't give me cash, so...
  10. This year we've been cracking down on debt, so even some "necessities" have been neglected. I've asked for socks, ties, a new knife for at work, a leather business card wallet, etc. Small things, but will be very useful for me. I don't honestly NEED anything, but they needed an answer.
  11. Pretty excited about these bad boys.
  12. I fear the glaring looks before the shots.
  13. Screw sucking a golf ball through a garden hose... I want one of these!!
  14. Beautiful, Tim!! What is it that you do?
  15. I gotta be honest here... my wife is the best. When I initially asked her if she be ok with me smoking cigars she told me "sure, you don't have other hobbies". The next day she hands me $100, and says "if you're gonna smoke cigars you're gonna need a bitchin lighter and cutter, here's an early birthday gift." She's seen every one of my deliveries, likes the taste of a cigar on my lips, loves that I've decided to smoke Cubans and high quality NCs (it only makes sense babe, I think it's brilliant), and will occasionally smoke one with me. She always sits with me when I smoke, and will drink a craft beer on the front porch with me. I really couldn't have it better.

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