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  1. Cuban Cigars in American Lounges

    Each lounge is different, and different rules and customs a cigar forum, familiarize yourself with the local B&M custom. It's generally expected (at least in the shops all around my area) that if you plan to smoke in the lounge, and avail yourself of any of the services offered there, that you simply make a purchase. That's all. Prior to Cubans being legal to smoke in the US, it was not permitted to openly smoke Cubans in the lounge (regardless of what you purchased at the shop). However, Members of the lounge were not subject to the "must purchase a cigar to smoke" rule, the owners followed a "don't ask, don't tell" policy in regards to smoking Cubans openly. In other words, members have free range to smoke whatever they want, whenever they want, without any purchase rule (excepting the membership purchase lol). Now that Cubans are legal to smoke in the US (even if shops cannot sell them), nothing has really changed for members. Non-members can smoke them, but still, must make a shop purchase. The general rule now, regardless of Cuban or NC alike, support your B&M to avail yourself of their lounge amenities.
  2. Cohiba LCDH?

    Yep exactly.....and that's what i'll tell him. Keep it as an example Thanks for the confirmation!
  3. Cohiba LCDH?

    My initial thoughts as well, but as I said, i'm not Cohiba expert by any means. Wanted to look into it for him though. Curious if that's also the common consensus here. Thanks.
  4. Cohiba LCDH?

    A friend of mine just received this from his barber as a gift. Apparently the gentleman "just returned from Cuba". Knowing that Cuba has plenty of fakes, and I have not ever been aware of an LCDH Cohiba (nor can I find it in the database), I raised my suspicions but didn't want to shit in his scrambled eggs, so to speak. I am far from an expert on all the offerings of Cohiba, to be fair. Confirmation that this is fake?
  5. New in-wall Humidor setup

    Much appreciated....I'm getting great enjoyment from it to be sure. Adding a new box adds a whole new level of pleasure, to be sure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. New in-wall Humidor setup

    I had all that as well....all the bells and whistles....calcium, phosphate, carbon reactors....all automated, temp controllers, LED controllers along with the controllers to simulate wave movements. All into it for so many years..... But like boat ownership, there comes that day where you can't get rid of it fast enough. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. New in-wall Humidor setup

    Hey thanks.....sorry for the late reply. No way....after having the tank up for the better part of 10 years it was a money pit with all the maint. costs and time. It was a 90g breeder size. I'm thrilled with how things are now.
  8. Your first computer & mobile phone?

    Hmmm, I believe the Commodore 64, and the old Motorola Flip phone. Gone through so many it's hard to keep track!
  9. New in-wall Humidor setup

    Thanks! It complicates things to the zillionth degree. When you start getting into calcium reactors, protein skimmers, auto top off systems, metal halide and LED lighting, reef control systems not to mention just the yearly upkeep costs in replacement bulbs, 6 stage RODI water filtration system replacements, monthly Salt, it becomes the most expensive hobby out there. Since i've taken down the tank and replaced it with this humidor, my electric bill has gone down $300 a month. No joke. That's a box of Epicure #2's from our host a month
  10. New in-wall Humidor setup

    As promised, here are a few pics from behind the scenes. As you can see with the pic of the sensors (blue is RH, black is temp) they are set towards the top of the humidor, so the controller itself is set to 67% RH as opposed to 65%. The numbers you see on the actual controller are the real time sensor readings, not the settings.
  11. New in-wall Humidor setup

    Much appreciated, i'll definitely pass that along. I even enjoy going into the back room, looking at the entire exterior of the humidor as it's all in spanish cedar....great aroma and looks pretty to boot. Although, not as pretty as other woods, which is why he used the figured walnut on the front exterior.
  12. New in-wall Humidor setup

    I should state, that you had an indirect hand in this project, Piggy. I sent him over to these forums to do his research prior to design and he read over your posts meticulously. They were a great help to him. He's an avid Herpetology guy, with an exotic as it turns out, the care of snakes requires very specific humidity/temperature requirements. He was also able to integrate that knowledge into this. And thanks, yes it's a GREAT upgrade to what was there!
  13. New in-wall Humidor setup

    Yes, thick sliding glass. Yep, the 2 drawers come out as one unit though and they are part of the main unit, as the top of them is a screen. So more space for either singles or additional boxes in there. Again, all spanish cedar with the exception of the additional figured walnut face to it.
  14. New in-wall Humidor setup

    Lol....agreed, and much less expensive (believe it or not), at least in maintenance and electricity costs. The wife was thrilled with it.
  15. New in-wall Humidor setup

    So, I had been outgrowing my wineador and had abandoned an earlier walk-in humidor project (for now) as a bit ambitious. I had a space, in-wall, that used to house a reef tank in my finished basement.....That had been running for about 10+ years, but had become a monster to maintain and I finally took it out. The space was 48x18x24 (size of the tank initially in the wall). The back room was a small, unfinished area, initially space for a bathroom, so it's very consistent for RH and temperature. My brother (a contractor) offered to begin a project to create an in-wall humidor in that space. It's made of 100% spanish cedar, but has an additional front face of figured walnut. The floor is actually covered by a small screen, as there is a drawer that is still part of the interior of the humidor at the bottom. Humidity is provided on the inside by 2 Cigar Oasis Plus units that are connected to a Herpstat 2 controller. A fairly decent sized fan is placed on the screened bottom, in the center, pointing upwards to provide airflow pulling from the bottom and up and around the unit. This is also connected to the Herpstat 2 controller. It can turn on based on sensed temperature, or (as I am doing) is set to turn on 1 once an hour for 10 minutes. The Cigar Oasis Plus units, as I said, are also connected to the Herpstat controller. If humidity ever drops below 65 RH, both units power on. When desired humidity is reached, the power to both units is cut. I should mention, I have done the cigar oasis mod, taking out the foam. As of yet, after curing, the units have not powered on once, as humidity is still slowly lowering. The temp and RH sensors on the Herpstat 2 unit are top notch. All of these electronics are routed and mounted to the exterior of the back of the humidor. An LED lighting dimmer is also included, with two very small LED strips on the top of the front. The space was designed to hold 30+ boxes, but I think will hold a bit more. So far i'm super thrilled with it. Temp has been very steady at 70.2F Here are a couple crappy iphone pics, I hope to take more and better ones soon. Thanks for looking!

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