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  1. @zeedubbya is the prize/raffle genius! Random number between 1-100 works!
  2. ...and the exact point I’m making. You can increase your probability of success beyond chance by doing that very thing. Rob helps with that tremendously!
  3. Boveda vs Heartfelt Beads

    (they will both work fine and if you don't like one method or the other, it's crazy cheap to switch)
  4. ^^^^^^^ What prez sez. end of line..
  5. Thread got pretty long before I ran across, apologies it didn’t read all other responses. Personally, I dont think it matters what the cigar is lit with. Triple torch, blast furnace, soft flame, matchstick, $2 lighter, $100 lighter or whatnot. The “heat up” most folks refer to happens in the lighting technique. It’s the body of the cigar that gets “heated” and laden with the charred lighting bits creating that poor experience. Lighting the end does not heat the body until the smoker drags that hot smoke through it. With whatever you light with, try to limit that tempting heat compounding action of the puff Puff PUff PUFf PUFFFF when lighting and you’ll have a better experience. Toast the foot, take light puffs, not lit yet, let it rest and cool a minute, light again, light puffs. Lit? Good, let it rest another 30 seconds to a minute before pufffing again. ..that’s just the lighting. Then there’s the smoking. Many folks puff like freight trains, that heats up the body of the cigar faster than a jack rabbit on a date. That cyclical compunding puffing is the enemy of keeping the body of the cigar cool. Learning the rhythm of the single light drag or double drag (even lighter) will change the experience from first the last third. Cheers mate! (side note: I prefer a torch)
  6. Cigars shipping "wet"?

    Frankly I prefer a cigar being a bit wet for shipping. It will handle the jostling that will naturally occur better. Heck a very wet cigar, you can pinch flat in the middle and it'll bounce back if rolled correctly. They are resilient that way. To bring the humidity down, considering the RH in your house is lower than your humidor, sit them on the counter box open for 8 hours. Don't worry, they can take it. They don't need to be coddled or cuddled. They are more durable than folks give them credit for. Many of us freeze our cigars to kill beetles in certain scenarios. That doesnt bother them either. When my humidor gets a little wet (typically due to the occasional overfilling of my beads). I open the door for a 8 hours to a day. It's 55rh in my house right now so not a big deal.
  7. More specifically I suppose I should have said live beetles in Havana humidors. But for sure that is funny!
  8. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    For me. Custom Rolls *only* make sense if buying at Cuba cost or within 3-5 bucks above cost.. Other than that, one is gambling.
  9. Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    I'm excited for you both! Let us know how it goes!
  10. Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    I love this short Poem and am reminded if it often: “Earth's crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God, But only he who sees takes off his shoes; The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.”― Elizabeth Barrett Browning With Cuba, you either see the beauty or you don't/can't. The latter is quite OK. If one has never been, It's very hard to come to any real understanding of what Cuba may offer, unless it's experienced. I had so many pre-conceived notions before I went. Those were utterly shattered within a few days. For me, it's the place on earth that I get on island-time the fastest. I love that about the place. (..and that it's a 2 hr flight for me doesn't hurt) Cheers Gents!
  11. Cuban Wine

    😂😂 happens to be exactly how I saw the story playing out! Nice research Rob!
  12. I have absolutely seen beetles in Havana.. Different world for sure!
  13. I’d simply caution and state that assuming that Cuba might be that consistent as to freeze all cigar exports is likely fallacious. They can’t even produce tampons or sanitary pads for their people right now. Was there a few weeks ago and they can’t even shut off the pumps to their water towers. It rained on the houses below for hours.
  14. Hello from Budapest

    @canadianbeaver Holding Trini Vigia’s?

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