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  1. Ethernut

    Whats up for the weekend?

    ...which typically happens to be my experience everytime I wait up for one..
  2. Ozzy Man is hilarious. Huge fan here..
  3. Ethernut

    best rums under US$50.

    Diplo ER is 40ish here in the US. Incredible value. Would take it over most anything (rum) at that price. Need to try a few more on the list!
  4. Ethernut

    Share your Cuban haul

    Slightly Legendary... with @Corylax18 and the crazy ContUS krew!
  5. Ethernut

    Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Agreed with @Jal154 and @Weaponiz'd1!
  6. Ethernut

    Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    62% is actually a very good place to be (as long as your hydrometer is calibrated). Try holding it here. You'll be happy! (See my Noob Thread below for more detail on that)
  7. *offtopic... I've been running a Preciso for 3-4 years with no issues. I roast my own coffee in a Behmor 1600+. great combo. I bought the Preciso Refurb from Baratza's website (if they still do that) for a touch over $100us as I recall.. *update minutes later* Looks like the Preciso became the Virtuoso. Looks exactly the same.
  8. Ethernut

    Your sweet spot.

    Short and "Sweet" - For me? If a cigar can't dance between 3 and 8 years. It wont dance. Ever. I'm full-on in the sweet spot right at the 3 year to 5 year mark. When it starts to dance. Smoke the whole damn box! "Saving" that very good cigar _will_ result in it likely losing something you like about it.
  9. Not I my brother.. but @canadianbeaver is! 😂😂
  10. I don’t buy double banded bandits. Ever. But there’s no shortage of folks that do. Good on ‘em!
  11. If one mourns every-time something from HSA runs short it'll be a tough go. This is kind of the story of HSA. Stuff goes missing, then surprise! Its back!
  12. @zeedubbya is the prize/raffle genius! Random number between 1-100 works!
  13. ...and the exact point I’m making. You can increase your probability of success beyond chance by doing that very thing. Rob helps with that tremendously!
  14. Ethernut

    Boveda vs Heartfelt Beads

    (they will both work fine and if you don't like one method or the other, it's crazy cheap to switch)

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