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  1. If i ever smoked a cigar at my bedside. ...and happened to be posting on FOH, you’d see my last post end abruptly, confusingly unfished as I, with catlike reflexes, hit “submit reply” just before my death.. My wife doesn’t love that I have a cigar, she tolerates it and doesn’t give me too much sh** about it. I call that a win.
  2. On our way to Palm Springs

    That green label is knows as WSW. Weller Special Reserve. 90 proof and a nice dram for the money. It’s a value Wheater. Also check out Larceny as a generally avail wheater that compares well.
  3. On our way to Palm Springs

    / initiating thread jack / I think one can get between $500 and $800 on the secondary market for pappy 12. My opinion only, i’d buy a case or two of something else that has the same value but not the demand. Pappy 12 is legitimately a $50-$80 bourbon in true quality/value inside that bottle. Continued enjoyment vs return equation up 800%! / thread jack complete. Soap box vacated/
  4. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    I don’t do anything to the lid ever. I will of course open the box to inspect the cigars when putting them in the humidor so in a sense I am breaking the seal. The nail happens to just get in the way after a while so I take it out. It’s very very important to keep your humidity at maximum in the mid 60s. My humidor right now is between 60 and 62 RH I think last I looked. Keeping humidity up around 70 just doesn’t provide as good of a smoking experience as the lower humidity. Cigars with high humidity can seem like they’re made from asbestos. Doesn’t have to be precise just get it down at or below 65. Keep in mind, the cigars are way tougher than folks would have you think. You don’t need to be meticulous just in the range. Rest period after you get them home from shipping is at minimum 30 days to let them reacclimate. No need to wait too much longer before you try one.
  5. On our way to Palm Springs

    A lot of that bourbon scoring, like wine and other things is wicked subjective. In the industry right now I’m seeing a ton of the demand for scarce items drive up perceived quality scores. Pappy Vanwinkle is a perfect example. If you were to take a taste test at my home of four different Bourbons you would never pick it in the top two. But alas it is hundreds to thousands of dollars a bottle because of the scarcity created by buffalo trace. I would also say that it’s I’m sure a good guide but let your palate be the ultimate decision-maker.
  6. On our way to Palm Springs

    @canadianbeaver nice choices. For comparison on the Knob Creek, pick up a bottle of 120 proof single barrel ( which will be less than half the price of the 2001 / anniv releases). It’s wicked good stuff, generally available and should be under 45 bucks. Definitely in my top five go to generally available Bourbons
  7. The museums in the old grand central train station are cool if you’re in to Art Deco The newport aquarium is fun for a couple hrs as is the Newport riverfront The architecture downtown is worth a walk around to see, especially the Cinci riverfront at night. Also fun to walk across the river on one of the old bridges Yelp for restaurants and it’s hard to go wrong Skyline is an acquired taste. “Cincinnati Chili” has cinnamon as a secret ingredient which is weird to some. Still a local fave. Cheap chili dumped on over-cooked spaghetti with a mound of cheddar cheese and oyster crackers is still something to at least do once if you’ve never experienced it. I use plenty of hot sauce and add onions. The capitol grille is a good steakhouse (Cinci has more than a handful of good high-end steakhouse) Heres a few photos taken on one of my recent visits (I live an hour away) Enjoy your stay!
  8. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Truth is no one knows (kinda.. hotly debated). I touch on this very topic in my Noob Thread. The lore says the blenders take the tobacco that best fits the profile the Marca is going for and figures out the ratio required to create that experience. Truth is, I've had amazing Cohiba and utterly terrible Cohiba. The closest you'll get to guarantee of positive experience is leveraging the service Rob provides by profiling high-probability cigars for you.
  9. On our way to Palm Springs

    Stagg at nearly 130 Proof does have a bit of a kick in the juevos. Yummy spicy stuff though. Will be hard to find in the midwest. Hope you can find some there. Expect to pay in the $50-$75'ish range on the shelf. If higher than that, the local B&M is gouging. I'd also recommend you give Four Roses Single Barrel and Small Batch a try.
  10. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Hey Noobs! I wrote this just for you if you're looking for a deeper dive into much of the questions. Love the idea for a "safe thread", happy to help. You'll find this crew is probably the most helpful forum on the internet.
  11. hot chillies - can they hurt you?

    About 18 years ago I grew a garden of hot peppers and spent a day cutting and canning them. I wasn’t thinking I needed gloves. Job done and went about my day. Later that evening the missus and I decided to get frisky (naturally beginning with hand stuff). Apparently the capsaicin doesn’t just wear off and she ended up sitting on an ice pack (with a look on her face I’ll never forget). We divorced a couple years later..
  12. favourite islay malts

    Like @MahDooRow my response is simply, all of the them. (mic drop)
  13. My friends that come over get only the best I have. Life is short, give them the good stuff and then lead them through the process of understanding what they're enjoying till they can keep up! (....unless they're douche bags, wankers, tossers or posers then they get Piedra's or NC's from my "NC Drawer" (which is coincidentally all wickedly aged stock because I never reach for them) and cheap liquor they can pour in Coke and not make me wince) Cigars: Working our way through some '02-08 stock right now, trying to make room for the killer '14-'17 tobacco I have stuck in the OLH with no room in the inn. Notables are Dip 2 '06, BBF '08, and some SLR Serie A from '06 (Strong bastards!!). I also break out the PLMC's but dont have any "old stock" of those... They seem to disappear too quickly. Whiskey: Bourbon Four Roses (any thing Barrel Strength), Elijah Craig Barrel Strength Release A,B and C from '17, Russels Reserve 10 year barrel strength private picks. Scotch Bunnahabain 12 (need to get some of its older brothers. @jat makes me jealous with his enormous, uh, "collection"), Laphroig Quarter Cask, Call Ila 12, Lagavulin 16
  14. KENTRAYS Limited Edition.

    Yeah, I’ll stick with my fancy one.. makes me feel... ...fancy... 😎

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