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  1. What a beautiful cat. Bengal? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. New Releases

    Saint Luis Rey San Luis Tesoros is available
  3. First time buyer paranoia, is this real

    Ha ha!! Not centered stamp?? I've had labels on the wrong side of the box and not questioned their provenance
  4. Dream Regional

    Upmann 109 898
  5. Taco's??? Where are they available?
  6. Excellent score! They are wonderful little cigars, congrats on finding some
  7. Europe in January

    Berlin all day long...been to all those places and keep going back there. Some great cigar shops too
  8. And as winter is hitting in the UK, time for the little uns from HK. These are so over humidified they are wetter than an otters pocket!
  9. More German re's for splits and others
  10. Your Cigar of October 16?

    One that springs to mind is a Bolivar Libertador that I smoked sitting outside the LCDH Berlin drinking champagne with my wife on my birthday....the smoke matched the occasion perfectly
  11. 2015 German RE, released last week! 1 for me, 1 to split and 4 more on the way for friends
  12. ^ Agree whole heartedly. As soon as the lcdh in Dusseldorf received stock a box was bought. I thought Duke after the first stick, not as dark and choccy as the deluxe and very smokeable now. Shame about the cost or would be going deep
  13. I'd buy one a cab as soon as I saw it, no questions asked......shame I havent seen one
  14. Post your Pet.......

    Frank St dupont lighter and xikar cutter for scale, yep he's a big boy

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