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    Tinkering in my workshop, being a mad scientist, sports, the great outdoors, fine single malt and of course Cuban cigars!

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  1. I've always thought I saw straight through the thin veil of what this sort of thing really is. Putting something down, because it is either too expensive for you, or because you are not allowed to have it, is a common human nature, that of pure jealousy. One of the lowest and most toxic of human emotions.
  2. I'm surprised that the following hasn't been mentioned yet. I haven't got a huge amount of experience with vintage Habanos yet myself, but one flavour profile that seems to crop up now and again in reviews with vintage stock are floral notes. I have noted this in one or two well aged sticks myself.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I'd be interested to hear your opinions as to the differences @Luca. I really enjoyed the Partagas Mille Fleur you gave me to sample on the Friday night of Havanathon! I personally thought it had a very similar taste profile to the Shorts, with the Shorts just edging it out for body and strength. Medium bodied vs Medium Full.
  4. I personally find that the "cigar nirvana" experience occurs more frequently as my personal stock ages. Now that I have a number of boxes at the 4-5 year mark, this is now more often than not. As @JohnS has already said, it is definitely worth the patience! Last weekend I had another Party D4 from a '13 box that had me in that state of cigar bliss. If I remember, it was a D4 that started me on this fabulous journey 11 years ago! By the time I have gotten through these boxes, I will have others that will have hit that 3-5 year mark again.
  5. Fat cigars Fast women Slow cars Soft children Bad government
  6. what to have with a talisman?

    How about this idea, its the right timing for it too. You could do a review of the 2017 vintage Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin. I am impressed with it myself. It paired really well for me with a RA Club Allones last week.
  7. Green mark?

    It's a hologram Captain. Might I say, incomplete.
  8. Green mark?

    Maybe the conspiracy theorists are right after-all. Looks like a disguised reptilian cigar to me
  9. Well, I don't know about smarter, but this one is definitely the boss.
  10. I'm not sure which part @Fuzz loved the most. Us singing Happy Birthday at the top of our lungs, or the restaurant then following up by playing Happy Birthday over their music system
  11. And we did! @jay8354 and @Fuzz are officially in charge of menu ordering at our favourite Asian restaurants in Sydney :-) Another great night with the Sydney boys and El Pres!!
  12. Your Cigar of November

    I'm sure it was - at least thats what I was (in error) referring to in my reply - it was in fact the LFDC Grandiosos
  13. Your Cigar of November

    Agreed on the LGC Grandiosos! They have become quite stunning after 4 years. In fact, after I tried one from my box just recently, I was going to suggest to you Rob, that maybe Ken and yourself should revisit this one for a deck review. I remember that you both gave this one a great review back when they were first released, and you felt then that 3 to 5 years would be just right - and I think you were spot on about this.
  14. I'll be there either way, but either Wednesday or Thursday does work for me as well.

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