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  1. Bon Voyage Greg

    Oh man, that's a surprise! Sad for us FOH members, but hoping that it is an exciting new chapter for you, Greg. All the best.
  2. How Sensitive Is Your OCD Radar?

    Silly test. I got 100%, but also spotted more mistakes. On many of those, all three were subtly different.
  3. I prefer the term "collector" I am a bit of a mad collector. Just ask @Luca, he got an idea of this when he visited me a few days ago!
  4. offal - do you eat it?

    It was my Grandmother who introduced me to tripe at a young age. Simmered slowly in milk with onions and carrots with pepper and salt, and parsley for seasoning. Simmered for several hours until tender, thickened with a little corn starch, and served with potatoes. Occasionally, it would be breaded and deep fried and served with fresh vegetables. Nobody else in the family could stand it, but my Grandmother would prepare it for me whenever I visited, because I found it a treat. Another was slow roasted lambs hearts with a thick and rich broth. Fond memories. For her, I figured it must have been a lot to do with the economies of surviving through the second world war, but we both enjoyed these things very much. And I love both tender tripe and tendon cooked until jelly-like in a good Pho along with raw fillet and slow cooked brisket.
  5. offal - do you eat it?

    I like most offal. It's only brains that put me off a bit, and only because of the texture. Haggis is a favourite though, served in the traditional Scottish way ... Haggis, tatties and neeps, with a wee dram of scotch
  6. Cigars that don't age well

    To borrow a saying from my own industry - Garbage In, Garbage Out. Or to borrow another saying, You can't polish a turd - however someone just had to go and prove that one wrong didn't they !!
  7. Greatest Guitar Player Ever

    I totally agree with @JohnS with regard to Jimi Hendrix. I also agree with @gweilgi that Clapton is right up there, and with the demigods list, but to be a bit more complete a list I would like to add Jimmy Page and Brian May.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Happy birthday Luca!!! How are those Bushido coming along? I'm waiting for the right time to smoke the one you so kindly gave me.
  9. Sometimes there is no wrong twin ....
  10. ahhh right, is that the word.
  11. I thought she invented Grease?!
  12. Emotional Shifts

    Agreed @MrGlass, depends on the box. I have some trouble if the cigar in question has been discontinued. I had a hard time finishing off the last of a box of Diplomaticos No.4, and regretted it - at over 10 years old, the last couple of them were tired and over their best IMHO. I am going to have trouble now finishing of my last box of SLRA now they have been officially discontinued. I only have 8 left. I hope I don't fall into the same trap I did with the Dip4.
  13. One thing is for certain Ken, mass-energy equivalency breaks down in regards to this host's brain How could you be SO wrong in one sentence. Jeez, wrong scientist, wrong theory. Poor Darwin. We're doomed, aren't we?!
  14. stephen hawking RIP

    Sad news indeed.

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