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  1. IanMcLean68

    What's your giveaway cigar?

    Partagas Shorts and Montecristo No.4. True to the marca, benchmark CC's. Always appreciated by my occasional smoking friends. I have had a few new-to cigar friends ditch them at half way or less, but I don't let this get to me. Once I give someone a cigar, it's theirs to do with as they please. I always choose these two cigars because they are staples in my humidor and not too big or expensive.
  2. If you really want a scare, look up reverse cowgirl, and then look up broken penis.
  3. IanMcLean68

    H. Upmann Magnum 46

    You will definitely get just as many differing opinions on this topic as you will responses, one of the wonderful things about our collective hobby. In my honest assessment, The Mag46 is one of todays top 4 "agers". By that I mean they turn into something special at 5+ years. Mag46, for me, belongs in the same ranks as PLPC, PG898V, and HDM Des Dieux. You could add most Cohiba (at least the classic line), and other supreme agers, such as Sir Winston & Partagas Lusi, to that list, but for me, at 5+ years, these are the best things out of Cuba right now. Keep all of your ELs and REs, nothing beats these regular production cigars with 5 years on them.
  4. "When a dog is on heat, it wants sex. That is my defence." --Jimmy Carr
  5. IanMcLean68

    Dryboxing Humidity?

    Exactly the same for me. My wineador is kept at 65% for box storage/ageing, and my desktop humidor at 62%.
  6. IanMcLean68

    H. Upmann Magnum 46

    My 25 box measures 12.2 x 9.4 x 15.8cm. IMO, these become something a bit special at the 5 year mark. If you find a good box, they are worth the wait. My '13 box is now smoking divine.
  7. Given the recent quality and consistency of Punch Punch - one of, if not the the come-back of the decade (given how these went to the dogs throughout the noughties), I think Punch is long overdue for a bit of regular production HSA love, like QDO. Any new size release in this marca is a great idea! Would certainly prefer a half corona over a petit robusto. As for my personal choice - a PL lancero and robusto, or the same for Diplomaticos.
  8. As for smoking young, I know they are not PC's, but for a perla/minuto, I can happily smoke Partagas Shorts or San Cristobal El Principe young, old, straight off the rollers table. Like them all ways ;-) I still do think even these are better with at least 2 years on them, but for me, that is not a hard and fast criteria, as I like the mongrel in the younger ones too.
  9. Just cracked the first from a HQ box of Monte4 - MOB JUL15 - last night. Absolutely superb. Perfect example of a Monte4. Creamy, deep cocoa, coffee, screams Montecristo. However, this was not ROTT or anything close, as I have patiently rested this box waiting for it to hit the 3 year mark. Prefer most monte's at 3 years+, the exception being MC2 which I prefer 5+ years. It's not too hard to find MC4 with a few years on them already if you want something to smoke straight away.
  10. IanMcLean68

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thats got my vote for nub of the year!!!
  11. IanMcLean68

    Cigar Mancathlon

    Hey, I know FOH is a caring, sharing group ... but the way some people make love to their cigars, sharing bodily fluids with my fellow BOTL might be taking things a bit too far!
  12. IanMcLean68

    Cigar Mancathlon

    If we could get the leaf, a cigar rolling competition would be a heap of fun.
  13. IanMcLean68

    Cigar Mancathlon

    You need to come up with a marathon event to finish up @Fuzz I dunno, longest ash on a double corona? or maybe seeing as we have all these races to finish fastest, howzabout a slow event - who can keep a Perla going the longest (must not go out)?
  14. IanMcLean68

    coffee - how anal are you?

    Used to use a Rancilio Sylvia until the water pump broke down a couple of years ago. I haven't been bothered yet to get it fixed, and just use a Nespresso machine. Love good coffee, but anal, no. I should get the Rancilio fixed though.

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