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  1. That's funny, I have found red and yellow thread in more than one cuban cigar. I figured they were just threads that fall off of ribbons in the factory.
  2. This is a total cop-out. NASCAR doesn't seem to have a problem running seriously high strung small block V-8's...in fact the noise and power is a significant draw of NHRA. Lots of teams running in both of those series. What F1 really doesn't want to admit is that it was a mistake to go to the hybrids in the first place.
  3. I sure do miss those Upmann Super Coronas too. RA cab coronas, PC's, 898's, Bolivar coronas and CE's, Partagas Selection Privada #1, Bolivar Lonsdales...the list is getting pretty long I think the box I miss more than any was Bolivar Lonsdales from 1993. I can still taste that old Bolivar blend. Nothing but great memories from those.
  4. I hate the "sharkfins." I'm glad they banned them previously and I hope they do again. The fact that Mercedes stayed away is a good sign. Now if we could just get back to 19,000 rpm naturally aspirated 3.0 liter motors...I would be happy again.
  5. It's just my observation that I don't think I have ever had a plugged cigar that had a heavy dent from the cabinet ribbon. Perhaps they compress because they are not overfilled? I don't know, but I always get a kick out of "that" cigar.
  6. The pinched cigars in a cabinet always seem to smoke especially well.
  7. While I don't have extensive Davidoff experience, I do not detect similarities between Siglos and Davidoffs. What did kind of taste similar was a Presidencia churchill I had the pleasure of smoking quite a few years ago.
  8. Some of my all time favorite days started out with me deciding to skip work and do something fun instead :-)
  9. Some interesting comments about the Club Allones. The last cab of RAC's I got were insanely strong for the first five years. Perhaps the Clubs might remind me of those...
  10. Boy do I hope that H2000 is dead! But honestly some of the "maduro" cigars that I see online sure look like it isn't.
  11. I had a LOT of Bolivars from the late 90's out of VC. They made some good smokes.
  12. I would bring back Bolivar Especiales, GM and RA898....pretty much the German releases.
  13. Let's just hope that this year's strain of tobacco tastes like Corojo of old...(wishful thinking I know)

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