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  1. Formula 1 - 2017

    Ughh.... Halos....hate them!! Three engines....hate it!! BS piping exhaust sound into the broadcast...hate it!! I'm starting to think Nikki Lauda is right about the new owners. I actually think the new engine formula may not be too bad if they completely lifted the RPM limit and did away with the hybrid system. Yes I would prefer to go back to screaming V10's, but it sure seems like that ship has sailed. Perhaps there is hope for refueling in the future?
  2. Freezing Vessels

    Using a "food-saver," which is one of those vacuum bag food storage devices. Makes it easy to vacuum pack a box or a bungle of singles. I have done this many times and just have to be careful not to crush the cigars with too much vacuum.
  3. Some GREAT covers on this thread!! That Enter Sandman bit reminds me of being in my buddies college dorm room recording a similar cover with whatever "instruments" we had at the time...including a teaspoon tapping on his...uh..."water pipe." Personally I think Disturbed has some killer covers. Land of Confusion And Living After Midnight:
  4. An 898 voyage.

    My boxes of RA-898 from that last batch in 2002 were very much like this. Smoked in 2005 was a surefire trip to GAK-ville. Fastforward to 2012 and it was a tolerable but very strong cigar. Fastforward to 2017 and they are still strong but starting to produce killer flavors and aromas. I still have a few left and it is incredible that it took 15 years to develop into a great smoke.
  5. There is a lot of filler tobacco in a #2. Takes a long time to dry out.
  6. IMO it depends on your definition of "aged." I think it takes a couple years for cigars to acclimate to a lower humidity like 63%. So you may be experiencing the wrappers being at a lower humidity than the filler. So the filler expands and causes splits. Over 5-10 years, that humidity will become more uniform through the cigar and the 63% cigars should smoke great!
  7. Formula 1 - 2017

    Ahh, the song of a 3 liter V10 at max rpm!! I sure do miss Michael Schumacher and the glory days.
  8. Formula 1 - 2017

    Agreed that louder is good, but adding a microphone to pipe in sound isn't. Nothing beats the sound of 19,000 rpm.
  9. Wrapper Repair Help

    If you take the cut cap off of a parejo (straight) cigar, there is a surprising amount of wrapper tobacco there. Wet it out thoroughly, let it sit and you can peel off the round cap to reveal the flag. It is usually about 2.5" long and at least an inch across. A couple of those could easily be used to repair those cracks.
  10. I've had cigars come with patches from the factory. They seem to be cut from the same wrapper leaf so they match well. Seen on Hoyo DC, CoRo, etc. Should just be covering a wrapper flaw like a split.
  11. I was hoping this was going to be about a Shelby Cobra...:)
  12. Box code help

    Boy I sure do miss the old band..
  13. I saw a show on the "Vice" channel here in the states. The cartel guys regularly sew cocaine packages into knockoff bags and other designer items. They sell them to unsuspecting tourists with the intent of grabbing them at the airport in their destination. They also solicit mules to carry a spare bag for a few bucks. They actually tracked a couple of mules on the show and it was pretty amazing. Personally if I were in Columbia I sure as hell wouldn't do anything sketchy for someone I just met.
  14. I have worked on many proposals to the US gov't. Typically they require a printed version delivered to their office by a certain date and time. I vividly remember one of my young engineers volunteering to take a cross country flight to deliver the proposal. He was stoked to get paid to goof off for a couple days. Then our boss said, "we are also sending Mary with a copy on another flight in case your plane crashes." The look on his face was awesome

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