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  1. Japanese Whiskeys

    Thanks. By the way, if anyone goes to Tokyo, "Shinanoya" in the Kabukicho part of Shinjuku had the best prices (approx. 8,000 Yen for Hibiki 17 vs 10,000 Yen at Isetan). This is also where I found the ***** Tsuru ceramic decanter. Isetan Shinjuku had at least 2 more bottles of the Fuji-san Hibiki 21 and offered an 8% tax refund.
  2. Japanese Whiskeys

    It's the exact same bottle as the normal release just with Mount Fuji and you are right, it's a nice bottle. Here's a blurb on it ....
  3. Japanese Whiskeys

    Been soooo busy traveling for work but sometimes the stars align .... just returned from Japan and was able to pick up a few items only available there (or at least very hard to find outside): - ***** Tsuru 17 y/o in the ceramic decanter - Hibiki 21 y/o in limited edition Fuji-san painted bottle (2000 only) - ***** from the barrel ... available outside but 1/4 of the price found in Malaysia Needless to say, I'm pretty happy and can't wait for Christmas as I'm saving them to share with my brother with some tasty stogies.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Picked up the Monte 2 back in 2003 from Prague duty free on my way back from attending a friends wedding. Brings back fond memories. This 10+ y/o stick was incredible and coated my mouth with what I could only describe as a nice "olive oil" type mouth feel, something I never really experienced before ... enjoyed it so much that I nubbed it till it got too hot ... something I don't normally do since they usually get too harsh but not this one!
  5. Nespresso

    I know this is a Nespresso thread, which I also have and truly enjoy but if you will only be using it for 1-3 times a week, I'd seriously look into the "handpresso" ... I have no first hand experience but have considered it when traveling for work. Reviews on it seem to be good and a lot more portable than the nespresso. *EDIT* ... oops, re-read your message ... thought you were looking to transport the machine back and forth ... never mind then ;-)
  6. Aloha from Malaysia

    ZinZan ... yes, I'm in KL. I'll definitely shoot you a PM as can always use some good insight. Thanks!
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Had an HdM Epi 2 (AME JUL12) during the holidays which was incredible so just got another box (MGR ABR13). Smoked the first one today ... unfortunately this one was not as good so back in the humi for a few months.
  8. Aloha from Malaysia

    Thank You everyone ... greatly appreciate the warm welcome!
  9. Japanese Whiskeys

    Hiro ... you are right, the bottle looks sweet. I'm hoping to go back and pick one up .... just didn't want to make those long flights chancing that the bottle (full or empty) would get damaged.
  10. Japanese Whiskeys

    Flying home from Asia to the States for the holidays, a snow storm caused me to be diverted through Narita airport. I already had a bottle of Hakushu 12 and some RASS, HDM 2, and HU 2 to share with my brother but was now able to pick up another bottle through duty free. I had been looking at the $100 Hibiki 17 in their commemorative bottle but the kind sales lady recommended the $35 ***** Naketsuru 17 Pure Malt blend and offered a taste ... I was sold! The Hakushu was so smooth with hints of citrus and floral and really paired well with the HDM 2 while the added sweetness and slight smokiness of the ***** went well with the RASS. The trip to NY had extremes in temps as I landed in a snow storm but was able to enjoy the stogies and whiskies in rare 70 degrees in December.
  11. Aloha from Malaysia

    Hello FOH! I've been enjoying stogies on and off for the past decade. I grew up in New York, studied and lived in both coasts, Europe, Texas, Hawaii and have finally landed in Kuala Lumpur. I've enjoyed reading though the forum and appreciate the comaraderie ... look forward to being part of it. Aloha! Andrew

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