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  1. I'd like to play. Can do Monday or Tuesday....NY time. Thanks Rob!
  2. I can't agree with you on this one. I have more than a handful of these and smoked one with a friend last weekend. These scream Nicaragua to me. Very good cigar, but nothing to me could I compare to a Cuban. Very peppery and almost has that Copenhagen dip smell to the wrapper. Not knocking you assessment...just another opinion I smoke my fair share of the La Colmena #44 and they are wonderful. These are rolled by Level 9 rollers for Warped at the El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami. Cuban triple cap and all....excellent cigars. Sometimes tough to find...they kinda come and go. They hit the shelves again here recently....
  3. Wonder how much this one is.....I might need 2 of them!
  4. Gintrification

    During the hot Houston summers, the wife and I partake in our share of gin and tonics. Nothing too fancy when mixing those up...Bombay Sapphire, Tanqurey Ten, a local Texas gin and a few others. Started drinking Monkey 47 last summer in martini form....great stuff. I see it on the shelf of that picture you posted Moe.
  5. Many in Houston - most attached or part of the B&M cigar shops around here. Some are private and require a membership, others a public, and some shops have both private and public areas.
  6. Sorry guys....looks like the family function will, in fact, cause me to not be able to make this one. The wife tried to get me out of it, but no can do. Next time....
  7. Stay tuned with me.....might have a conflict with a family function.
  8. Netflix only shows: The Ozarks, The Crown, Orange is the New Black, Master of None, Making of a Murderer, House of Cards, Stranger Things (meh....), Bloodline are the standards the wife and I keep up with. We both thought that Godless was great (mini series). Watched American Vandal last week - a funny "mockmentary" Plan to start watching Mindhunter 3 of the 4 Dave Chappell special concerts that have been recently released (last 4-5 months) were very funny. Seinfeld's recent concert was pretty good too.
  9. Upmann Super Coronas RA 898 LGC MdO #1
  10. This date/time shouldn’t be a problem for me....unless you hear otherwise, count me in.

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