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  1. I'll be getting married next month as well..Bye bye cigar budget.
  2. FOH Mould Study

    Great job Greg! For me the results were kinda expected but its interesting to know that the "dust" could actually be bacteria instead of fungi. Interesting. Cant wait to see the forum newbies post this in the CO/Cigar Cartel/CHAOS FB page..
  3. Pretty sure this is said by people who smoke fake Cubans too.
  4. Damn we need a Ozzy Man video commentary!
  5. A 25 count 50rg box of at $180, sure, id buy em. A 10 count 52/54rg box at $200? Fork no. Its the price that matters for me really.
  6. Next Level Man Caves

    I don't have any houses as big as those rooms.
  7. Washing your cubans

    Do whatever you want. They're just cigars.
  8. A good deed indeed

    Great gesture there!
  9. I seldom get Colds/Flu but sore throats quite often so no.
  10. Fish commits suicide

    An <insert caption here> in the pic would be good
  11. 0.01 seconds right after getting a cancer diagnosis from the doctor.
  12. Probably just me but why do i have the feeling that the author was referring to Gurkhas when he mentioned "luxury cigars"?
  13. Love this Marlboro man.
  14. When i stared smoking cigars, i used to have mouth problems (sores and especially sore throats) after. I had two physicians as friends who were into cigar smoking as well and they advised me to get a checkup but like the OP, the mouth problems disappeared after a few days without smoking. I thought i was done smoking cigars. But being the stubborn b@stard that i am, i continued to do so and getting sore throats almost every week, i realized was i getting these problems when i smoke too fast and/or with smaller RG cigars (less than 40rg) & having the habit of doing double or triple puffs was making it worse. What i did was to slow down with the smaller RG cigars and right after every session i'll gargle with salt water and now my sore throats and ulcers are greatly reduced.

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