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  1. The topic title should be changed to "Who hoards?"
  2. Mine would be Quintero Favoritos
  3. So just because they have short filler you assume its "floor sweepings"? How about if they were genuine Tripa Corta (JLPs/Quinteros) and then rebanded as fakes?
  4. Sorry to derail the discussion but im guessing you watched CO to use that term. May i know how sure are you (or Bryan Glynn who is super butthurt for anything Cuban Cohiba) short filler are always "floor sweepings"?
  5. Swag Puro Dominicana triple ligero. Medium in taste but full of spice which had me almost in tears when doing a retropuff. Seriously the spiciest cigar ive ever had.
  6. I agree with the general consensus that a young cuban cigar does get harsh when nearing the last quarter. Sometimes i get it before it hits half of the cigar. That's why i purge every few times i smoke.
  7. Well for people who dont smoke cigars, some sticks do smell like manure to them so its not surprising.
  8. With that questioning tone I wouldn't even bother doing anything. I'd probably would say "My forum my rules" gtfo if you have a problem with it
  9. Corrected.
  10. "So now you know how i feel" she said, after i complaint of bigger gauge cigars.
  11. Finally someone can take the cheapskate crown from me
  12. I've had this issue before and it was not because of damage during shipping. I concluded that when the box was opened for inspection, the blade used actually damaged the cigar.
  13. Yeah. The govt plans to introduce plain packaging. Take a guess where did they get the idea from.
  14. The tax actually makes up half the price of the cigar.
  15. ..searching frantically for said tobacco shop in my country..must avoid at all costs!

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