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  1. Looks like a Petit Edmundo from the size.
  2. He isnt doing much cigar related stuff since last year iianm
  3. You guys are lightweight. Someone in the forum smokes 18-21 a week and he's still fit as a fiddle.
  4. Or wait for another few years to put a REVISADO stamp and jack up the price.
  5. I think its pretty successful. Love the secretos which provides me about 30 mins of relaxation. If only it could be priced like the Partagas Shorts lol
  6. Box pressed more flavour? What?
  7. The best Nazi is the Soup Nazi
  8. Nah, all my impulse purchases are cigars and i cant spend compulsively on other stuff.
  9. The Siglo VI band seems a little off. Size of the white squares are different, Cohiba wording is a bit too big, etc.
  10. wow look at the oils on those
  11. He might be a famous roller and all but the cigars which bear his name is priced a bit on the high side.
  12. Eid Mubarak is also known wished as Selamat Hari Raya in Malaysia & Singapore. And best of all, we have 2 days off!
  13. Ive got an entry level espresso machine at home which i use on weekends and holidays. In office i only use a french press.
  14. I think the questions everyone here wants to know is: 1) Will this affect cigar prices especially through our beloved vendor like Rob here? 2) As there will be stricter trading rules between US and Cuba, will this affect the importation of cigars to other US ally countries and if it does will we be getting better quality cigars? Its good to dream on a Friday lol
  15. You forgot they have the "Anejados" band & "Revisado" hot stamp. Lots of stock? No problem. Keep them for a few years, put on the magic Anejados band and stamp revisado on the back of the box.

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