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  1. When i stared smoking cigars, i used to have mouth problems (sores and especially sore throats) after. I had two physicians as friends who were into cigar smoking as well and they advised me to get a checkup but like the OP, the mouth problems disappeared after a few days without smoking. I thought i was done smoking cigars. But being the stubborn b@stard that i am, i continued to do so and getting sore throats almost every week, i realized was i getting these problems when i smoke too fast and/or with smaller RG cigars (less than 40rg) & having the habit of doing double or triple puffs was making it worse. What i did was to slow down with the smaller RG cigars and right after every session i'll gargle with salt water and now my sore throats and ulcers are greatly reduced.
  2. it wasn't his fault

    My Lusi is most likely a fake..
  3. Modern Guayabera's

    Nice shirts. I think ive seen them on Instagram.
  4. cigar: Qunitero Favoritos music: Spiritual reading/TV/cinema: Seinfeld & Stand up comedy beverage: Apple cider hobby: Fishing
  5. RIP Sir David Tang

    Just read this on Bloomberg.
  6. When i saw the bed it reminded me of this guy
  7. Thank you Rob & the entire CZAR team!
  8. Generally, durians are not allowed in most hotels nationwide due to its overpowering smell. Penangites and Malaysians in general love the fruit.
  9. (Update) Day 2! Oh, so you plan to stay a little longer to explore the local delicacies and towns? Sure! Let's head north of Malaysia and find out what's in store. Ipoh, Perak - A city which was build upon mining many years ago is now quiet as many have moved to cities like KL However there's much to taste here like the famous Ipoh Hor Fun Yong Tau Foo & Laksa Once done, let's stop for some fishing as there's many ex mining ponds which are now converted to fishing spots Some kopi ais (Iced coffee) while fishing under the sweltering heat After landing some nice peacock bass (CnR of course) its time to head towards Penang Island for even more food! Penang Island We'll need to take a ferry from the mainland to the island Almost dinner time as we reach the island Asian/Western/Fusion? We have it all! Penang Laksa first Must try Cendol Penang Char Koay Teow Lucky you, its durian season now They stink? Grow a pair and try some lol Damn you look bloated, lets have a walk at the beach Penang bridge at night Some drinks before we call it a night I hope you've enjoyed yourself! See you again.
  10. Hehe i actually had a Ramly burger for supper few days ago. But its quite small though..
  11. Hello and Selamat Datang (welcome) to Kuala Lumpur! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Let me bring you for breakfast at our staple restaurants locals visit to get their fix. Its called a "mamak" where we get our "nasi lemak" for breakfast. Nasi Lemak is coconut milk savoury rice served with eggs, peanuts, anchovies and sweet chili sauce. After our breakfast let's head to the Petronas Twin Towers to have a panoramic shot to tell people we're in Malaysia Let's take a stroll in its park Tired yet? Come have a cuppa in the Twin Towers shopping mall where you can shop till you drop too. For lunch, we'll have some best burgers in town at Burger Lab and stopping by some local BnMs to get some cigars for tonight.. Once done, we go to the bird park to watch some birds (not sure why tourists like coming here but ok) Greetings from the well trained long beaks In the evening after some much needed rest we head to Troika for some fine dining With our bellies full we head on to Havana Club KL for some cigars & drinks where bring your own cigars are allowed After a few cigars we go barhopping at KL's most famous nightscene area, Changkat where the street is dotted by whisky bars and nightclubs What a night! Hope you come back soon
  12. Aging Cubans at 62%?

    For long term sticks, they're kept at 65-69 RH and for those i want to smoke i have them dryboxed at less than 65rh.
  13. Cigar Seeding

    Is it true that its against the law to grow your own tobacco in Australia? If it is, how do they enforce it? The plant looks like any other plant.

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