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  1. "So now you know how i feel" she said, after i complaint of bigger gauge cigars.
  2. Finally someone can take the cheapskate crown from me
  3. I've had this issue before and it was not because of damage during shipping. I concluded that when the box was opened for inspection, the blade used actually damaged the cigar.
  4. Yeah. The govt plans to introduce plain packaging. Take a guess where did they get the idea from.
  5. The tax actually makes up half the price of the cigar.
  6. ..searching frantically for said tobacco shop in my country..must avoid at all costs!
  7. How about Asian countries? A Cohiba Piramides in a B&M in my country (Malaysia) retails for about 60USD. A Cohiba Robusto for 44USD while a Partagas D4 is 25USD. I think its expensive here. In the airport its only around 5-10% cheaper.
  8. While most of the best cigars people have are high ends or discontinued, mine was a Partagas Super Partagas which i had few years ago. Few puffs after i lit it up i stopped for a few seconds to adorn the band which was giving me the ultimate balance of spice and cream which i've been searching for since. Needless to say its like finding a needle in a haystack with the Super Partagas these days.
  9. Happy birthday Mus!
  10. And the rest here gets comments like "why are you buying so much" or "what's this czar club and what are they sending you?"
  11. I've only watched a few clips but they're quite entertaining. The one where he had Obama was funny.
  12. Anything Partagas is good in my opinion.
  13. To all who are celebrating it, i wish you guys a happy Chinese New Year! May we be blessed with good health, fortune and abundance (cigars especially) in the year of the rooster!
  14. I am a total noob (newbie) compared to most members here so i have extremely limited experience in discontinued cigars. But i like the BCG though.

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