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  1. Agreed. I had one with a 5year age last week and it was astounding. Thanks for the info. Guess i was dreaming while handling JLPs all these while lol
  2. I just got some JLP Cazadores (yeah, a poorman's cigar but I really enjoy them especially with a little age) which look like they have single cap instead of the typical triple. Anyone who bought any JLPs lately notice the same thing? Not really complaining but just wanted to know. Having only single caps is still far from the empty tubos problem lol (just joking Rob).
  3. So much win.
  4. I LOVE them. Send Rob a PM.
  5. Its overroasted but i prefer a certain amount of my beans in my blend this way lol.
  6. Thank you Rob for providing us information like these. It's always good to know the current stock quality.
  7. Some people would wish for this. Happy Mother's Day all. I'll give her a call on Sunday.
  8. I had a beetle hole in one of my RACA sticks and i didnt notice it initially until i saw fine dust on my lap. I froze all the sticks and the vendor was kind to refund me the damaged stick.
  9. Im pretty sure he was joking or referring to mold.
  10. In all honesty, i have some JLPs which look like that (better ones though)
  11. Probably a box of Lusitanias, VR Don Alejandro & Cohiba Robusto. Its always good to dream on a Monday morning, even for a few seconds. Now back to work.. =(
  12. And HSA is thanking everyone here for the money they're making from the Medio Siglo and enjoying one them self as a cost of 1$ (im exaggerating but you get my point)
  13. When it was released the pictures were all over Instagram with people hoarding boxes and boxes of them while i cant even get a single stick till now.
  14. I didn't like the flavour bouquet of the 1 year old Upmann Majestics when i got them. After sitting for 5 years now it was damn brilliant. Heaps of silky smooth woodsy toast and some light leather.

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