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  1. great news photos 2017

    Having just bought a decent camera to get back into photography after a near 30-year gap, I am still gobsmacked by the ability of some to capture an iconic image in the very split second the opportunity occurs. Great stuff!
  2. Allones Gigantes

    I also love a DC. SLR would be my first choice every time, if you could find them easily. I am fortunate to have a box of RAG from EML SEP 14, which, if I remember correctly, is the same box code that Rob and Ken reviewed, and, probably no shock here, they’re bloomin’ marvellous!
  3. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Two bottles of Teaninich 32 year old. Cask nos. 6738 (47.8%) and 6744 (50.8%).
  4. sporting rivalries

    Growing up in Glasgow, there are only two rivalries that matter. Rangers v Celtic, and Scotland v England. In both cases, not only do you want your own team to beat the opposition, you also want everybody else to crush them as well. Sadly, with Rangers current headless-chicken faffing about, after their years of punishment for dodgy financial dealings, there’s not much for Celtic to be worried about these days. And the Scottish football team has been woeful for so long, that the English have nothing to fear. But I can’t wait for next year’s Six Nations, where, after some great rugby in the Autumn Internationals, England might now be a wee bit more worried about coming to Murrayfield. Should be a great game!
  5. poll on favourite italian reds

    I love Amarone. I was invited to a Masi tasting recently and I really enjoyed the 2009 Costasera Riserva. As we were in quite a rural location taxis were scarce, and I ended up sharing mine with Giacomo Boscaini, one of the family, and their brand ambassador.
  6. Cheers Ken. I’ve just bought a new camera and this is great inspiration. Although my novice-level attempts are a long way off these!
  7. I’d grab the Macallan age statements bottles, as they are becoming rarer to find and more expensive accordingly. Also the Glenmorangie 18 is a glorious drop - I was drinking just last night - but it is widely available in UK airport duty free shops at the moment, if you happen to be flying through the UK anytime soon.
  8. Thanks mate. For what it’s worth, that’s been my reaction after most Scotland games for the last decade, too.
  9. Wow. One of the truly special days at Murrayfield. Eight trys, and no Hoggie. Unbelievable. One rush of blood to the head ruined the game for the Aussies. A shocker of a challenge. Great performances from so many, but Barclay had another great day. Huge shout out to Maitland, who wasn’t even in the squad last week, and suddenly found himself starting at full-back after Hogg injured himself in the warm-up. Sad that Stephen Moore retires from International Rugby on that result, but the standing ovation that he received from the whole stadium served as a salutory reminder of all that makes Union such a wonderful game. All the talk in Edinburgh tonight is about next year’s Six Nations possibilities. Tomorrow will be time enough for more sober reflection, but, for tonight, I’m off to get sloshed. Mon the Scotland!!!
  10. Whole lotta Rosie. Touch too much. For those about to rock.
  11. Awesome stuff from our Scottish lads today, although we ultimately lost out. But if this is a sign of Townsend’s intentions as coach, then Scottish rugby could well be on to a good thing. Hoggie outstanding, Barclay immense. As great an atmosphere as I’ve ever experienced at Murrayfield. Looking forward to the Australia game next week. Back to the hotel for the English and Welsh highlights. And a warming dram. Or three.
  12. Party Shorts and Trini Reyes have been excellent for me. Party E2s glorious.
  13. FOH Mould Study

    Fascinating. Great stuff. 👍
  14. I AM a man. At least, I was until the ex took my balls in the divorce...

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