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  1. refresh

    Site Slow to Load, Timing Out

    Quick update - the server performance review showed a Google PageSpeed score of 95% and GTMetrix page load time of 1 second. It looks like the problem resolved when the MySQL plugin process was killed. Please let me know if you notice any performance issues.
  2. refresh

    Site Slow to Load, Timing Out

    The host had a look, there was a rogue MySQL plugin process eating CPU over the last day or so. It's been killed. Please let me know if things improve or not.
  3. refresh

    Site Slow to Load, Timing Out

    Looks fine from here Colt. I'll check the server logs. MySQL performance looks erratic over the past 24 hours. We had an issue last week with a database crash, could be related. That said, 7 day performance looks even, whereas I would have expected MySQL to show up as a spike. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll follow it up with our webhost. The site seems to be behaving ok, but please update if issues continue.
  4. refresh

    Tapatalk issues?

    We should be fine for the foreseeable future for Tapatalk. Getting both the forum software and Tapatalk plugin up to date should have cleaned up any issues.
  5. refresh

    Tapatalk issues?

    Test post. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. refresh

    Tapatalk issues?

    Tapatalk is updated to the latest release and appears to be working fine.
  7. refresh

    Test topic

    🦖💩 That's all the emoticons I'll ever need. Posting, Replying and Preview are working, that's all I needed to test.
  8. All done. Everything seems to be working, but please post any issues in the Forum Technical Issues forum. I did notice an error message when logging in via Tapatalk, but otherwise it seems fine. I'll reattempt the Tapatalk plugin upgrade when things die down again tomorrow arvo.
  9. refresh

    Test topic

    Test reply...
  10. refresh

    Test topic

    Test topic...
  11. I'll pop the site offline at 5.30pm (one hour from now), run a backup, then run the upgrade.
  12. refresh

    Tapatalk issues?

    Sixth time is a charm. I found a version of the Tapatalk plugin that seems to be playing friendly. Please try again today and post an update here if it's still not working.
  13. refresh

    Tapatalk issues?

    I've tried 5 different versions of the Tapatalk plugin with the same result - the file path to Tapatalk is correct but won't validate on their site. I went so far as to install a plugin version for a prior release of Invision - that URL did validate, but the Tapatalk plugin is outdated and didn't work. Sorry, but the issue is at the Tapatalk end. I'll keep chasing them up for a fix (no response yet).
  14. refresh

    Tapatalk issues?

    The Tapatalk plugin was updated yesterday. The issue is at the Tapatalk end, it's failing to validate our installation URL despite all settings being correct. It's in the hands of Tapatalk tech support at the moment, I'll update this thread once they resolve the issue.
  15. No credit card transactions are processed via the forums, they never have been. Don't be silly enough to send any sensitive data via PM. is a separate subdomain and already has SSL, so all orders are secure. As were and before it. For peace of mind, the SSL certificates have been ordered. They'll be applied to the FOH forums and FOH Classifieds site as soon as they're approved.

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