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  1. cant log into

    CUNTINT and CUNTAS no longer exist. They've been replaced with Please head there to register a new account.
  2. member account gone missing

    It would have been far easier to nuke all members than target a micro-sector, so I'm pretty confident that didn't happen.
  3. member account gone missing

    Yes. Please recommend they he uses the same username. We can't link the old posts back up (they're still on the forums with a "Guest" prefix) but we can adjust the post count and join date, if that bothers anyone. What's concerning is all affected users are "Robs", which concerns me that this was a targeted attack against the Pres. But to do that, they'd need to access the db and run an SQL query for "Rob". I seriously doubt that's happened , it's just a very odd coincidence that the wiped records all seem to start with the first name Rob, even though their display names are quite different. Also, if an affected member has a Cigar Locker, please contact FOH staff and we'll get the accounts linked back up.
  4. member account gone missing

    The problem there is we have no way to reassociate users with prior content. That sucks, but at least it's not gone outright. We don't know how many active users are affected, fortunately there have only been a couple of reports thus far.
  5. member account gone missing

    Can't do it, the site's too big and it'd take way too long to nut it out. Our options are a full restore or try to figure out how to avoid a repeat episode while trying to help those affected by this issue (we can buff the post count and join date for re-registrations and the content still exists albeit with the "Guest" prefix). The forum's been running for at least 15 years now and this was a first for us. We'd expect a database crash to affect everyone rather than a small segment.
  6. member account gone missing

    Nope, none at all. I checked with Invision about just this thing. We'd have to restore the entire site. That's a difficult thing to do on a 17000 member forum.
  7. member account gone missing

    We think so too Fuzz. I've investigated all options and a database restore looks like our only solution. We don't know why or how it's happened, but suspect a database corruption. That could be from a server reboot, HDD failure, read/write error...anything hardware related. Whatever the case, it's the server not the software. I need to find out as near as possible when this issue first occurred. Diana emailed me about lunchtime yesterday. Any chance we can find out from photorob when he first noticed this problem? If we do go with a restore, we're going to lose new threads, posts and members since that database image was taken. We have backups from the 15th (possibly after the issue), 14th (possibly before or after the issue), the 12th (likely before the issue) and 6 other backups dating back to Feb 5. I suspect that at the least we'll lose a day or two of posts and at the most three days if we want to restore those members, but it depends heavily on when this problem started. New members aren't a big problem, I have an email list for them. Any help we can get with the timeline would be greatly appreciated as it will minimise data loss, should we opt for a restore.
  8. member account gone missing

    Just confirming that the account hasn't been deleted, but it has disappeared. I've dug around into the possible causes and have ruled all out but the database messing up. The webhost will run a db repair to see if we can dig something up, hopefully the account will pop back into existence. Very concerning as we don't have an easy explanation for it, but we do know it wasn't intentionally or accidentally deleted. All Admin actions are logged in the system and there's no action taken to delete the account. We also know the Admin CP hasn't been breached, so it's not a hacker.
  9. Reviews thread houses all of the YouTube reviews. There's also a dedicated Cigar Reviews forum -
  10. Yep, they do. The purpose of the column was originally intended to display other options like Back-order and Pre-order, but it ended up being easier to flag products as out of stock and simply have them not be visible on the front end to avoid stock availability issues. Ergo, IN STOCK ended up being a redundant feature.
  11. Ignored Users

    The setting is enabled in the back-end, but I can see the same error, so it's not related to Mods. Might be a leftover from a recent upgrade, I'll chase up with Invision when I'm back on deck on Tuesday.
  12. Things I Miss

    Trader Feedback is also back online.
  13. Things I Miss

    We're at the mercy of plugin developer for compatibility updates. The online indicator plugin has been updated, though I still can't see it. There must be a setting somewhere in the admin, I'll poke around. Preview Post is not listed as compatible with this version of Invision and will potentially break the editor. I'll enable the old one to see if it works. [Update] Found the Online Indicator settings and Preview Post still works. Please report any issues.
  14. Should be fixed now, I've just updated the plugin.
  15. New forum design

    Apologies, it's been down awaiting an update for the latest round of security patches for the forum app. We have to roll with the punches!

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