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  1. Ignored Users

    The setting is enabled in the back-end, but I can see the same error, so it's not related to Mods. Might be a leftover from a recent upgrade, I'll chase up with Invision when I'm back on deck on Tuesday.
  2. Things I Miss

    Trader Feedback is also back online.
  3. Things I Miss

    We're at the mercy of plugin developer for compatibility updates. The online indicator plugin has been updated, though I still can't see it. There must be a setting somewhere in the admin, I'll poke around. Preview Post is not listed as compatible with this version of Invision and will potentially break the editor. I'll enable the old one to see if it works. [Update] Found the Online Indicator settings and Preview Post still works. Please report any issues.
  4. Should be fixed now, I've just updated the plugin.
  5. New forum design

    Apologies, it's been down awaiting an update for the latest round of security patches for the forum app. We have to roll with the punches!
  6. New forum design

    I need to run another upgrade for it as we've just rolled out another security patch for the forum software. I'll get to it as soon as possible.
  7. That functionality relied on a third-party plugin and the last Invision software update broke all of them. I'm working my way through the list to see if there's an update to make the plugin compatible with the latest forum software release.
  8. I wouldn't worry so much about Gmail, we get something like 95% deliverability and it's by far the largest recipient. Just add a filter to accept mail from and that should do the job.
  9. New forum design

    Testing from Mac / Safari. Also looking good. Thanks Ryno, that's doing the trick.
  10. New forum design

    Test post from iPhone, looking good!
  11. Ryan's hacked together something that does what the + sign does to bypass whatever issue the site is having. So having to use Multiquote should no longer be required. I'm using Safari on Mac and it's no longer suffering from the scroll / slow post issue. Please test iOS and let us know if the issue is resolved. It's a short-term thing and will possibly be overwritten on the next forum software update. We'll get Invision to dig deeper into their code to see if they can patch it into their next release.
  12. Ryan's working on it. He thinks he's nailed it down to a CSS rendering issue with the backgrounds repainting the viewport. Not sure how or why that affects replying to a post and it's proving to be a difficult puzzle to solve, but we're getting closer.
  13. We've found out why our Sparkpost SMTP account was suspended (we use Sparkpost to send forum notifications). We've always had delivery issues to AOL due to their strict spam filters and that raised a red flag at Sparkpost who suspected us of spamming. In fact, 80% of the emails we send from the FOH forums to AOL users don't get through! The same poor delivery stats are reflected at Every other provider exceeds 90% deliverability. If you're on AOL or, please add to your email app whitelist to ensure your forum notifications are received, this probably explains why some of you aren't getting the 24:24 notices and should solve that problem too. I recommend the same for everyone else, especially Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail users as those account for the bulk of the email addresses in our system.
  14. I take it back, the page is definitely faster when the + sign is clicked. There's still some lag in MacOS that disappears when multiquote is active. I'll talk to Ryan and see if we can figure it out. Thanks for posting the workaround BuzzArd. No idea why it works, but it does. You may have found the snippet of code that our's is clashing with, I'll get Ryan to investigate further.
  15. New forum design

    Ryan worked on a fix last night. It's much better on Mac Safari, but I'm still feeling some lag. Buzzard posted a workaround - click the + sign to the left of Quote on any thread post. For whatever reason that seems to clean up scrolling and posting. Not sure why, it's just part of the magic of teh interwebs, I'll speak with Ryan today.

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