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  1. In! Let's see if I can finish better than 9th this year.
  2. New México Regional park on the US side and can walk over although it is pretty deserted and sketchy in some spots if you don't know your way. Easier to come out after passing through into TJ and take a cab straight to the LCDH. I like to take the walk and have a couple drinks and some food from a couple of the spots either on my way in or out. That reminds me...need to get my passport renewed it expired in November. If you don't have a passport card coming back with a regular passport can sometimes be hours waiting in line. It gets really busy at that crossing.
  3. Definitely stop by and see the mojito man at the LCDH Cancun. He makes great mojitos or at least I felt that way. Smoked a couple regionals I couldn't find anywhere else while there too. Prices were high but it's to be expected in a tourist area with limited other legitimate choices if any.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Will have to take a look at this later on.
  5. New México Regional

    I hope the hype will die out or at least hope so anyway. Was able to get the conde 54 much later after release stil at reasonable price. Hope that once the rest get delivered can get the few I'm looking for.
  6. New México Regional

    Not available as of today at LCDH TJ however I am told more in January.
  7. FOH NFL 2016 Competition Registration

    Signed up! Thanks for running this again.
  8. I have a wineador and keep the NC and CC on seperate shelves and don't mix the singles together.
  9. That's what our season tickets for the Rams look like. Love Football and while I have my teams I follow I am a much bigger fan of hockey and make quite a few games for the Kings.
  10. I am happy just having one team and football back. I hated having to go all the way to San Diego just to see a game. It had to be planned and then stay a night so we didn't have to drive there and back same day.
  11. Denver Bronco fan...we shall see how well we do. Since I am in Los Angeles I bought season tickets to the LA Rams. Same deal your season purchase included the two pre-season games as well. We will see how well they do but there certainly is a ton of interest for football back in LA now. If only we had two home teams!
  12. Check EBay I have seen several recently for about 300 dollars. If you don't need it right away just check every now and then and you may find one for way cheaper then 750. When I travel I normally stop into second hand bookstores and have found some nice finds for other cigar books but I'm always hoping to run into this one.

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