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  1. WarriorPrincess

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Now that is funny......Rob keeps telling me to stop laughing but if I saw him in one of these I couldn't stop
  2. WarriorPrincess

    Meet Ginger 4th of July Story

    Well now that you put it that way
  3. WarriorPrincess

    Meet Ginger 4th of July Story

    See that is what i mean .....but I think you might have just given Rob an idea of what to wear when i sing in the car, talk to him at home and rant at work Thanks Fuzz
  4. WarriorPrincess

    Meet Ginger 4th of July Story

    Why are there people in the world that harm animals like what poor Ginger went through You ask Rob i can't even watch "David whatever his name is " when he shows nature being nature, I won't get into what I mean. So happy to see she is thriving and with eyes like that you don't want to mess with her Someone should make ear muffs for dogs so they can't hear the fireworks....now there is a thought Happy 4th of July to everyone have a fantastic day ok i will have a glass of wine tonight to celebrate if you insist
  5. WarriorPrincess

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Rob Rob Rob don't you know white man can't jump .....better yet old man can't jump
  6. Sorry for the late announcement, me bad The winner of the Cohiba Talisman box from last week competition is Billy - MT1 Please contact me when you can Thanks to all
  7. WarriorPrincess

    New family member

    I want one
  8. WarriorPrincess

    The Audio Files

    Hmmm the silence will certainly be happening in the car from now on I can assure you ....oops forgot the smiley face here it is
  9. Any partaga presidentes around?  Tried a 1/4 box last time they were up?  Outstanding. Lush. 

  10. And there will be a Whale sighting if I have a word with Gav Looking forward to the weekend will be fun
  11. Hello everyone just letting you know who the lucky winner is of the Competition Congratulations to JMG for his post Just shoot me an email in regards to your prize Thanks to all who posted a review
  12. WarriorPrincess

    ANZAC Day

    That song always brings a tear or two to my eye, so sad for the lives lost and the families left behind. God bless to all who have served and still are, be safe and come back to your loved ones.
  13. WarriorPrincess

    Bon Voyage Greg

    Nooooooooo Why oh Why are you leaving I for one don't him to leave as he has been my rock when times have been hectic so it is going to be very sad not to see him walk in each morning ;-( I do wish him all the best with his new venture Will miss you heaps
  14. WarriorPrincess

    Friday Funny:

    How can you get upset.......just look at that face
  15. WarriorPrincess

    when you were young...

    Always wanted to be a Police Officer when i was in High School but i was to lazy to study hard, finished in Year 11 and went to Secretarial College. Back then you had finish in Year 12 to quality for the Police Force. Then I wanted to be a Profiler or work in a CSI job but again I was terrible at Science so that went out the window. I have had various jobs over the years but now I am the Warrior Princess and no need to say anymore LOL

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