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  1. What did they think it was going to do...wave at them...idiots Did make me laugh but
  2. Now that is funny
  3. Well I was going to say, if she is a personal Trainer I am the Queen...seriously You beat me to it Ken Maybe she is looking for a book deal titled "How not to look like this as a Personal Trainer " My two sense worth and she is guilty or just seriously very stupid
  4. I can say that the whole time I have driven it ....not one scratch Why you ask maybe because it is protected, while it is running, with a force field that beeps at you if anything goes nears it Obviously not the same story when it is stationary
  5. I was sure i was chanting that to myself Now I know why he had that look on his face Tuesday and left early to "work " from home
  6. You show us your photo first and then we will follow......
  7. Nooooooooooooo
  8. Seriously i go out one night without you and it is like you are planning the best night ever Mid night ????? I can assure you i will be home earlier than that ....hint hint, this way you will always waiting for the door to open Enjoy your lamb rack
  9. Thanks
  10. And the winner is Fuzz Greg will shoot something out to you tomorrow or maybe next year
  11. Today is Lisa's birthday, love you sis and have a great day
  12. Happy Birthday Mus
  13. So true so true Ken how silly of me to confuse who i meant
  14. It was great...what a performer
  15. Now why didn't I think of that

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