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  1. Seriously i go out one night without you and it is like you are planning the best night ever Mid night ????? I can assure you i will be home earlier than that ....hint hint, this way you will always waiting for the door to open Enjoy your lamb rack
  2. Thanks
  3. And the winner is Fuzz Greg will shoot something out to you tomorrow or maybe next year
  4. Today is Lisa's birthday, love you sis and have a great day
  5. Happy Birthday Mus
  6. So true so true Ken how silly of me to confuse who i meant
  7. It was great...what a performer
  8. Now why didn't I think of that
  9. Rob doesn't realize yet, I will be dancing more than Ken tonight as i have been a fan for over 20 years Sooo looking forward to it can't wait
  10. Will you now....i might not answer the call
  11. Ahh ok thanks for clarifying
  12. Ditto Ken ..I have read it twice and still can't understand it
  13. Happy Birthday my dear and have a great day
  14. Wow just reading this makes me want to go also , Thanks so much for all the suggestions really appreciate it. And yes I have warned him about how cold it is going to be but the look I get is "Yes Mum "

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