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  1. thanks for the laugh Pete
  2. "I excused myself and went home. I told my wife about it and she said "Invite them over, and I will provide the ambulance, free of charge". Love to meet your wife one day as this is the best quote i have heard, had a good laugh when i read it
  3. Isn't it amazing....he puts this post up then flies out the door saying he has to go and do a review with Ken...can't keep him waiting Might be his way to say "Honey I am just going to ignore her message"
  4. Chris don't you have work to do ??????
  5. Why don't you lead for example and let us all know what would you do Rob
  6. Happy 4th of July to you all enjoy the day
  7. Wow that is cool thanks for sharing
  8. How cute
  9. How cute thanks for the photos ;-) i have an Avery at home with about 10 birds and the blue ring neck loves Rob, everytime he sees Rob he says "Hello Rob " love it
  10. Please do if you can love all creatures ...ask Rob
  11. Wow are you able to take a closer photo of them ?
  12. it has a hard decision for me now..... the dancing bird or this dog ?????? Oh well i might have to settle with the shoes after all He is soooo cute Feel good day today after the crap week around the world this week Have a great weekend all
  13. More like "come near me and you are dead meat " I just love the way it puts up its foot like saying "stay back or else" When the other does its crazy dance the look on the other birds face was like "What the F#@k" i had a good laugh when Rob showed me
  14. I want this bird, I would even for go shoes to own this bird
  15. Thanks all for the Birthday wishes We had a great weekend with lots of wine laughter and great food, couldn't ask for more I think Rob now is looking into getting a Hot Tub for outside

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