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  1. Jeremy Festa has just welcomed a new arrival to his family (his wife and himself have 2 girls ) a baby boy named Frederick James Congratulations to you and your family can wait to give you a hug when you next pop it
  2. AFL finals thread

    i totally agree with you, Richmond and Sydney for the Grand Final, go the Swans I used to go to Richmond games with my ex when i lived in Melbourne over 20 years ago and i must say their supporters are really die - hard turning up each week regardless if their team won or not. Very passionate fans good to see , it would be great for them to win but i think Sydney might just get them in the end.
  3. Another Message from the factory.....

    Thanks i just spat my coffee out when i read this , thanks for the laugh first up this morning
  4. 4 pairs of shoes....they were on sale
  5. Havana, Aug. 2017

    Cool photos thanks for sharing.
  6. Havanathon 2017

    This is the party of the year ....well every two years in fact. It is held at FOH central in Brisbane Australia for all clients who can make it, to meet new friends or just catch up with ones you haven't seen in the last 2 years. Plenty of food, drinks, cigars and more drinks to be had by all Not long now to see everyone again, all of us here are looking forward Havanathon
  7. Havanathon 2017

    I will be there Fuzz
  8. I just nearly spat out my lunch but had a good laugh Thanks for sharing....i think
  9. Lisa just told me that Jerry Lewis died today, RIP and thanks for the laughs when i was in my younger years . As a family we used to watch his movies with Dean Martin and his own movies on a Sunday afternoon and had quite a few laughs,. Still remember them now with fond memories
  10. I am soooo jealous, been to Hawaii 3 times and can't wait to go back again. One day when i can remove the ball and chain from my ankle i will go....shhh don't tell Rob
  11. Friday Funny

    "I said to my wife, "When I die, I'd like to die having sex." She said, "At least we know it’ll be quick." My lips are sealed i am not saying a word
  12. Wednesday Humor

    thanks for the laugh Pete
  13. "I excused myself and went home. I told my wife about it and she said "Invite them over, and I will provide the ambulance, free of charge". Love to meet your wife one day as this is the best quote i have heard, had a good laugh when i read it
  14. Isn't it amazing....he puts this post up then flies out the door saying he has to go and do a review with Ken...can't keep him waiting Might be his way to say "Honey I am just going to ignore her message"
  15. Chris don't you have work to do ??????

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