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  1. Back from OZ

    Great to hear you made it back home Mike. It was fantastic meeting you and Dana and thanks for the many laughs "mate" can't wait to catch up in Cuba in December, this time you can show me around and how to speak to the locals
  2. Havanathon Weekend Pics & Commentary

    Well what a great day we had, I would come close to say that was one of the best yet. Just seeing Rob laugh so much throughout the day and night was wonderful given the roller coaster ride of late. So a BIG THANK YOU to all who came and made his day, best remedy I can think of. To all who missed out you have 2 years to plan the trip and see if we can better this one
  3. Look at those traps, great pose Adam
  4. for rugby league fans...

    Wow that would have been awesome for him and his friends...probably two of the nicest guys in football
  5. Recommendations needed please ......

    Well now it is getting harder to choose from some of the songs are great keep them coming as we have 3 and a bit weeks to go to the day The rest of the crew keep looking at me when I start singing some of the songs around the office, not sure if it is because of my singing voice or daring me to ask them to practice some of the songs
  6. Recommendations needed please ......

    Well then Ken let me know your suggestion ......
  7. Recommendations needed please ......

    Well that is my pick
  8. So Rob has just informed me that I am in charge of the choosing the staff song for the Karaoke competition at Havanathon Needless to say I would rather being enjoying a glass of wine in the corner at the time but I will take this in my stride and rise to the challenge. I have choose a few songs to see if any are appropriate but the look on the faces of Greg and Ross when i told them on the songs basically meant NO WAY Let me know what you think and any suggestions you can think of would be great The songs are going with the theme of a production line ........ WHIP IT BY DIVO 9- 5 BY DOLLY PARTON HARD DAYS WORK BY THE BEATLES TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT BY JOHNNY PAYCHECK WORKING FOR A LIVING BY HUEY LEWIS SHE WORKS HARD FOR HER MONEY BY DONNA SUMMER MANIC MONDAY BY THE BANGLES WORKING CLASS MAN BY JIMMY BARNES AND BEST ONE ......HEIGH HO FROM THE SNOW WHITE MOVIE THE DAWFS ARE BELOW DOC- ROB GRUMPY - LISA HAPPY - DEE SLEEPY - LAUREN BASHFUL - ROSS SNEEZY - GREG DOPEY - ADAM
  9. It is going to be fun Can't wait and no i will try not to sing as i sound like a cat crying when it's tail is stepped on .....really depends on how many wines i have
  10. Jeremy Festa has just welcomed a new arrival to his family (his wife and himself have 2 girls ) a baby boy named Frederick James Congratulations to you and your family can wait to give you a hug when you next pop it
  11. AFL finals thread

    i totally agree with you, Richmond and Sydney for the Grand Final, go the Swans I used to go to Richmond games with my ex when i lived in Melbourne over 20 years ago and i must say their supporters are really die - hard turning up each week regardless if their team won or not. Very passionate fans good to see , it would be great for them to win but i think Sydney might just get them in the end.
  12. Another Message from the factory.....

    Thanks i just spat my coffee out when i read this , thanks for the laugh first up this morning
  13. Havana, Aug. 2017

    Cool photos thanks for sharing.
  14. Havanathon 2017

    This is the party of the year ....well every two years in fact. It is held at FOH central in Brisbane Australia for all clients who can make it, to meet new friends or just catch up with ones you haven't seen in the last 2 years. Plenty of food, drinks, cigars and more drinks to be had by all Not long now to see everyone again, all of us here are looking forward Havanathon
  15. Havanathon 2017

    I will be there Fuzz

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