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  1. Nicotine sickness

    It happens to me on a random but infrequent basis. Out of the blue, I put my cigar down, head up stairs to brush the teeth and get ready for bed, lay down...and get the spins. I don't ever feel the effects unless I lay down. It's just like when I used to drink a tad too much. No specific cigar, no rhyme or reason. Happens once every few months. I just take a spoon full of sugar and it goes away in a couple minutes. As a frame of reference, I smoke one to two cigars daily. One always at night just before bed.
  2. Dog just got sprayed by a skunk...

    Just gave the little fella a bath with peroxide/baking soda/dish soap. He seemed to enjoy it and he sure smells a lot better. I still get a touch of it but I must say its about 95% better than it was. Thanks for all the tips. Hopefully he remembers what those black and white things are and decides against trying to eat one again.
  3. Dog just got sprayed by a skunk...

    Thank you to everyone who provided their input. Much appreciated. As an update, I just decided to take him to the next town over and put him out of the car. He is a smart dog...he will catch on with some family and be fine. Obviously just kidding...the wife wouldn't get on board and nixed that plan In all seriousness though. First I hosed him off. Then I sprayed him with a combo of vinegar, dawn, and water. Then applied some essential oil peppermint. He still stank like death so he slept in the laundry room. Now my laundry room stinks like death. Next morning, sprayed him some more with lavender essential oil and put him outside. Still stinks...but less. Came home and he got another dose of peppermint and lavender...still stinks...but a little bit less. This morning I just shot him...ok...just kidding again...more lavender. I'm just going to leave the poor bastard alone tonight. Tomorrow I have time to wake up and give him that peroxide/baking soda/etc. bath and see how that works. I will let everyone know how that turns out.
  4. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Just want to know if any of you good people have any advice. Out on the back patio enjoying a wonderful partagas E2. The dog runs off like a lunatic, and then a wonderful smell wafts by. The lovely Aroma of a skunk. The little bastard has yellow skunk spray all over him. Shooting him is not an option, so what do you think I should do. Mind you it's 8:15 p.m. on Sunday night and I have to be at work early in the morning. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.
  5. Generally I will still smoke, although less. Usually don't have the desire to drink when sick so no, don't drink when sick.
  6. "KSA" cigars?

    Haven't heard a negative word about the man. Quite the contrary...only heard pleasant things. Seems a shame to bash a guy for no apparent reason. Who gives a shit if he gives away hats, shirts, sunglasses, or cigars. I haven't heard anyone mention he has taken a penny for anything. I get your point, I'm not obtuse. Just seems a bit harsh.
  7. Partagas Serie D4 Giant Tubo

    I love that presentation. Very cool.
  8. Cigar Aficionado Magazine?

    I enjoy it. Like the pretty pictures. Like many of the articles. Like perusing the new product advertising. I don't smoke NC so it does not influence my purchasing habits. I'm not a lemming so I don't care if everything in it is biased. Its pretty and fun to read...like People magazine for cigars. It is great as long as you treat it as such.
  9. Poppycock...hogwash...and all that stuff. The only thing you probably don't want to store together are 'flavored' cigars and 'regular' cigars. The 'flavors' do tend to migrate. What to do? Easy! Throw all the flavored cigars in the trash Problem solved.
  10. Average Cigar Obsession Duration

    And my cigars never complain I'm smoking them too fast...😆
  11. Average Cigar Obsession Duration

    I'm pretty sure he means the other way around...😅 ...and yes, I've noticed. 😁
  12. What...no fish?! Ken will be irritated... Mmmmmm...trout....mmmmmm.
  13. It's like Australians and Fosters...it is just a couple of folks but they put the photo everywhere so everyone thinks it is commonplace and widespread. 😉

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