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  1. Sorry to hear you did not enjoy that one very much. I've gone through about 10 boxes of those and it's one of my favorite cigars. All of the boxes I have had had very dark rough rappers but they smoked beautifully. Don't give up on those, see if they get better with a little bit of time.
  2. Inbound Missile cigar.............

    I'm likely going to hot box a Monte A. Lets face it...no one is taking just one puff per minute with a Nuke headed your way and a CoRo ain't going to last very long...
  3. CUNTINT Singles Question

    It usually gets sold on to liquor stores gas stations etc.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A 5 year old Lusitania and the perfect amount of Macallan... a great treat after a dinner of Fruit Loops... I love a bachelor weekend.
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The wife and kids are gone for the weekend. I had Saturday night and I've got Sunday morning all to myself. Starting the day with a cup of coffee and an Hoyo de Monterrey Des Dieux from a 1997 50 cab.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Try a very slight edit of any kind on your phone or tablet before you post and it will fix the issue. Don't give up, you smoke good stuff, I want to see your pictures.
  7. This has gone on long enough

    It's crazy, I've got two buddies who got into an argument because one hates the Kardashians and one loves the Kardashians. They actually got into a real life fist fight , between two grown-ass men, about the Kardashians. What in the holy hell has this world come to. They still will not talk to each other, it's ridiculous.
  8. Cuban Cigar Tobacco Weights

    Hey, it's not our fault the rest of the world has no idea what they're doing when it comes to measuring things :-)
  9. One of the great cuban mysteries solved.

    That is just a lingering side effect of the dental work he had done recently, cut him some slack...
  10. take the photo or help your mate?

    'Soiled'...the other word for what he is is 'soiled'
  11. Nice job guys...and GREAT prize. Enjoy.
  12. If you will be the burrow...I will be the banker
  13. take the photo or help your mate?

    I love these. Saw one with a great white that was very similar. Easy answer, take the shot, you friend is beyond help at that point
  14. But they won't let you in Cuba Mus...pinko commies

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