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    Waking up, having coffee, going to work, coming home, working out, smoking cigars, drinking a variety of liquids, going to bed...hanging out with the wife and kid...wait...what?!

    College Football, Golf, Motorcycles...yeah, thats better :)

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  1. 6.5 x 54
  2. Have not seen it here. It is an Italian regional so it won't make it around here unfortunately,
  3. This one...then that one...
  4. SLR Corona tonight.
  5. Started the day with a Trinidad Robusto T for breakfast, had a Cohiba Media Siglo for brunch, afternoon tea with a Montecristo Especial, and capping off a wonderful Saturday with a Juan Lopez No. 1 for dinner.
  6. First morning cigar with coffee since...I can't event remember. Wife and daughters out of town last night and today. It's too quiet... Trinidad Robusto T from a kind BOTL via trade.
  7. It's an Edmundo night tonight.
  8. Custom Rodolfo from a recent trade. Thank you @zeedubbya Took me a while to dive into customs...wish I didn't love them quite so much.
  9. Partagas Serie D No. 3 EL 2001 From a kind BOTL in a trade. Box pressed, hard as a rock, excellent draw, spicy...quite spicy, voluminous smoke output, bold for its age.
  10. Yes, I was in fact kidding...
  11. Made from a 500 year old Samurai Katana Blade forged by Hattori Hanzo...
  12. Almost ROTT (yesterday) H Upmann Magnum 54. As Ray @PigFish mentioned in another thread today, kind of a wasted smoke. Too moist for my liking. But alas, I am weak and can't help myself. Good smoke but anxious to see what they are like after 6 months @ 62rh. Second third is better than the first. Excellent construction. Final thoughts... Way too young and moist. Grubby final third. On to a Partagas D No.4.
  13. @Inthestix, no need to apologize...just a good opportunity to bust some chops Glad to have you around.
  14. Next guy that puts 24:24 in the title of his or her thread needs to get banned...or at least keelhauled. I KID I KID...kinda But yes, you are correct sir. Enjoy!! EDIT: OTHER than Rob and crew that is
  15. Not at the moment. We can always dream though.

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