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    Waking up, having coffee, going to work, coming home, working out, smoking cigars, drinking a variety of liquids, going to bed...hanging out with the wife and kid...wait...what?!

    College Football, Golf, Motorcycles...yeah, thats better :)

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  1. Sign me up cap'n. I can do any day or time.
  2. 1. Interior Decorator; 2. Architect; 3. Gigalo. Still decided to be a paid whore...so I went to law school ; )
  3. Couldn't decide...so I didn't...both get the flame tonight.
  4. May the Jimmy Choos fall like manna from the heavens...and the wine flow like...well...wine (Sav Blanc to be precise)!!!! Happy Birthday Dee!!!!
  5. Had to pull one out after watching. 00 RS11...forgot factory...
  6. Home from the locker...
  7. I think they tossed in a Reyes. That little fella looks a bit anemic.
  8. Get ready to cry gents...and the winner is...
  9. Banana...not bananas...😉
  10. I think he was pulling your leg a little 😉
  11. Fake...missing the LCDH band... amateurs.
  12. Not near a scale but I'm at 257. I didn't win.
  13. Yes sir. Wife hates them for some reason. I love them. Saved 2 from the old landscape and replanted them. First bloom since the transplant.
  14. Started the day off with a Trinidad Coloniales at home...followed up with a custom roll about 5k feet up on a ride through the local mountains. ...favorite plant is in bloom!!!

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