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    Waking up, having coffee, going to work, coming home, working out, smoking cigars, drinking a variety of liquids, going to bed...hanging out with the wife and kid...wait...what?!

    College Football, Golf, Motorcycles...yeah, thats better :)

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  1. Magnum 56............

    One of my favorite cigars. Don't want it all the time but I do get the urge and it fits the bill. Don't think I can take anything larger though. This is about as big as I can comfortably smoke. Had one a couple nights ago...just fantastic.
  2. Future Son in Law?

    I was going to type something but Sir Mustache beat me to it...exactly my sentiment.
  3. Hand Picked denotes they have been selected by myself and represent a mix of high end PE, HQ and sometimes PSP. We will not cherry pick boxes on request.
  4. Pocket knife Leatherman Two I have loved...
  5. Stopwatch: Mareva/Petit Corona

    PLPC Stored 63rh and 73f Smoked 40rh and 79f Total smoking time 41 minutes
  6. Stopwatch: Mareva/Petit Corona

    I don't own a single one...guess I will be sitting this one out. Edit: I just remembered a lone box of PLPC that was stashed away!! Time to dig...
  7. Stopwatch: Robusto

    BRC Stored at 60rh and 73f Smoked at 47rh and 79f Smoke time 44 minutes Smoked alone watching more YouTube videos.
  8. Stopwatch: Robusto

    CoRo Stored at 60rh and 73f Smoked at 47rh and 79f Smoke time 47 minutes. Smoked alone watching YouTube videos.
  9. I love them. It's not smart I know. Price per gram is ridiculous but that hasn't stopped me evidently. I have gone through two boxes, one box worth is in my desktop ready to smoke, and one box in my storage. It fills a need. I don't enjoy the media corona or half corona...or the minuto/perla either.
  10. What do you do for a living?

    I'm a proctologist at the local correctional facility. You have never seen such interesting exams...ever... I kid, I'm actually an incarceration release specialist.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Long day...much needed...
  12. Compulsive spenders.....we salute you!

    I rotate between Harley parts & gear, guns & ammo, cigars & hooch. This week... a Mossberg International Silver Reserve Over/Under Break Action 12 Gauge Shotgun... for skeet, trap, and sporting clays.
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Absolutely beautiful scenery. May I ask the general location? Great place to enjoy a cigar.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    CoRo, coffee, and a sunrise.. good start to a Sunday.

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