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  1. Bolivar #1 Blind

    Like #ayepatz said, these are discontinued, so I wouldn't wait too long to grab some. The prices can only go up and availability down.
  2. lefty kreh RIP

    I grew up reading his columns in the local newspaper. Never realized he was a big deal outside of my area.
  3. Very nice. I hope to own one in the future.
  4. There is a small tobacco/cigar shop in the Galleria that I visited this summer. Odd humidor - just an open room in the back. But they had good stock and fair prices. Picked up a few boxes of Italian RE's while I was there.
  5. No problem with the cigars, regardless of the country of origin, when flying domestically. TSA is concerned about security, not enforcing customs laws.
  6. Very sad. Depression is such a terrible disease.
  7. NO MORE TENNIS ........

    Good for you. If those who respond can't follow the rules, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    I start off using a tongue scraper as such: Then, as I shower, I have a mouthful of Thera-Breath that I'm swishing around in my mouth: Then I complete the process with a good brushing of my teeth. Even after smoking several cigars while playing golf and working in the yard, m girlfriend cannot detect any odor or taste of cigar breath.
  9. I wonder if a cloud of feces is an effective crocodile repellent ??
  10. Palio Cutter

    I've had a Palio for probably 8 years now. I much prefer my Xicar II over the Pailo.
  11. This thread is useless without pics.
  12. The Man-Chest Christmas Sweater
  13. I'm a heathen. Outside of wine, I don't want to drink anything that is any more than 1-2 degrees above freezing. I like my drinks COLD.
  14. That was absolutely amazing !!! What a celebration of his life.

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