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  1. I wonder if a cloud of feces is an effective crocodile repellent ??
  2. Palio Cutter

    I've had a Palio for probably 8 years now. I much prefer my Xicar II over the Pailo.
  3. This thread is useless without pics.
  4. The Man-Chest Christmas Sweater
  5. I'm a heathen. Outside of wine, I don't want to drink anything that is any more than 1-2 degrees above freezing. I like my drinks COLD.
  6. That was absolutely amazing !!! What a celebration of his life.
  7. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Girls Got Rhythm Highway to Hell Shook Me All Night Long But so many other great songs. Definitely in my top 2 or 3 bands ever.
  8. Inventory

    No spreadsheet here. My "collection" is not so big that I easily lose track of what I have. Boxes are marked with date of purchase and vendor. If I had a spreadsheet, it could demonstrate that I have too many cigars and have spent too much money on them, and I'm afraid to face those facts.
  9. Cigar choice

    H Upmann Connie #1 or Juan Lopez #1s would be high on my list for this purpose. If small ring gauge cigars are acceptable, the Boli PC is a tasty little bugger and fairly economical.
  10. I suddenly feel very inadequate.
  11. Glen Campbell

    You know you're getting older when the artists whose songs were the soundtrack of your youth are passing away. While Glenn Frey and the Eagles provided the soundtrack of my young adult years, Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell provided the soundtrack of my adolescent years. I remember watching Glen Campbell's TV show and enjoying his musical talents immensely. His suffering is over, and he's in a better place now. RIP, Glen Campbell.
  12. OK, point taken. You guys like spending my $$$, don't you ??
  13. Living in the US, it's more challenging to try various Cuban cigars, as I can't just walk into a local shop and pick up a few singles. One I'd like to try would be a H. Upmann Sir Winston. Can't bring myself to pull the trigger on a box of these without first trying a few.
  14. Yeah, I'm also a "read more/post less" kind of person, so I guess I better start posting more.
  15. Smoke 'em whenever you have the opportunity. I smoke cigars when I play golf, when I push-mow my yard , when I wash the car and when I take walks. Now, the cigars I smoke during those activities are not my "best" cigars, but they're not dog-rockets either. I save my "best" for when I'm able to sit back and focus on the cigar. But IMO, there's nothing wrong with smoking a cigar on a walk.

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