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  1. Deed for the day!

    🐛 Good on ya Piggy!!! All it takes is a little effort for our little friends!🐛 Too often see the roadside milkweed cutdown by me.
  2. I'd be in for the Sunday the 22nd New York time if theres room still.
  3. Car smoking

    I really only smoke in my truck during the warmer months. I find the issue with prolonged smell usually occurs if i let the air system circulate the smoke. Keep the driver window open some and the vents on direct flow and you shouldnt have a problem. Burns from an errant ash is another issue... 😔
  4. Interesting add

    Real creepy, but then again maybe I should start collecting all my ashes in an urn just to leave in my apartment when I move out.
  5. Used to have a few RyJ 1875 when first starting out, the robusto size mainly. I remember them being one dimensional, mostly leather and burnt tobacco. Not as good as its cuban namesake though.
  6. QdO Coronas Boli PC Trini Colonliales RJ PC
  7. I agree Robo that these benifit from a little dry boxing. I find most CCs do but these particullary so. I had a box of reyes from MSE May11 that were solid but not great. Prolly got to them a little sooner then i should have, but still enjoyable.
  8. How have they looked Shlomo? Ive had a few reyes that looked beat to hell but smoked great.
  9. Thanks for the offer Rob, email incoming.
  10. Curious to hear what people's expieriences have been with the recent production Trinidads. I've been wanting to restock my reyes and coloniales but concerned that quality hasnt been there. Dont want to buy these blind, but havent seen any offerings by Rob, which further makes me think quality hasnt returned. Any opinions?
  11. HOT DAMN! Thanks for the opportunity guys!
  12. I'm in on this. Can't wait to lose my winter 'bulk'.
  13. That's good, my friend's cousin. So they have to hustle to make it in Cuba.. but they'd never take advantage of this nice American.
  14. Moochers don't bother me too much, I always tend to have an extra or two on hand when fishing or going to a football game to share with those who express interest. Sometimes halfway through they'll ask, "Is it okay if i'm done." I always reply, "smoke it as long as you enjoy it." This is what the hobby is primarily about, enjoyment. The one time I got pissed is when I gave out some monty 2s and one guy lit it up took two puffs, put it out and handed it back. As if i'm going to take it and put it back in my humi. He hasn't gotten any since... As the Dead said, "We can share what we got of yours 'cause we done shared all of mine." Unfortunately the night is usually done by the time all of mine is shared... For me though, the worst etiquette is putting a cigar out like a cigarette. Doesn't matter if it's after an inch or at the nub. Just sinks and seems disrespectful.

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