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  1. Got this box about 3-4 months ago and had my 1st one from the box about 2 weeks ago. despite only a short rest, it smoked wonderfully, easy 87-88 points. Lit my 2nd one from the box tonight. Started off with some fresh baked bread and sweet cream, not quite hoyo cream but good nonetheless. i get some floral notes not quite like the RG marca, very light but definitely present. the bread and cream start to disappear in the 2nd third and is replaced by leather and wood. final third brings on some light milk coffee notes. overall, a good cigar again. i pretty much got a spot on same experience as the one from 2 weeks ago. there were spots where the flavor was empty and burn was on and off wonky, but i attribute that to youth. if this box improves just a little from here and keeps the consistency of the 1st 2, I'll be a very happy camper. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  2. LFDC Grandiosos ROL JUL 13 these were my first purchase from FoH back in 2014. floral cream through and through. smooth and sweet. definitely have gotten better with time. not too complex where it grabs my attention but an easy going smoke that allows me to just relax, which is what i needed last night. im surprised the ash didnt fall off when i took the bands off. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  3. BBF and Epi 1. both bought blind but happy with the wrappers. The BBFs inparticular are starting to shine. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  4. Got some triple banded dollar gobblers as a prize. thanks again to Rob and the crew! Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  5. light cream to start, lots of wood, toasted tobacco, a light citrus, coffee. based on the vitola, i was looking for some other identifying flavors but couldnt find any. toss up between 2 for me but we'll see if even either of those 2 are right. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  6. awesome! thanks rob, lisa and the rest of the FoH crew. and thanks to everyone else that shared. it was interesting seeing wamhat everyone elses MVC so far is. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  7. Since apr of last yr, my cigar smoking has been cut to about 2-4 per week. and im also the type of guy who doesnt like to smoke the same thing often. ill go out of my way to smoke something different every week. its rare that i smoke the same cigar in a 3 month period. With that being said, my MVC for the first half of 2018 has to be the HdM EE. The ROE box i got from here around dec 17. and ive smoked about 6 from it. that means at least 1 a month. which means that im reaching for it far more than any other cigar that i have. (thats a lie, i smoke many more CoShos. but they dont count, do they?) i also have some tubos which ive smoked one from and it was spectacular as well. since Rob put up this contest, I smoked another one last night. sweet creamy mushroom umami with some forest floor that develops into spices and cloves amd closes out with a deep toasted tobacco. smooth and consistant, all of them have been like this for me. i even got piss drunk one night, only smoked half of one, left it out over night, tried to smoke it again the next night, and it still tasted good! that rarely happens for me. HdM Epi2 is a close runner up for MVC and the HdM marca in general is probably my fav. im definitely an HdM *****. my best cigar of 2018 has been an El Laguito Cohiba Piramide Extra "seconds." i've never had a "real" CPE so i cant compare but the seconds was one of the most smoothest and flavorful cigars i have ever smoked. regardless if you buy into the whole " EL seconds" story or not, for me, it was best of 2018 (so far) and probably in the top 3 of my 6 yr cigar life. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  8. i retract my suggestion of throwing #3 out. let it roll and lets get on with the rest of the comp. @awkwardpause #ftw #lol #everyonetranquilo #dohashtagsworkhere Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  9. i honestly dont care about the inclusion of the hupc. robs house, robs rules. we're fortunate that he puts up as many comps and events to keep the community together as it is. not to mention the service they offer. with that being said, i think the best way to negate this is to just take #3 out of the mix for the final results. no one gets credit for it. best guesses out of 4 wins. whoever guessed #3 right, still gets their $25 usd credit but whoever didnt guess it correct is not out of the competition for best out of 4. ties are still divided equally among the final winners. im just amazed at how many 50/50 guesses i miss. shows how valid (not very) marca characteristics really are lol . i will no longer miss hupcs since i thought they were bpcs. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  10. woke up to the boss pose. him and the COO wanted to go climbing so we went to a nice cafe where the boss climbed some stairs. had some kbbq for dinner (not pictured) and im closing out this great saturday with a mons and some nadurra to celebrate the Warriors as champs! Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  11. Oh very nice! Thank you very much Prez and crew for the contest. Its always great to be "forced" to smoke certain cigars for contests. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  12. Mag 46s are one of my favs and I was fortunate to get a few of these in a trade with a great BOTL about 2 years ago. I smoked 1 about a year ago and honestly wasnt impressed compared to newer vintages so we'll see how this goes. Box code USE JUN 08 from a 50 cab. First puff starts out with a touch a cream at the fore and a dashing of leather. Wood intertwined throughout. Very light flavors overall but a smooth smoke. No harshness at all which i love about aged cigars. 2nd third is more of the same with the cream rounding coming out more along with the wood notes. Toasted tobacco is good and the smome is still smooth as silk. Last third and i get a few draws of fudge brownie which takes me for a surprise. Just a few, and very light, but very rich. Smoke closes out with nothing fancy to add. Overall, good smooth smoke that may be past its flavor peak. Nothing to write home about and as mentioned, i think i prefer more recent releases of this one. Admittedly, i dont have much aged stock, and most that I have smoked, have seemed flat, like this sample. On the other hand, one of the best smokes that I've ever had was a Mag 50 from 08. Im just glad that i now have a good stock of my own to age and sample. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  13. Wood, different type of wood with some chalkiness, cedar, wood, pepper on the retro, hints of baking spice mixed in here and there with an occasional light fruity sweetness. Nothing stood out except for the wood and none of the other flavors really grabbed my attention. And the wrapper was a very dull, dry looking light colorado. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks prez! Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk
  15. Trying to get a box of cigars or two for my son's birth month. I want something bigger than a PC and the few times I've seen non-PCs with ABR 17 offered on 24:24, I missed out. Seems like they didnt roll bigger cigars during that month. Looking at other options now and was wondering which box code would be preferred between LAU ABR 17 and SOM ABR 17 for Punch Punch. May not be much of a difference at all but just wanted some input/opinions. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G955N using Tapatalk

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