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  1. Its enough time to get drunk sleep and get drunk again. Safe travels
  2. I just got back 3weeks ago from bangkok chiang mai I brought my own as it is expensive pretty much equal to canadian/aus prices.. also you can pretty much smoke anywhere thats not indoor a/c.. any bar or resturant that is open air let you smoke it was awesome coming from a country where you can't even smoke in your flat. Also i highly recommend octave bar in bangkok its awesome and you dont have to dress up sandal and shorts are just fine..their happy hr is 5-7pm 2 for 1 cocktails and nice cocktails... damm i miss thailand already
  3. Its not on the list but por larranaga panetelas are usually a great bargain take some resting but for the price they are excellent.
  4. Reality check on Cuba

    Also from a Canadian prospective it seems they've alienated the customers that were coming already for the anticipation that americans would come ie. Raising rates at casas as well as the all inclusives. Interesting to see next year or 2
  5. Where is Reynaldo?

    @Fuzz good thing stan cleared him out of his petit coronas in November maybe stan was right when he said it may be one of his last times to cuba hes going to be crushed for sure..
  6. 2017 Price Hike

    I know in November lots of shops had stocks of expensive cigars put away in the back waiting for the price hikes to come for instance Conde Villanova had a mastercase of behikes and Reynaldo said he was waiting for the increases
  7. Sunglasses

    Maui Jim's their polarized lenses are by far the best there is no glare off the water excellent brand
  8. Sounds like habanos... it's coming trust me
  9. Sounds like habanos... it's coming trust me
  10. Was the shared minivan organized by your casa owner? I know when I was in Trinidad our owner organized our ride to havana and the next day a car showed up with 3 other people heading to havana as well it was same price as viazul.. I haven't heard of any other ride programs other then viazul and with the Cuban government i would be surprised if there was. Also bonus tip you can head to the viazul bus stop and ask for a cab instead they will fill up the cab with other people and it's only usually 5$ per individual more then the viazul but you get dropped right at your casa/hotel
  11. I find it funny that roos flex when they are fighting typical bro haha
  12. Socks and underwear! As a kid hated getting these gifts as an adult it's awesome getting new supply every year
  13. I know in cuba I didn't see any at all and very few mdo4s.. I think the 2 was discontinued or atleast seems like it.
  14. Armando was amazing top class man. I had asked him to roll me a 109 as he said he wanted a challenge. He said the 109 is difficult to roll without a mold to shape the flat top torpedo head so he tried and succeeded it was beautiful as from the pick. Also I had mentioned to him if he wanted to I needed a ride to the airport for my flight out and would rather give the money to him, then a cabby he said no problem at all! He was excellent and just like jose pure class all the way. I can honestly say I made another good friend in cuba. Here are a couple pictures of him. Ps maybe a mod could fix the upside down photo?
  15. Another one for the booksand thanks again to you rob and everyone else that put it together it was an excellent trip.

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