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  1. I used Airbnb in Cuba exactly as I e used it everywhere else. Did not notice a difference.
  2. "We would be more than happy to direct you to the nearest smoking area: The New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. MAHALO!" .
  3. like... $30 stupid? Or like $50 stupid?
  4. Yeah they were either 5 or 6. Maybe it was Juanita's that were 6.
  5. I'll be down there next week! Would love to meet up for a smoke (I'm with a large group of nonsmokers so I'll have to find a time to sneak off). Also would love to find a box of Edmundo Dantes that's not stratospherically pricey.
  6. Thank you Ken.
  7. Definitely BRING CIGARS. Hawaii is very non-cigar-friendly, unfortunately (it's one of my favorite places anywhere). Beaches are all verboten for smoking. I assume you're going to Oahu/Waikiki -- if so, maybe there's a shop or two around if you run low, but probably no CCs. Anywhere else is going to be really HTF sticks. Maui, for example, is nearly bereft of shops.
  8. The freeze frame alone makes me LOL.
  9. The only limitations I have heard of is 100 cigars duty free, then 4% on anything after that, OR $1000 worth duty free and 4% after that. I doubt that the US Customs site differentiates between custom rolls or production cigars. In my experience, you might be asked to open your luggage, in which case if you have a lot more than 100 cigars, you may be asked to pay a duty. Or you might be asked by the agent "did you buy more than 100 cigars" and just say no.
  10. Bundle of 25 should run you 150CUC.
  11. Great voter turnout here. NON-SUPRISES: The dominance of Fuente and Padron. SURPRISES: Tatuaje being so CLOSE to Fuente and Padron is a shocker. And the popularity of Illusione is the biggest shock of all to me. I like them a lot, but had no clue they would be so well known on a CC site. Also the quiet anonymity of brands like Rocky and Gurkha brings a smile to my face FOH has TASTE!
  12. Watch out for the spider that crawls out.
  13. Bring me back some La Escepcion!
  14. ...they are popping up on the secondary sites now, with codes from the end of 2016. So much so that the secondary market price is falling (from a high of ~$800 for BHK52 last year, down to $525 today). Entirely from people who (claim to) have just gotten back from Havana and purchased there. Perhaps some good news for those who want them, and a good reason to wait on buying on the secondary market, should FOH come by some in the near-ish future...
  15. MOLD!

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