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  1. JEALOUS of those who live in climates where you need not worry about temp, and can just collidaor it...
  2. Lost City lancero is a $35-40 stick, but not really all that rare, in that a lot of B&Ms and online store routinely have them in stock. The rare one is the regular opus lancero, also called the Phantom (and not to be confused with the fairly common Opus petit lancero)
  3. I gave this reason to US Immigration upon returning to the US in March 2017. No questions whatsoever. And since no changes have been announced to this license, one can assume it is still valid and in the same way as before June 16. As to the importation of goods, do you have a link that refutes?
  4. Agree. Never done it but apparently it's not hard. I would guess what will happen if you travel on the level is you enter the US, and they will spot-check by picking one person out of every x passengers off a plane, and have that person produce receipts, etc. Which pretty well sucks. And if you don';t have them to their satisfaction? Fines? I would guess that if you have a receipt for each night's stay in a Casa, and a few meals, that's sufficient. But who knows...
  5. As far as I am aware, the following are all true: 1. "People to People" trips are going to be regulated much more closely when the rules take effect. Receipts, etc. Probably have to do a tour group to qualify, which is going to make your $500 long weekend in Cuba cost you a couple grand. 2. The new regs will probably not be in place for at least 90 days. Who knows what will happen between now and then, but given how bad Tromp is at dealmaking, I wouldn't expect it to get better for anyone. I know the Treasury Dept has guaranteed that if you had a plane ticket or a hotel reservation booked before 6/16/17, to travel any time after that, your trip is guaranteed grandfathered in under the old regs. What is unclear is, if you book a trip now. I believe that if you book a trip now, and TRAVEL before the new regs are in place, you're also ok under the old rules. But if you book it for July, then they move up the date of the new regs, to, say June 30, you're effed. TLDR: BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE. 3. "Support for the Cuban People," which is what most of us use as our stated reason for Cuba travel, is UNCHANGED and will remain UNCHANGED even after the new regs are in place; this means that theoretically, if you've used this reason in the past, you can continue doing so. I say this, because I have only seen new regs discussed around People to People trips, which most US "tourists" have used to travel to Cuba. 4. No changes whatsoever to the amount of goods you can bring back from Cuba or abroad. Which is to say [100 cigars/$1000 worth/$800 worth] (depending on who you ask) duty free and 4% duty after that. Given that Habanos is a government corporation, of course this makes no sense given the stated reasons for the tightening; welcome to Trump's America. 5. When you travel under the new regs, you'll have to show that you stayed somewhere, and ate somewhere, that is not run by the government. You will need receipts to show this. This should not be hard. Anyone who can refute any of this with a link please, do.
  6. ABsolutely this is the way to go. We had a 4BR/4Bath museum of a house in Vedado for under $250US, with a huge patio for smoking, a chef, security, maid service, and a 5CUC breakfast every morning that was 3x what we could actually eat.
  7. No confusion at all. "WE DO NOT SHIP TO THE US."
  8. Great news: a 2nd world country mining lead right next to a prime tobacco growing region. What could possibly go wrong??
  9. More Cuba info: "Travelers to Cuba will have to keep detailed records of all their financial transactions in the country for five years to make available to the Treasury Department if requested." "Anyone who travels to Cuba, however, might be able to stay at an Airbnb or eat at an independent restaurant, although that interpretation is not clearly spelled out in the draft order. But those who go to the island under a U.S. license will need to keep strict notes proving they’re complying with the new executive order – or face fines." "Paying for goods and services from Cuba’s small class of independent entrepreneurs, known as “cuentapropistas” who often run small cafes or inns out of their own homes, will be permitted." "The directive instructs the Secretary of the Treasury to consult with the Commerce Department to promulgate new rules 90 days after the presidential policy directive is issued Friday." Anyone up for a trip before mid-September? Looks like FOH fest in November is going to be a no-go.
  10. Whatever it is, certainly he's angling for a situation that will personally profit his family. The Oval is little but a cash machine to him, sadly. Emoluments may just be his undoing, ultimately. I imagine that as soon as he starts to catch some heat for the way he's using the office to enrich himself, he'll just resign.
  11. I do not read this article -- nor other similar remarks by the guys who run NC companies -- as being limited to disparaging the QC alone. They make ridiculous statements to try to tear down CCs in favor of NCs because of their own business interests. I've seen it often. Of course the average NC company is superior to Cuba in terms of QC. No question. I simply take issue with the motives of people like Quesada when they tear into Habanos for their own personal gain -- not to mention to try to score some political points against the dictators. We get it. We're working on it. Just agree that NC and CC are different, and leave it at that.

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