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  1. I see you're content as ever to troll after my leftovers Enjoy the slop, Chuckles!
  2. You should be yes. Provided they don't also add something about "you're only grandfathered as long as you travel within x days of the announcement"...
  3. Trump also didn't line 6 million Jews up and send them to the gas chambers, so I guess he gets credit for not doing that too? "Bonitas non est pessimis esse meliorem." That was for travel booked prior to the announcement of the rollbacks. I believe if you booked anything after that you risk not being able to go under the former rules. Better have trip insurance... He's also been dead 60 years. Tritler is alive and kicking and just getting started. Heaven help us.
  4. its new “Frequently Asked Questions” publication, OFAC says: “The new policy will also impact certain categories of educational travel as well as travel under support for the Cuban people.” It didn’t elaborate. Worst. President. Ever. Read more here:
  5. This looks so fun. Sorry I missed it! I will be on the lookout for the next US pass.
  6. If I had my cigars in a room where the temp was 72 degrees, I wouldn't bother with a wino at all. That's a fine temp for cigars. Hit your desired RH and you're golden! I live in SoCal, and I do not run my A/C all day, so from June to October, I have to plug the wineador in (it's unplugged all winter, and that's when my cigars taste best). It has no issues keeping the temp within a couple of degrees of where I set it. It's the Newair 280, and the highest it goes is 66, and when turned on it's always around 67, which is peachy.
  7. Opus X

    If you want to smoke them right away, smoke the Angel's Share. If you want to wait a year, smoke the Oro Oscuro. Most of the rest are pretty similar to me, except the Lost City, which is sort of the "always available, always overpriced" stepchild of the line.
  8. Plume Wanted... Dead or Alive

    Second, on the noobs at r/cigars and their blind rejection of the study. Plume does not exist.
  9. Opus X

  10. How many cigars do you own?

    I prefer to think that cigars are borrowed rather than owned. Kind alike a burrito, with a slightly longer term.
  11. The Sanpellegrino Chinotto flavor is wonderful with any floral or citrus cigar.
  12. My palate is off ...

    Also try changing toothpaste to a natural brand, and changing or eliminating mouthwash.

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