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  1. What would you buy?

    A 50 cab of PLPC on FOH clearance and a $78 steak.
  2. ULE JUL 15 Partagas E2 170th?

    I figured someone here would know. Guess it’s a mystery!
  3. ULE JUL 15 Partagas E2 170th?

    @Bart any idea on factory?
  4. Anyone know what factory this is? Buddy just scored this box, thank you.
  5. Nothing like San Cristobal.
  6. Sparkles on cigar

    Foil from the bands, flaking off.
  7. Not Sure

  8. Another great review! I’m a fan of this stick but they’re not all created equal.
  9. Sparkles on cigar

    Foil from the bands flaking off.
  10. 2018 Habanos Released

  11. FOH Mould Study

    This is the best scientific cigar work I’ve ever seen, and a huge infusion of real, factual knowledge in a hobby rife with old wives’ tales. BRAVO! ps The Opus was mine. I sent it knowing it would come back as “not plume” because plume doesn’t exist.
  12. Nice review! Welcome to the forum amigo!
  13. Cohiba Talisman – Global Launch

    Easy explanation: They wanted to throw off the counterfeiters, who would be immediately producing "Talismans" without a pigtail... only to find that they're unsellable after the tail is added to the real thing. I'd do that if I were them. Find ways to alter the actual cigar rather than the bands etc. In fact, why even bother showing off the cigars at the Fest if you're not going to release them for 9 months+?

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