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  1. Partagas 170?

    So... what are the OP’s cigars then?
  2. Cubans at the Big Smoke?

    Oh it’s numbered off the CA list. I see. That’s why I had no idea.
  3. Partagas 170?

    I think Bart is indicating they are fake.
  4. Looking at “cigar #3.” Does this indicate that the Big Smoke will be providing Cuban cigars in Vegas? To my knowledge there is no wiggle room in the Treasury Department rules — you may possess Cuban products in the US and consume them yourself, provided you acquired them yourself while abroad and brought them into the US through customs. But there is no circumstance by which one may sell, trade, or as far as I know, even gift a Cuban made product to any other person. Am I wrong?
  5. Cigar Collection

    Nice try, US Treasury Department.
  6. Cafe Venture

    Good luck! Take that sex shop down
  7. Final Mould Report

    It seems likely that “plume makes cigars better” is just a cagey sales tactic to allow tobacconists to sell moldy stock. I’ve never once heard an actual smoker say that a cigar that appeared to have “plume” tasted better than one that didn’t. The whole “plume” business is snake oil.
  8. FOHrensics

    I want to know what else is in Cuban cigars other than Cuban tobacco. I’ve heard all kinds of stories, including misting wrapper leaves with a proprietary slurry of water and Cuban rum.
  9. Really liked them at release but worried they are past their prime.
  10. Christmas Sampler 2017

    The Bushido I had from the Xmas sampler is the best cigar I have ever had.
  11. I have a sweet tooth. In fact in years past, I began to wonder if all my teeth were sweet. They certainly had reason to be-- I could eat candy, cookies, ice cream, etc. until the cows came home and went back out again. Over the last few years, little by little, not only have my cravings for sweets abated, but my ability to eat them in quantity in a sitting has significantly dropped off. I feel more full, faster, and I am often struck by exactly how sweet sweets really are-- the sugar all but hurts the tongue at times. These years have coincided with my major push into cigars. One or two a year became a couple a week, and now probably averaging 1.5-2 per day. I'm wondering if my concentration on pulling flavors out of tobacco has anything to do with my waning interest in and tolerance for sweets. Perhaps I am appreciating flavors more, and with sugar being overwhelming, I don't need much to satisfy that sensitivity any more? I'm wondering if chemically there is anything to it too (I'm aware of the general appetite suppressing nature of nicotine, and I'm sure this is part of it). I'm wondering if anyone else has similar experience? Thanks all, Paul
  12. Tobacco in Hawaii

    IIRC they are $20??

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