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  1. Comfort (sitting for hours) and durability are indeed very key factors in a Lounge. Hoping someone can post some pics of “alternative” cigar lounge decor!
  2. Is that an actual cigar lounge? Or it’s just smoke friendly (a whole different ball of wax)?
  3. What was so different about it? Did you like it? Are there other ways to go, besides “leather and dark wood” or is that the only thing smokers like?
  4. Emotional Shifts

    I smoke everything when they’re smoking well. I’d rather concern myself with finding the next good smoking stock than realize I’ve kept some great smokes around past their prime. Smoke them. When they’re right, smoke them all.
  5. Cornelius and Anthony Meridian

    I have had the C&A. My vote for most Cubanesque NC is the RomaCraft Aquitaine line. Very reasonably priced Nicaraguan boutique cigars.
  6. Custom rolls packaging question

    Jorge uses foil. The rest, I’ve mostly seen just a ribbon. Definitely follow Johnny’s advice above— bring a full box of 1 and 2 gallon ziplocks and maybe some bovedas. Pack everything in your carry-on and either be careful about banging it around, or bring a hard case of some kind to put them in.
  7. Hoping it’s within box split range.
  8. I’ll be in Amsterdam central on a Saturday night in September. Need an after-dinner smoking location (preferably a cigar bar, so I don’t need to supply everyone) for 5-10 people that’s open until 12 or 1am.
  9. What about cigar lounges or smoke friendly lounges that are open late? I’ll be there on a saturday night in September and I need a place with good ventilation where I can bring a group of 5-10 that’s open til 12 or 1am. Will be near Amsterdam city center.
  10. Bucket List Holiday Destination

    What ryokan is this?
  11. Bucket List Holiday Destination

    Congo. Mountain gorillas. Cloudtop lodge.
  12. A certain U.K. retailer wants £1300 for a box.
  13. I’m not at all surprised. This cigar is going to be a monster hit.

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