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  1. SCdlH Lancero or petite Lancero. Or a Lonsdale.
  2. Not petite coronas, but both the Bolivar Corona Junior and Monte no. 5 have been pretty tasty with just a short rest so far for me.
  3. Mosquito

    I live in Florida, and mosquitos love to go after me. I've only found two things that work. DEET or those allerthin candles/lanterns like the Off mosquito lanterns. Those have a pad that is impregnated with the chemical, then you slowly vaporise by heating it over the candle. They last about 4 hours, but they do work. Theres a thing called a Thermacell that hunters use that's the same basic principle but more portable. Citronella candles and torches are for chumps, they do absolutely nothing, at least with the Florida variety, maybe other mosquito populations keep away.
  4. Have not had a ton of experience with this marca, but just from my personal sampling, this seems to be one that shines in larger formats.
  5. Irma Call Out over the weekend.

    In Pinellas county, city of Seminole. We're two miles from the beach but we're on the ridge so no evac. Pretty nasty looking storm, not looking forward to the days without power for sure, but concerned. Mom is in the hospital, which happens to be riiiight on the bay, so. A little worried there, but we really didn't have any opportunity to prep her house. Hoping she'll have a house to come back to.
  6. Candela a calling?

    I'll just chime in to say the the Illusione Holy Lance Candela is one of my favorite cigars, literally a desert island cigar. I've had the 888 Candela as well, and while it was very good, I'm just a sucker for a good lancero and the HL Candela is a very good one.
  7. The best American rums 2017

    Well, see, the problem is that there are so many good US bourbon's....😉
  8. I just don't get it

    I dunno, from the description it sounds like these are way too damp, all the classic symptoms are there. I'd first determine if the device you are currently using to monitor your humidity is accurate (I've seen devices 10% off with some regularity...). Then, once that is determined to be at least reasonable accurate, lower the RH further to 62% and leave them for a nice months long (or longer) nap. If you live in a humid environment, you may still need to dry box if smoking outdoors, usually just having the AC running is enough to get the dry box to low humidity, but if you live in said environment and are insane enough to go without AC you may need to figure something else out.
  9. I caved, VR AD's came up on sale at a stupid good price and I bought two boxes. I've actually never had one, but I do like a good Churchill/DC and the other VR's I've had have aged very well, so if it takes me awhile to get around to them it's no bother. Still eyeing Punch Punch and DC cabs, but can't really justify since they'll still be available in dress boxes.
  10. Welcome to Florida! Dry box is your friend, I keep mine around 65%, and put the few I plan to smoke soon in the dry box and pick from there. Have had few plugged sticks since switching to this method. I'd honestly stick all those in a dry box for awhile and test them out again later.
  11. Quacker weekend

    Serious question: how do all the common, mostly harmless animals like ducks survive in a land filled with venomous critters all out to kill you?
  12. Post your Pet.......

    Jasper, our furry shibu-chow. Rescued almost a year ago. And Topaz, our 12-13 year old Persian.
  13. For those that haven't seen it, you can watch it here till it gets removed: Operation Petticoat
  14. Watched Operation Petticoat the other day, was an interesting look back on how movies were done. Still enjoyed it, going to have to fire up Father Goose next.
  15. Also live on the gulf coast, dry box is your friend. I only smoke outisde, so I tend to keep a number of cigars in a dry box for ready smoking. In the summer when the humidity is horrendous, I generally try to have several days worth of dry box time on most sticks prior to smoking. It helps that having to constantly run the AC tends to help dry things out a bit, but it can remain a challenge to get larger sticks like churchills or DC's to a good smoking condition, so my smoking habits tend to be backwards to what my brethren to the north do, enjoying the longer formats in the winter and shorter ones during the summer.

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