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  1. Millburn here. April and May are booked for me but I’ll keep watching the thread to stay up to date in case i have a free weekend. Always love to meet up with fellow cigar lovers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Happened to me 10 years or so ago. Cigars inspected sealed with customs tape slashed with. Razor blade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Top 5 Bourbons

    i like this one too!
  4. Top 5 Bourbons

    How can I forget Black Maple Hill 23 year (rye actually) but I feel it so good it warrants mentioning
  5. Top 5 Bourbons

    Pappy 20,15,23 (in that order) Parkers heritage Cognac barrel finished The Buffalo Trace antique collection Jeffersons Presidential Select 18 (never had the 17)
  6. I smoked one yesterday from an April 09 box code and it was fantastic!
  7. RA Celestiales Fino STA JUN 09

    Thats what I like to do as well!
  8. How did I miss this one????? Im in!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Started with a Vegas Famoso 08 amazingly approachable for such a young specimen. Finished with an Opus XXX very full bodied. It made me a little dizzy. I was sitting on the deck enjoying a beautiful day.
  10. Anyone try an 08 SS#1? I have my eye on a cab and wondered if anyone has any experience with 08's. Thanks!
  11. CORO is king of the robo IMO. RASS and the Romeo SC have been on as of late.
  12. April Herf Mahogs Philly

    Im in like Flynn!

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