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    Happy birthday Lisa!
  2. Happy birthday Prez, enjoy the special day!
  3. Based on the general public tv watching habits (Kardashians, big brother, the apprentice, etal) I'd say drama probably sells more than content. Sad, I would agree with you 😥
  4. I’m confused.....

    Probably a Guantanamera crystal or something like that. I remember seeing an assortment of transparent tubo Guantanameras of various sizes in a cardboard box in Havana a few years back....
  5. Feb. 2n2 FUNNY

    What was the joke aboot anyways 😂
  6. You are aware that two wrongs don't make one right, right? I don't understand why some push their preferences unto others, judge others' preferences negatively, etal. This isn't stupidity, elitism or ignorance, rather likely insecurity and confirmation bias. Again, I would tend to shy away from generalizing, think bell curve when assessing any group's behaviours... Food for thought, hopefully 😉
  7. To assume people are ignorant and elitist because they are different is... 😱
  8. The Mystery of Punch Joe

    Nope, Punch Joe lives in Cuba...
  9. What The Swiss...

    Yeah, quite a few buthurt folks on the forum lately... must be a cycle thing...
  10. There you go re:explanation RickHendeson...
  11. You mean 'should lose their jobs' too often the wrong people get to stick around 😱
  12. As a bearer of a dimensionaly non challenged apparatus, I am comfortable calling chips and fries as they may 😂
  13. The smiley lemon fits you quite well 😂
  14. Yep, take the full box, double ziploc bag and put in freezer

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