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  1. Cohiba LE 2016 Legit?

    I prefere a dark, oily, thin and supple wrapper on my fakes 😂
  2. I'd love to see the PLPC made into a Hermosos No1 or Julieta No2 Would also love the JL2 profile in a Laguito No1 or 2
  3. Illegal, dangerous and slippery slope problems inducing tobacco 😱 Will somebody think of the children 💀💀💀 Poor dog though, could have lived an honest life of getting walked and petted by honest folks but she had to work in politics.... sad! 😂
  4. Thank you for the info Papa, will see what my itinerary looks like when I buy the tickets Friday. Cheers!
  5. Gonna spend a few days in Vientiane mid-May, would be fun to meet cigar enthusiasts in Laos. I'm also looking for suggestions re:cigar stores and divans so feel free to chime in. Cheers!
  6. Any LCDH worth visiting in the Falklands? 😂
  7. offal - do you eat it?

    Was wondering about my google search...
  8. offal - do you eat it?

    Are Australian chooks casoaries or other large birds? One to google for the unaware 😂
  9. My First Order

    Welcome to Foh, sit back, relax and enjoy the smokes 😉
  10. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Could be many things. This is a concept with a few moving parts so you will get a few seemingly unrelated suggestions. I would suggest you try and apply some science/patience to the process. You first need to figure out what happened. Please read as much as you care on the subject. Once you have some facts to put together, you should be able to design a correcting protocol. To paraphrase Ray, I'd say the environment outside the humidor (including seasonal fluctuations) is as much a factor as the conditions inside the humidor... nothing is an absolute - it all needs to be put in perspective to make sense. Cheers!
  11. offal - do you eat it?

    For better or worse, cooked insects (apart from some exceptions) have very little taste by themselves. Insect dishes would likely be challenging because of the visual or the texture...
  12. next 007

    Robert and his amazing technicolor dream shirt 😂
  13. Same here, must have lighted a thousand cigars with mine and still going like new. Obviously anecdotal evidence, I have heard the manufacturing quality changed at some point...
  14. Was wondering which cigar lounges/boutiques to visit in Vientiane (Laos). Planning to be there for a few evenings next May. Thank you in advance for your input. Cheers!

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