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  1. Jeanff

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Enjoying an after dinner rum by the beach, sunset/campfire & girlfriend included. Cheers!
  2. Jeanff


    I buy Toyotas. Neither sexy nor luxury but I need my vehicle for work and never had an issue in the past 20 years/5 different vehicles. To each his own...
  3. Jeanff


    Maybe Prez & co can come up with a Shooaway special edition for mosquitoes 🤔
  4. Congratulations for the people getting married and their loved ones. Have minimal interest in other people's lives, even less if I don't know them. I'm sure there is something productive I have to do instead anyway 😅
  5. Jeanff

    Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    Assuming you know what other people think is one of the surest way to miss out on life, not including building no relevant friendships... Food (not 5 stars) for thoughts 😂
  6. Jeanff

    Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    For transparency's sake, my only expertise on children is having been one and having many in my social circle. It seems like the best way of educating children includes exposing them to a wide range of experiences. It appears that the best way to instill some compassion and awareness in people is exposing them to some hardship and struggle. Re: prostitution, you can easily find it in every single city on the globe. Cheap & unnecessary shot to the Cuban people and everyone who enjoys visiting Cuba. Cheers!
  7. I wonder how vegemite would pair with cigars... 😂
  8. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned a potential scenario where she was not offered wine in the first place due to being pregnant and the in-laws being concerned, reached out in the kitchen herself and used an overly pricy glass and managed to smash it. The case is a situation where there is just enough information to allow victimization of the storyteller while truly not sufficient info to pass enlightened judgment on the matter. Cheers!
  9. I was discussing the uniqueness of Cuban cigars with an American colleague last week and what I came up with was that Cuban tobacco is the best at exhibiting fruitiness. Many NCs possess cocoa, coffee, cream, various spices, leather or sweetness in their profile but fruitiness (to various extent and understanding some NCs are fruity) is widely represented in the CC current portfolio. My experience only, ymmv
  10. Smoking a RAG as I type this and as far as my opinion is asked for, it brings me back to Havana without thinking too hard about it
  11. Jeanff

    New Buddy

    Congrats, he's a cutie 😺
  12. Jeanff

    New Cohiba band fake.

    The colour bleeding around the 'Cohiba' letters should tell you all you need to know imho

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