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  1. Wall Street Journal Article on Travel to Cuba

    It's Ron Caney not Ron Carney.
  2. Everything looks good. Not familiar with the Factory code though.
  3. Hola Hermanos!

    I heard your were in town Pres. sorry we didn't have a chance to meet up. Next time...
  4. Mike, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife.
  5. November trip to Havana

    I'm flying down Saturday if you wanna meet up for a smoke
  6. Hello all.

    Swim. Only 90 miles from Key West.
  7. Bought back in September in Havana at the Cohiba Atmosphere shop.
  8. August Trip Report (Picture Heavy)

    interesting. i was given a factura for all the singles EL's, sir winstons, monte 80ths, and behikes i bought at habana libre back in september. i know they had full boxes in their secondary storage, next to the walk in humidor that most people go in, but they would not sell me a box. even when i bought 10 monte dantes, no box.
  9. Sorry. I thought this was the cigar aficionado magazine article. Link here for videos. http://video.cigaraficionado.com/
  10. A couple takeaways from the cigar related videos. Marvin Shanken burns the shit out of his pre Castro H Upmann. This drives me absolutely bonkers when people light their cigars and burn half the wrapper. Second, MJ is an idiot for not visiting Cuba. The best time to visit have been last few years. His comment about buying one of the classic cars and shipping it back is stupid. With all the money he has, he can buy an 1950's American classic in states that is 100% restored and running. Does he know that the junk in Havana are all car shells with wood on inside and diesel boat motors under the hood? ok. I'm done for the day.
  11. Found her! Such a cariño.
  12. Travel Report 9/21/17

    wow. glad you got some behike and 80th. Nobody would sell me full boxes of Behike, 80th, Dantes. I had to buy singles at habana libre lcdh. i bought a box of behike 52 at cohiba atmosphere for $100 cuc over cuba lcdh price.
  13. too bad Jackie doesn't work there anymore

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