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  1. Awesome! I live in Las Vegas. Let me know when you are in town. I would like to meet up with you and hopefully Carlos. I have visited with him in Havana on a few occasions. @clutch5150
  2. Prob gonna catch the Vegas shows. Seen ratdog 30+ times.
  3. Can anyone confirm if these are on the shelves at any Havana LCDH's?
  4. How about that new construction on the corner of Malecon and Prado. Renderings look amazing.
  5. Heading to the Paris casino player big game party with my pops. I have a Behike 56 ready to go whe the Patriots win!
  6. Not going to the festival (unless someone has an extra ticket) but I'll be in Havana Feb 21 - March 5. Would love to meet a few of you guys.
  7. Nice haul on the customs. Love the legendario elixr.
  8. I've had a box of 54's in my possession for a month now. Bought it last month in Havana at the LCDH on 5th y 16. Carlos dug it out for me. He also grabbed me box of the Hoyo Elegantes. Can check box code later if anyone wants to know them.
  9. Hoyo Elegantes are out.
  10. Let me know if you need any suggestions.
  11. Where you gonna smoke in Vegas? I'm a local...
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/cuba/comments/5l44ot/dear_reddit_im_stuck_in_cuba_indefinitely_please/ this person is fu*ked.
  13. I'm back in the states. I should be heading back sometime early next year and can get you one then.
  14. Yes! Just picked up a bundle of Alex Sublimes. Cannot wait to try one!
  15. Got this little guy last night in the lobby for 15CUC. No round ones.

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