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  1. Not all Chiba’s are created equal. I really only like the Linea Classica non of the newer Siglo’s. Each year my best cigar is a Cohiba, either one of my Pyramide Reservas from 2003 or a CORO, Lancero, Esplendidos or Exquisitos from my older boxes. Hopefully the newer boxes will eventually develop into those classic examples of balanced, strong, creamy but still full bodied cigars.
  2. Another non existing vitola that exists solely as an aged version. Montecristo Julieta No.2, H.Upmann Robusto what next.
  3. Cuban Cigar Tobacco Weights

    @El Presidente real funny guy you are Rob. Any allusion to accurate measurements in cigar weights make a wan smile appear on my face😀😀
  4. Buscame mi chancleta You know who wears the chancletta’s at my place😀😀😀
  5. Most missed 1. ERdM Tainos 2. Partagas Coronas 3. Punch Ninfas 4. Davidoff No.1 Lancero 5. QdO Imperiales pre 1998
  6. Fact free 😀😀😀
  7. Excellent cigar and an excellent review.
  8. Difficult to say anything definitive on relatively little information. Does this happens on all sizes and ring gauges? When do you tap your ash? Do you purge? It sounds like your cigars are getting hot in the centre but not so much on the outside, so maybe you should try to smoke one cigar a lot slower that your current tempo and see what happens. About one draw a minute might give you a different result.

    New Year’s Eve wll be busy so I smoked mine yesterday
  10. Family tradition. Education in wine, spirits, Queensberry rules and Cuban cigars.
  11. Legendary Monte 2 codes

    @BrightonCorgi It’s the Corojo tabacco, spidery veined leaf that makes the difference in my amateur opinion😀 https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/the-death-of-el-corojo-7051
  12. Probably have a good cigar and contemplate after we return from the dinner and kids are in bed.
  13. Legendary Monte 2 codes

    The one on the left was pretty epic😀 A sledgehammer of full black coffee and strong black tobacco
  14. Hoyo De Monterrey Replica Humidor

    Gonna read me a book this Christmas Will write a book report if there is interest😀
  15. I've climbed the Vigia in Trinidad. It is a partly restored watch tower on a former plantation. Given the history associated with slavery on the plantation I am not a fan of naming a cigar after it.

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