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  1. RijkdeGooier

    email of the week.

    @Bartolomeo, I think this is a very generous offer and more than he deserves. You might get stuck with a fake box here buddy @El Presidente his behavior is beyond the pale. Just offer him a refund upon return of the full box and blacklist the guy.
  2. With the day’s temp over 100 degrees I decided to experiment with this today. Ran an older Upmann Epicure under the tap. Wet the wrapper (just a bit not soaked through) and lit up. Flavors were somehow a bit rounder than usual. Pleasant I’ll do It again😀
  3. As you know I normally don’t post in this thread but did wanted to share these. I got lucky and had the opportumity to buy a single of these
  4. Maybe an introduction would raise the response count😀
  5. RijkdeGooier

    H. Upmann Magnum 46

    From my own experience you have two options 1. Smoke em young like Rob indicated. They will be stronger and a little unrefined but good cigars 2. Lay-away as normally by year 2.5 they start turning and become less pleasant and soapy until about 5 years after boxing - then they become true H.Upmann with the distinct shortbread and some sweetness in evidence
  6. From a technical viewpoint I’ve always been told that the quintessential Cuban marca by which all others are judged is Montecristo. The classical line is la marca de referencia a yardstick for Cuban cigars. All others are variations on a theme. From a personal viewpoint this varies of course across those that smoke cigars.
  7. These haven’t disappointed yet
  8. Love em with some years on them and am lucky to have great supply that I can inspect before I buy. Agree they can be hit and miss otherwise
  9. Had dinner with Hamlet, Kolka and Rod in Rotterdam when they presented the latest Hamlet 25th. Smoked it side-by-side with my insurance for the night. (Cuaba Diademas - a wonderful smoke @Ken Gargett) The Hamlet was a very nice smoke and had impecceable construction.
  10. RijkdeGooier

    Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    How I hate our car taxation. A simple VW Golf costs € 30,000 already. Any real sports car would easily set one back more than € 250,000. Then there’s road taxes, insurance, maintainance and fuel.
  11. RijkdeGooier


  12. RijkdeGooier


    One of my favorites
  13. I actually believe the practice was advocated by Wayne’s butler for the reasons mentioned by shrink.
  14. RijkdeGooier

    The next cigar trend....and why?

    Am no mod - but not against it at all
  15. RijkdeGooier

    The next cigar trend....and why?

    Which one would you buy? I am curious, as anyone I am aware of the cost/reward ratio and wouldn't mind switching to better at a fraction of the cost. Maybe @Ken Gargett has any suggestions?

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