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  1. At production no difference Aged - there is apparently greater variability in CP’s durability. Having said that, my 2003 Don Alejandro’s in CP’s are still fantastic smokes.
  2. Monte 2 from 08 RASS from 11 HUPC from 13 HU Mag50 from 09 PL PC from 12 P Shorts from 11
  3. breakfast

    Exactly spot on except for the Haggis. Most memorable special breakfast in an old manor just outside Dublin. Linen, silverware, wonderful eggs and salmon and great company👍
  4. Greatest Guitar Player Ever

    Great gitarists already mentioned. One to add to the list Jan Akkermans Electric Acoustic Lute
  5. If cigars were hookers

    Mmm Cuabas. Lovely strong flavorbombs
  6. Good choice. Congrats for now @JohnS you’ll soon feel the weight😀👍
  7. Sunday would be good for me👍
  8. Your February 2018 cigar Awards

    Best Montecristo No.2 from 2003. Just a wonderful smoke.
  9. OK a little more detail.... The process of choosing an ER as I’ve told by the importer. 1. Choose a marca and vitola (there is more to it but lets keep it simple) 2. Receive up-to 5 suggested blends and decide on the final blend and packaging. 3. Pay for at least 50,000 units (I believe) and wait a year or more. 4. Recieve batches of the cigar and roll-out. There is no special 2003 reserve of tobacco in this story. From a practical POV most ER’s I’ve smoked have a distinct young cigar taste when first released. Some become wonderful, some not so much.
  10. the world's greatest rarest rum

    Wonder how it compares to the Samtiago 500 i’ve had the one would’t mind volunteering for a comparison check😀
  11. If you believe that .... I’ve a bridge for sale😀😀😀😀

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