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  1. The Top Quotes on Smoking Cigars

    "I'm not supporting (Cuba's) economy. I'm burning their crops." – Alexander Haig Wording varies from source to source but attributed to Haig.
  2. Hurricane Harvey

    We were personally fortunate to just lose a few trees and our power for 12 hours. Of course, our good fortune came at the huge expense of our friends and neighbors in Port Aransas, Rockport and on up to Victoria, all less than an hour's drive for us. For those unfamiliar, Port A is a great little resort community directly on the Gulf and site of many a college spring break adventure. Rockport is an artist colony with great restaurants tucked into the oak-lined Texas coast. Both appear to have taken a terrible beating, but I know those folks will rebuild better than ever. Now the problem will be flooding throughout the week as this system stalls and lingers over Southeast Texas and even into Louisiana. We're only 24 hours into this event that appears to be a week-long weather system. Some models even have it backing back into the Gulf and reforming before heading up the coast. Strange, strange storm.
  3. Hurricane Harvey

    Cat 4 now. Local forecast online is for winds topping at 92 mph (148 kph) at about 2 a.m. here. Tracks having it stalling about 30 miles north of us and after a day or so, turning south right back over us. It'll be weaker by Sunday, but we're going to get soaked. Recorded 30 inches of rain in Beulah, but Harvey may eclipse that. We're just battened down and on a hill. Think we've done all we can to prep so just waiting it out. Happy to still have power with the eye about 6-7 hours away.
  4. Hurricane Harvey

    I think you should expect some heavy damage and celebrate if it's less than that. Storm surge, winds and rain will all be significant in Corpus Christi.
  5. Hurricane Harvey

    We're about an hour north of Corpus Christi, so in harm's way but with a buffer. The spaghetti maps pretty much show Harvey puttering around within 40 miles until Tuesday. Have taken big hits from Carla, Buelah, Fern, Celia and Claudette, but been awhile. We typically don't take a big direct blow and well clear of tidal surges, but these storms spawn tornadoes and that's a big concern for us inland. I expect to be without power for a day or two by sometime Saturday. Fortunately I think the humidor will maintain 62-64% humidity for a good 2-3 days without power. I have lots of reading material saved up. If winds drop below 50 mph on the back porch by Sunday, I'm thinking of a PLPC in the morning and maybe a Sir Winston mid-day and ending the evening with a Partagas 898, maybe a Lusi if the power is still out.
  6. The best American rums 2017

    Because I've been exploring rums (thanks to recommendations on this board), my son brought me a bottle of the Koloa Kaua'i Spice back from a Hawaiian trip and it's really, really nice. I pick up vanilla and other spices. It's smooth and at its best sipped neat. The only problem being its limited availability in the lower 48. So I'm nursing my bottle judiciously.
  7. Mika, I thought about posting this with the slide show and then I thought it might be something for your Stuff thread that I so look forward to each work day. I confess this South Texas boy has always had a thing for Italian styling whether road bikes, motorcycles, high end shotguns and cars. So this really caught my eye on CBS Sunday Morning today:


    Oh, and my wife is Italian too!

  8. After 30-plus years of marriage, my wife convinced me of mine.
  9. It should be noted that General Ignacio Zaragoza was born in Goliad, Texas, which gives Texans another reason to celebrate the day. Of course, Texans will celebrate anything at the drop of a bull calf's testicles. So there's that too.
  10. What makes a good life?

    The Atlantic did a story on the Harvard study some 5-10 years ago and I shared it with my family then. I'm sharing this with them now. A really thought-provoking book I'd recommend is "How Will You Measure Your Life," by Clayton M. Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School. It's a short read and began as the farewell lecture in Christensen's class, which my son took. As in typical HBS processes, he explores happiness and fulfillment in life with wonderful case studies giving detailed examples. It explores how to make good decisions throughout life with great business lessons thrown in. About 200 pages and well worth every one.
  11. As my late father-in-law said of pageants, "I didn't raise my daughter to be a heifer at the county show." Nor did I raise mine thusly.
  12. Guy never should have been on a motorcycle when clearly what he needs is a Hummer.
  13. Help--Vintage White Owls

    That's a really cool thing to do for your father, topdiesel. Smells can trigger great memories. I treasure my childhood memories of visiting my grandfather in the summer and playing cribbage with him while he smoked his evening cigar. Great present.
  14. Just in time for deer season in my neck of the woods:

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