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  1. Both sides - social weleare and capitalists - are "right" as they both derive form our evolution. Thousands of years tribal members shared with the group for survival and cohesion. They also gave massive praise to thouse who brought in more and violently punished those who took more than their fair share. smaller the better. You can see who really adds value in a group and witness real human compassion within a community. Governments and globalism just fuck it all up. Your warrior class are tossed around the world like mercinaries and have no community to come home to. Many of us have no wants and know nothing of struggle. Struggle is the best times of my life (retrospect). The best bonds. No jealousy. One day your skills are needed and praised, the next your buddies. No a private society, but one our genetics out built for.
  2. Used to split everything with a buddy or two who lived around Vancouver. Now I just get the whole thing. Too many times I regretted not doing so.
  3. Growing my own tobacco plants for sh/ts and giggles, but will probably only use for pipe tobacco if anything
  4. I have a 06 box of ex4 and a 14 box of belicosos that are both amazing. Had 5x3 or short Churchill that were boring. 2/3 has worked well, but not statistically relevant to comment.
  5. I'll probably grab these when avail again. I've always avoided the vitola. Bought some RA regionals that were similar and the construction was shit. Over filled I guess where they taper so the split open. Cusbas ive had maybe 10 and all of them have had major construction issues. fuente rollers have got these type/shape down to an art. I'm just hoping these finally get the cc flavor I'm seeking in the perfecto that the nc guys seem to have down.
  6. Very cool. Way better than most coming out of the media
  7. Group trip to find these mystical cigars?
  8. I feel the same way. But then again, anything in the Scotch, Irish whiskey or bourbon families turn me into a maniac, so better do society in general id I just stick to cigsrs and coffee!🤣
  9. For real. Pm already sent!
  10. 17-18. I was over the teenage BS, had a job working in a cold storage warehouse making great money for my age. No bills really. Just tons of new life experiences, I could afford my needs and wants and everything was exciting.
  11. Coming in the mail Monday. Used and worn but don't care. My Rolex explorer II from the 90s was a used purchase as well.
  12. I'd be forever in debt of someone if they could PM me where/from whom to get these.
  13. Been buying a slew of thins. Monte 4, h up 1/2 corona, sig 1s, boli pc all recent in or on way. Think I might stop at party shots but I doubt it. Vids were great
  14. Too much milk in em for me

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