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  1. History is far worse. Black Plague. TB rampant with no cure. Rape and pillaging completely the norm in all wars everywhere. I can go on and on. minimal to no fear of continual violence makes culture / societies soft and stupid. They start prioritizing crap like young celebrities. No need for true heroes to be in the forefront of worship or command when there is no perimeter to guard. Just a byproduct of being safe. No good or bad, just trade offs with everything in life.
  2. Fascinating. Not actually surprised though. Many of those "50s classic American cars" had soviet engines put under the hood a long time ago.
  3. Glad I got to go. Visited London right after the first bridge attach this year.
  4. Great new NC cigar

    Love it. My go to brand and line for years prior to Cubans
  5. Whole thing sounds insane. The cigar prices, having 4K put in the post and the slicing on top? Is this a horror flick?
  6. 1914 Cigar "Mold Study"

    Now this will be interesting!
  7. The Horror...

    Exactly what I was gonna reccomend.
  8. Great post @JohnS I've actually stayed away from the sig line as I didn't enjoy em young. Not a fan of the grassy taste. being a hypocrite tho, did recently purchase the sig I. Pleasantly surprised at the 2016s seem to have more complexity and other flavors prevalent I do like. Only had 1 thus far, and was so under filled you could almost smash it flat and the burn was garbage. Hoping for better results on cigar no 2 from the box.
  9. Yup, agree unless someone you see about and can take a message well. Private message or text way to go imo.
  10. Tiger Woods

    Agreed. I'll admit I was the worst at being jusgemental and quick to criticize until maybe a year ago. I was actually a pretty shit person when I was so judgemental; I woulda had a TON to say about mr woods while my life was falling apart. if it doesn't actually have an impact on me, it's just noise. I catch myself caring here and there about things like this, but stop and realize my caring has no bearing on anything to do with it and I'm just turning over emotional control to a circumstance. my son gets a DUI? Wife gets a DUI? Heaven forbid family or immediate friend impacted by a dui driver, then I care. TW getting one has about as much impact on me and anyone I know as a fictional character getting one in a book I'm reading.
  11. Active duty army active duty air force federal agency- customs, FBI, whatever. laned army national guard, then Air Force reserves (still in that) and a insurance underwriter to really pay the bills 🤣
  12. Code scratched off?

    Yup, that seems to be the situation here. Some want to have dibs on American market when available, so don't want any codes in America currently tied to them when/if opens (that's the story anyways).
  13. They overlooked one thing...

    I think that's the issue; but never put anything past someone looking to make a buck....or peso.
  14. Code scratched off?

    Picked up some RG perlas from a vendor I've trusted for years. Had a good deal if you purchased 50 of em. Cigars in the 5x5 boxes looked and smelled fine. Will probably smoke one soon to do the taste test (no, not to determine authenticity but to determine if I like em for the price paid and move on) odd thing is the scratch marks on BOTH boxes where the code to verify on the habsnos site. Anyone seen this? Cause for concern? No idea why anyone would take the time to make fake RG perlas...
  15. Split already lined up. If we ever see the el morro on the 24/24, let's coordinate our fire and go for those!

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