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  1. Thanks for digging this one up. Good read
  2. My sis was in Military (ga army national guard) during the 1996 olympics in Atlanta. The amount of plots foiled during the time was nuts according to her.
  3. Never had a jlp pc. Haven't even smoked a complete box of s1 or s2
  4. Agreed. Good price too from what I've seen.
  5. Agh! Sooooo want the shorts but no room in humidor. Have like 50 RG perlas on way, along with sig 1s and some other small cigars already in humidor. Tapped out 😩😩😩😩
  6. Certainty is the problem. When we are certain we do cruel things. when we stop questioning, we stop growing.
  7. Headed to Qatar next month, curious the situation. On base the qataris wanted to collect their tax on tobacco products (cigs and dip), so we responded by ceasing selling tobacco products at al udied AB. stupid pissing contest and the troops lose. I don't partake in cigs or dip, but just a shame the soil dere headed to worse spots can't stick up on the layover there.
  8. Do they have sheesha or hookah there? No alcohol about in Kuwait, but hookah everywhere and cigars easy to find and allowed
  9. Love it when they are good young. Im going to sound like Luddite, but for how much they cost, they should be delicious day 1. I'll age em because I can, but I am pissed if it's not enjoyable after the acclimation down time. Intolerable that something with the pricing they ask for should REQUIRE age to be good.
  10. Have the exact one set up with boveda. Love it
  11. This bad boy coming on Thursday. I can't stand the seamaster planet ocean; beautiful watch but I refuse to buy watches wirh functions I don't need. I will NEVER need a helium escape. like the dress/work mix on this one.
  12. Bingo. 10er woulda been better terms.
  13. Just purchased a 10er of these to push an order to the free shipping point. Totally blind, didn't even review on here before hand. Sounds like it'll be a nice little surprise.
  14. I'm thinking about an omega aqua terra gmt chrono/gmt. The seamaster gmt just doesn't do it for me and I have no need for a helium escape as on the planet ocean.

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