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  1. PerfecDraw

    Damn it - might of been able to save my first attempt at the RyJ WC GR had I had one of these a few months ago. Just ordered. @Cigar Fan 29 Rod - look forward to using the tool and thankfully that was a false alarm the other day!
  2. Palio Cutter

    Found an old thread on where I think the original owner said production would never be moved to China. I guess he kept his world whilst he still owned the firm and we only saw this happen after Quality Importers took over. Not to bash China, quality over the years for manufacturing in general has improved dramatically however unless there is passion from management to keep the standard, things inevitably slacken and the consumer will eventually notice the difference which is the case with the new version of this great cutter.
  3. Palio Cutter

    Made in USA if the logo is the horse with BOTL
  4. Palio Cutter

    In terms of physical appearance the two versions look the same however to the trained eye (I have several years in precision engineering) there is a quality difference in the blades in that the newer version lacks the precision and quality of the ones made in USA IMO. Also I am finding the newer version "sticks" more in the mechanism/composite body.
  5. Palio Cutter

    I used to have the made in USA version which I gave to my cousin (it was my favourite cutter and sliced through like butter) Was late to get a replacement and ended up getting the new version-don't like the quality,blade has nicks and catches when I cut. Trying to find the older version is proving extremely difficult now 😩
  6. Watched it on the way over to Blighty on Tuesday night-great film!Literally every scene he has a cigar,made me want to light up an RyJ Churchill or Sir Winston out of respect. The health warning is ridiculous.
  7. Trinidad La Trova

    Managed to get a single that's resting until at least Jan before I burn it. Interested at the price these will be released at.
  8. x4 PLMC and change left over for a beer or 4
  9. Happy Birthday Bart

    Happy birthday Ryan!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the review guys-always like to hear your opinions. This was another cigar I tried to turn a blind eye to because of the size however (as usual it seems) with these short/stubbies I really like this one.Tried my first one back in Feb-was the first cigar I smoked when I arrived in Habana on my first ever trip there so it's always going to be one I'll remember. Even though very young it smoked very smoothly and I loved the flavour-I think somewhere on a 24:24 I saw Rob mention a love child of Robusto T (dearly missed) which I can get. Only managed to have another last month again in Habana with an espresso and friends at The Nacional terrace. Instant box buy for me,as with a lot of others, I just love Upmann as a marca for most parts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hello all.

    Skip Miami and save the days for a longer stay on the island, go direct from NYC. Flights still going direct from JFK and Newark @dezbo
  12. Overpriced as usual. Wouldn't mind trying the cigar (even though the size scares me) however well out of my pay grade.
  13. I almost picked up one of these myself last month but was looking for the black and grey version with yellow writing.Should of got this one just for the great memories of The Nacional Enjoy!

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