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  1. Calling BOTL @Sunsmoke who just moved there a few months ago and @mrretrohale is born and raised there for perspectives. I hear it's better to declare and pay the tax-don't mess.
  2. la Puntilla update

    Mule returns [emoji847] The best kind of packaging IMO Sampled yesterday-still very fresh and wet, won't be touching these again for at least 6 months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No need to buy blind-as mentioned above ask to open boxes which are sealed.Should not be an issue and if it is move to the next store!
  4. @ElJavi76 check PM and don't worry about the snail mail pace of responses from people
  5. Bloody love that terrace!Enjoy!!
  6. Used to be the FoH lighter until Cuban customs took the insert from me on the way out of the country! They weren't bothered with the bundles of customs I had with me! Now it's the triple burner lighter that @mk05 kindly gave me the other week (cheers bro) *photo attached later
  7. Connie A - price point is different but justified, far superior smoke. A lot of people also love RyJ Short Churchill too though.
  8. I smoked my first one this Monday night after freezer treatment and prob almost a month sitting in the humi. I've not smoked any of the other Anejados yet but I enjoyed this one. Didn't seem typical Upmann to me (what do I know!?) and someone mentioned Partagas above which come to think of it I would tend to agree with. Need to smoked another sample in maybe a month after more travel rest and acclimatization.
  9. Ok man, enough is enough. Hyperventilating here!! Nice grabs as usual man!
  10. You'll probably get loads of different answers on this one (down to personal preference as per cigar choice!) For me I like pairing champagne or dry whites (normally the former) generally. I haven't really experienced drinking reds and smoking however more recently I've enjoyed port with a few cigars which tends to have a slight sweetness to it. At the end of the day it's all personal preference, keep trying and tasting!
  11. Max @HoyoFan - the best thing is to get some of both and compare yourself. I've smoked a lot more PE (possibly only one Edmundo) which as you know I'm not a fan of the size and my 2014 box were initially not to my liking. But as usual time seemed to fix that and prob in 2016 they became really approachable. Down to my last one now. There seems to be a lot more love for PE - certainly remember @westg liking these a whole load!
  12. Its going to be a sad, sad day when HSA discontinue 50 cabs. We are already seeing a decline in the catalogue - some great posts on here in recent days esp with the DC cabs

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