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  1. Has anyone watched it? I really enjoyed the show, you can compare the style to Stranger Things except more adult oriented. The core of the story is near death experiences and the soundtrack to the series is amazing. One of my favorite scenes of the series is filmed in Havana. I love the camera work and the shots, but most importantly the music: The song is an original by a Cuban composer Leo Brouwer - Danza del Altiplano
  2. Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to try them when an opportunity comes along.
  3. Cuban music I posted the link to the stream before, but here it is again. 24/7 almost commercial free, its broadcasted from Poland and you will get about one ad an hour for 30 seconds or so.,53 You can also download an app for your phone here:
  4. Oysters - I know people get excited over these things, but they do absolutely nothing for me. I was in Florida for this past New Years with my friends and they bought a big box of these things. We ate all of them chasing each one with a shot of vodka. I was told that we need to disinfect so that we don't get sick. Probably not the case, but it seemed like a great idea and that is the only part I actually enjoyed out of the whole experience.
  5. I usually don't smoke too much during the M-F. Weekends depends, anywhere between 1 and 3.
  6. I keep them in the box for as long as the storage space allows for it.
  7. I started watching it as well, just watched the second episode last night. Good plot, acting and like you said the costumes are excellent. Tom Hardy's hat is pure bad ass.
  8. I enjoy smoking outdoors in warm humid weather. It just makes the cigar taste so much better for me. Unfortunately I don't get that weather year round, so in the winter I smoke inside. However, I limit my smoking inside in the winter months as I find the cigars just don't taste the same for me.
  9. I will be in this year as well. Still fighting with lbs, came a long way and still some to go.
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone at FOH!
  11. Going to a dinner party on Saturday. This basically means that I will start drinking at 3 in the afternoon rather than typical 8 or 9 in the evening when meeting with my friends.

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