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  1. I freeze everything, no matter the source. 1. Insert box into a freezer bag, suck out as much air as possible with a straw 2. Insert the above box in the bag into another freezer bag, suck out as much air as possible with a straw 3. 24 hours in the fridge 4. 96 hours (4 days) in the freezer 5. 24 hours in the fridge 6. 24 hours in the bags at room temperature
  2. In general I switch to shorter cigars for the winter. When its time to go to the garage and its -20, I'd rather finish sooner than later. However, in general I find the cigars just don't taste the same for me in the winter. I prefer the taste of cigars on hot, humid days.
  3. Hurricane Irma in Cuba

    Some more information regarding the situation in Cuba:
  4. Coffee Maker

    I'm coffee press all the way at home. My favorite coffee Cubita, black no sugar.
  5. Everything goes in the freezer for me, it doesn't matter where it comes from. Its for my own peace of mind. Double bag in heavy duty freezer bags Suck out as much air as possible with a drinking straw 1 day fridge -> 4 days freezer -> 1 day fridge -> few hours on the counter top without opening the bags
  6. Over the Easter I was over at my parents and was having white wine with the dinner. I am not big on wines in general, but when it comes down to it I will choose the white over red any day. The wine of choice was Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Chardonnay 2013. After dinner I decided to spark up a Partagas 898, took a sip of the wine and a puff. My oh my, what a pleasant surprise, the two paired perfectly for my taste buds. I ended up going through two bottles of wine and two 898s. This resulted in a very unpleasant following day, but I'll do it all over again. Has anyone else have any experiences with white wine and cigars?
  7. Final Weigh in for FatBastard 2017 - 1st May

    108.9 kg. Great success, last time I weight that was in high school
  8. As per our collective bargaining agreement we get Friday and Monday off. Never work weekends. I know most people in Canada don't get the Monday off.
  9. 112.4 kg Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The OA Netflix Series

    Has anyone watched it? I really enjoyed the show, you can compare the style to Stranger Things except more adult oriented. The core of the story is near death experiences and the soundtrack to the series is amazing. One of my favorite scenes of the series is filmed in Havana. I love the camera work and the shots, but most importantly the music: The song is an original by a Cuban composer Leo Brouwer - Danza del Altiplano
  11. Personal Kryptonite

    Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to try them when an opportunity comes along.
  12. Music To Smoke To

    Cuban music I posted the link to the stream before, but here it is again. 24/7 almost commercial free, its broadcasted from Poland and you will get about one ad an hour for 30 seconds or so.,53 You can also download an app for your phone here:
  13. Personal Kryptonite

    Oysters - I know people get excited over these things, but they do absolutely nothing for me. I was in Florida for this past New Years with my friends and they bought a big box of these things. We ate all of them chasing each one with a shot of vodka. I was told that we need to disinfect so that we don't get sick. Probably not the case, but it seemed like a great idea and that is the only part I actually enjoyed out of the whole experience.
  14. I usually don't smoke too much during the M-F. Weekends depends, anywhere between 1 and 3.

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