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  1. Its my girlfriends's and her sisters birthday and we got a limo bus to go winery hopping (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, CA). We have the limo for 5 hours starting noon tomorrow. This will follow a pool after party. Should prove to be a very messy day.
  2. Lotus Black Label Dictator Flat Flame. I like the flat flame, it good for "painting" when lighting.
  3. BOVEDA on top of cigars?

    I put my Bovedas on the bottom of the humidor with cigars on top, between cigars in the humidor and on top of the cigars. Never any issues.
  4. Yes Canada is very particular with bringing back the goods across the border. They tax the crap out of us for alcohol, cigars and cigarettes so its bad for business. Funny crossing the border they never ask about drugs, guns, explosives. Its always booze and smokes, those are the most important things to them
  5. Vikings Black Mirror Expanse (excellent political scifi) Travelers 12 Monkeys American Horror Story Punisher
  6. Thank for all the information. I will have a mule with me and I'm not planning to go over the limits. My biggest concern was the amount of time I will spend in Gibraltar before coming back to Spain. Living in Canada, out government has some rules for buying outside of the country. In order for us to bring back 1L Alcohol/50 Cigars/200 Smokes duty free we have to be out of the country for a minimum of 72 hour. I'm assuming this does not apply for travelling from Spain to Gibraltar.
  7. I am actually planning a trip to Malaga in June of this year. As part of the trip I want to do an excursion to Gibraltar and of course stop by a LCDH there. My parents did a similar trip a few years back and they told me that they were asked quite a bit by Spanish customs when coming back into Spain what they purchased in Gibraltar. Does anyone have any idea how does this work, would I be exempt from Spanish import limits because technically I am only "in transit" through Spain and eventually returning to my country of origin. What is the pricing like when comparing to buying at a store in Spain vs. buying at the duty free at the airport?
  8. I'm actually working on a post for Cuba Travel forum so I will mention this, should have it up next week. I picked up a box of Saint Luis Rey Marquez (10) (Cuban ER) in Varadero at LCDH Plaza Americas 117CUC if I'm not mistaken. I asked they had 8 boxes.
  9. I freeze everything, no matter the source. 1. Insert box into a freezer bag, suck out as much air as possible with a straw 2. Insert the above box in the bag into another freezer bag, suck out as much air as possible with a straw 3. 24 hours in the fridge 4. 96 hours (4 days) in the freezer 5. 24 hours in the fridge 6. 24 hours in the bags at room temperature
  10. In general I switch to shorter cigars for the winter. When its time to go to the garage and its -20, I'd rather finish sooner than later. However, in general I find the cigars just don't taste the same for me in the winter. I prefer the taste of cigars on hot, humid days.
  11. Hurricane Irma in Cuba

    Some more information regarding the situation in Cuba:
  12. Coffee Maker

    I'm coffee press all the way at home. My favorite coffee Cubita, black no sugar.
  13. Everything goes in the freezer for me, it doesn't matter where it comes from. Its for my own peace of mind. Double bag in heavy duty freezer bags Suck out as much air as possible with a drinking straw 1 day fridge -> 4 days freezer -> 1 day fridge -> few hours on the counter top without opening the bags

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