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    Happy Birthday Lisa
  2. Thank you Sir! We've never met but I feel like I know you a little. That's the magic of FOH. Enjoy the year end holidays. I will light up a skinny for you PigFish in the new year!
  3. Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford "You load sixteen tons (boxes) what do you getAnother day older and deeper in debtSaint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't goI owe my soul to the company store"
  4. Be happy, it could be worse: allowed to board and then "re-accommodated" à la United 😉
  5. No mention of Santiago de Cuba? It's also well worth trying, although the 11-years is difficult to find outside of Cuba. The 20 and 25-years are difficult to find even in Cuba.
  6. UK Referendum

    Agreed - as you said: " doesn't actually matter because they're all the bloody same in the big picture." This new Conservative Party government will have to deal with the same real problems in the UK: de-industrialization, stagnant wages and high cost of housing. De-industrialization is largely caused by the very globalization that the post-Brexit UK want to embrace even more. Stagnant wages are mostly due to low productivity growth. In fact, these two problems, to various degrees, also plague EU members like France, Italy, Spain but also non-members like the US, Japan etc...If these problems are not caused by EU membership, I fail to see what leaving the EU will do to solve them. As for the high cost of housing, this is more of a UK-specific issue. But again, leaving the EU will not solve it, unless one believes that Polish plumbers and Czech waitresses are the ones buying real estate in Belgravia and Chelsea. You are right, better get on with my life!
  7. I flew it on BA from London to NYC for my honeymoon trip . Marriage going strong 20 years after. I loved every minute of it (the flight as well as the marriage) in spite of the cramped space and hot windows. Great aircraft, maybe too early for the times. Many of engineers who designed it went on to work on Airbus.
  8. Good one. And it works with cigars as well. I'm shamelessly going to recycle it 😄
  9. Brazil to win it France to be in the last 8 Belgium as the surprise of the tournament
  10. For my own selfish reasons, keep it as it is
  11. You could try the Conrad Hotel in Tsukiji also. The bar features live music, has a great view of Tokyo bay...and of course you can smoke there. They even have a small selection if cigars -too expensive so use only if your forgot yours!
  12. Among the discontinued, my favorite is the Punch SS2

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